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How I Style | Monochrome

monochrome fashion bloggers black and white


The first monochrome outfit in this post is my most basic and casual one I think. Ummm.. actually, they are all pretty casual, because let's face it, I am not about that life. It consists of a basic black t-shirt and cardigan from Primark paired with this black and white striped tube skirt ( is that what they are called? Don't ask me, I know nothing about fashion!) from Newlook. Now although I love my DSLR very much and the quality of it, is superb! I kinda wish it didn't pick up all the dust on my skirt, in the second photo- kinda ruins it, don't you think? The shoes I wore with this outfit are these basic flat pumps from BHS. You will notice that throughout this post, all the photos of shoes are rubbish! If you are a fashion blogger, please let me know how you take semi-decent pictures of shoes?

black and white monochrome fashion newlook Primark

how to style fashion monochrome black and white

BHS shoes flats how i style monochrome


I love houndstooth/ dogtooth whatever you like to call it! I think this skirt, which was from Newlook is seriously one of my favourite pieces of clothing I own. It's really fitted but still comfortable to wear, you can dress it up or down depending on what look you are going for! Today I paired it with this long white sleeve top, from good old' Primark. Not the most warming outfit around but you know fashion over comfort, right? For my feet, I wore my houndstooth/ dogtooth flats which I got from Matalan last year. I love these because they make me instantly feel more stylish and sophisticated.  

hounds-tooth dog-tooth skirt Newlook

bloggers monochrome newlook Primark fashion

how i style black and white monochrome fashion bloggers


This jumper, from H&M, has won the award for the most difficult piece of clothing to wear and take photos of ever! It took me so many attempts to get this to look right. However, despite that it is a super versatile and comfortable sweater to wear, at this time of year. It totally makes me feel like I belong in prison, when I wear it tough! I paired it with some black skinny jeans from Matalan because I am not cool enough to own Joni's from Topshop. I got sick of trying to take pictures of shoes after the last outfit, so I didn't bother #bloggerproblems. If you were at all interested, I wore some black pumps from Primark.   

H&M black and white jumper fashion bloggers jumper

prison fashion bloggers black and white

Monochrome Joni jeans Topshop fashion bloggers


For the last outfit, I froze to death while I took the pictures. I paired this crop top, with black and white panelling from Missguided with some ' Disco leggings' from Primark, which now have a hole in, but I love them too much to throw them away and can't really justify buying ones from American Apparel. I wasn't wearing anything under my jumper and it was about 9 in the morning, saying I was cold is an understatement. Things I do for the blog, eh?  I then paired this outfit with some trusty  Chelsea boots from Newlook which again you can't see because I was being hunted down by a spider and I ended up having an argument with my tripod...

monochrome fashion bloggers jumper winter

outfits fashion bloggers black and white jumpers

disco leggings jumper black and white blogger

and on that note, I think I will end it here today!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. As I have said before fashion posts are actually some of my favourites to do, so if you have any more suggestions do let me know in the comments below! 



  1. I loved this post and all the outfits! Please do more fashion posts!!

    - Jess xxx

  2. I've really got into wearing black and white recently! I love your leggings, stripey jumper and gingham skirt! I definitely think you should do more fashion posts, as you have such a good sense of style! xx

  3. Love this post and your photography is fab, as always! I never end up taking photos of shoes because I cant never get the to look right or I'm not wearing any, ahah! Love how you have names for the outfits, it's so creative and the shoes from the 2nd outfit are amazing, I love them!!

    1. aw thank you for the advice! in my last fashion post I wasn't wearing any shoes x

  4. Love this post,you are really creative person and the pictures are amazing !

  5. Great post! I love monochrome outfits, so simply yet effective!

    Kim xx

  6. Omg love love monochrome! The last two jumpers are my favourites, I definitely need that last one! :)

    Heather Xx

  7. Love how you've styled everything! The jumper in the last outfit is gorgeous :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  8. I live for these fashion posts of yours, you have such a unique way of styling each outfit. I also love monochrome, especially in winter and you nailed this post!
    Grace xx

  9. Loving all the pieces, very easy to wear during the day and they look work appropriate too!

  10. Cute outfits! I especially like the dogtooth one. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog XX

    The Fashion Road

  11. i can't get enough of monochrome things! lovely post

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS

  12. I love the monochrome trend, it looks so effortlessly chic. All you combinations look great, especially the third one. (love the title of that outfit btw,as it was one of my favourite TV shows)

  13. All I seem to be wearing lately is monochrome and mustard! Loved this post! I'm a lover of dog/houndstooth so that outfit would have to be my favourite. Please do more style/fashion posts!

    Aim | x x

  14. Love how you styled everything, particularly the last outfit. I'm tempted to get a pair of disco pants!

    Tash x

  15. I have been loving stripes! But monochrome must be my go to its just so easy.

  16. So many stripes! haha, love your style though :)
    Charlotte | x

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