Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Ultimate List Of Twitter Chats For Bloggers

I have done quite a few blog posts about Twitter chats in the past, including A bloggers guide to Twitter chats and A bloggers guide to hosting a Twitter chat  both of which were really popular with you guys! In my last Twitter chat posts I gave a smaller, more condensed timetable of some of the twitter chats, however, today I thought I would share with all the Twitter chats I could find! Sure, I have probably missed some, so if I have- let me know in the comments below!

6-6:30pm- #GirlsTravel ( travel chat with questions)
6-7pm: #TheGirlGang ( Generic chat that's pretty damn fabulous) 
7-8pm.#bdib: For all bloggers. 
8-9pm.#fbloggers For fashion bloggers
7 - 8 pm: #jbtalks (Just Blog Talks: generic chat with questions)
8 - 9pm: #beautybabble (Topical chat with questions)
8 - 9 pm: #healthyselves (Topical chat with questions.)
8-9pm #creativebizchat ( for all you creative lot)
8 - 9 pm: #pbloggers (Parent Bloggers: Topical chat with questions)
8:30-9:30 pm: #IrishBloggers ( For all you Irish bloggers)
9 - 10 pm: #holhealthyhour (Holistic Health: topical chat with questions)
9 - 10 pm: #zchat (Zuster Chat: Generic chat with questions,)

7-8pm: #AskAblogger (Generic chat with questions)
7-8pm: #EveryBlogger (Generic chat with questions)
7-8pm: .#bookbloggers: (For book bloggers)   
7 - 8:30pm: #craftblogclub (Craft Bloggers: topical chat)
8-9pm: #fblchat (for all things lifestyle, beauty and fashion)
8 - 9 pm: #ukblogtalk (Generic or topical chat for UK Bloggers)
8-9pm: #FABbloggers ( generic chat with questions)
9 - 10 pm: #tweetursis (Promoting small businesses)
9-10pm: #bloghour:  (For all bloggers)

2-3am: #blogtrends (Generic chat)
6:30-7:30pm: #AdvTravelchat (A chat for travel bloggers)
7 - 8pm: #lbloggers (Lifestyle Bloggers: generic or topical chat with questions)
8 - 9pm: #bbloggers (Beauty Bloggers: topical chat with questions)
8-9pm: #CareerBlogChat (A chat for all bloggers)
8-9pm: #WeddingHour ( For bridal and wedding bloggers)
8 - 9pm: #stylechat (Fashion Bloggers: topical chat with questions)
8-9pm- #NerdyBloggers ( For Bloggers who are a bit Nerdy)
9 - 10pm: #blogtacular (Generic or topical chat with questions)
9-10pm: #WeleshBloggers ( For welsh bloggers)


7 - 8pm: #crazybloggers (Generic chat with questions)
7:30 - 8:30pm: #TVblogchat (Topical chat with questions; first Thursday of every month)
8 - 9pm: #fbloggers (Fashion Bloggers: topical chat with questions)
8-9pm: #FDbloggers (Bloggers who enjoy cooking/ baking)
8-9pm: #SpeakUp ( Issues that affect young peoples helth and wellbeing. Hosted by me!)
8-9pm: #VloggersChat ( For all you vloggers out there)
8-9pm: #Disneybloggers ( For all bloggers who love Disney)
8:30pm - 9:30pm: #cbloggers (Creative Bloggers: topical chat with questions,)
9 - 10pm: #blogphotochat (Topical chat about photography with questions,)
9-10pm #LateNightBloggers (Generic chat with questions)
9 - 10pm: #cfbloggers (Cruelty-Free Bloggers: topical chat with questions)


6 - 7pm: #beautychat (Topical chat with questions)
7 - 8pm: #gbloggers (Gorgeous Bloggers: generic or topical chat with questions)
8-9pm. #bdib: (For all bloggers)
9-10pm: #UKbloggers (For all UK bloggers)
9-10pm: #30sBloggers ( Bloggers over the age of 30)

6-7pm. #socialbloggers (For all bloggers)
6-7pm #altbloggers (For alternatvie bloggers)
7 - 8pm: #everyblogger (Generic or topical chat with questions)
8-9pm: #Tbloggers (Teenage Bloggers)

5 - 6 pm: #pabchat (Pick A Blogger Chat: generic or topical chat with questions)
6-7 pm #FitBunniesChat (For bloggers who want to stay fit and healthy)
7 - 8 pm: #lbloggers (Lifestyle Bloggers: generic or topical chat with questions)
8 - 9 pm: #bbloggers (Beauty Bloggers: topical chat with questions)
8 - 9 pm: #greenchat (Green beauty and lifestyle topical chat with questions)
8 - 9 pm: #hbloggers (Health Bloggers: topical chat with questions)
8-9 pm: #ChattyBees ( Lots of blog chatter)
9 - 10 pm: #pbloggers (Parent Bloggers: topical chat with questions)

I bet I will be referring back to this post myself because I always forget when new chats are on! 

Let me know what are your favourite chats in the comments below and if I missed any off my list!

Thank you for reading, as always x 

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  1. Love the post Nicole and thank you for mentioning the Altbloggerschat! It's great to see a post that really does include all chats big and small- it shows how wide and diverse the community is. I'm definitely going to have to bookmark this for future reference:-)!
    Sarah x

    1. I think its important to show love to both big and small chats! They were all small once x

  2. This is such a great post and so helpful! I always forget what time chats when I'm free in the evenings and wonder when they are on, so this will be easy to refer back to during those moments xx

    Lauren |

  3. This is seriously so helpful! Thank you!

    Jemima x

  4. omg! Can't believe there are so many chats out there! Thanks for making this list!
    I usually attend the #fblchat.
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  5. Wow, you've definitely opened my eyes to some chats I haven't heard of before! Thank you for this post, will be saving for future references :)


  6. Yes, thank you! This guide is going to be a big help. I have some weird list of chats that I got off of Twitter and some of the times are wrong and I'm always lost with the days too, and it's just no good.

    1. aw that's no help! Hopefully this list can replace that one x

  7. Thank you so much for doing this post! Super useful and I will definitely come back to this post!
    Grace xx

  8. This is really helpful! I have been looking around for some, so this has helped loads!
    Chloe x

  9. This is a fantastic post :) I always end up missing chats because I can't remember what's happening on which day! xx

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  10. You are an angel Nicole! Thankyou for creating this, literally so helpful!

    Em xo |

  11. You are an absolute star! I remember you did a posts like this a while back, and I went trawling through your blog the other day trying to find it but I couldn't! I'm so glad you've brought this up again! I'll definitely have to keep an eye out on Wednesday night!xx

    Check out my recent?:)

    1. yeah i did do a post all about twitter chats but so many new ones have started up since then x

  12. Wow, this is so helpful. I have never joined a chat before but I would like to, never been sure how to join in. I'm going to read your beginners guide to Twitter chats now :) thank you! x x

    Mint Milkshake Memories

    1. ohh you should! They are so much fun! let me know if you do x

  13. You always think of the most helpful post! Like literally anytime I need something I come to your blog!!XX

  14. Amazing list - so helpful! Thanks for sharing x

    Erin |

  15. Ooo definitely a very helpful post! Lost track of when the chats are on! Just discovered your blog really loike it! Definitely giving it a follow.


  16. Wow how many chats! Such a good post I'll definitely be bookmarking for future use

  17. Might be a silly question, but what time zone are all of these going by? Thank you!

    I find it so hard to find Twitter chats that aren't at crazy times for us here in Australia.

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  19. I didn't realise how many chats there are! Are there any that you would recommend?

  20. Thanks so much fore providing this!

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