Monday 17 July 2017

15 #BloggerProblems

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So...we have all heard about #firstworldproblems, but as if that wasn't enough, us bloggers also have to go through #Bloggerproblems. You will often find us tweeting or ranting about these so called blogger problems over on our Insta Stories because we are #relatable and know that it will give us an extra few faves and retweets if we talk about it. Just keeping it real...

Being a blogger isn't easy. I've lost count of the number of times when I've sat down to write a post, and I can barely get a word down on the screen, or I've planned to take photos, and every single one turns out crap. Being a blogger isn't just all about writing and taking pretty pictures though. There is also the added pressure of being contacted by brands and companies. *Bites nails* 

How can being a blogger be so hard, you say? You can work in your PJs all day, get sent free stuff and are essentially paid for browsing up and down Twitter which requires no brain cells.  Although there definitely are perks to the job, it's by no means plain sailing. I know you guys will be able to relate hard to these problems... so let's jump into it.

#1 Blogger Drama 

Starting conversational on this one but let's be honest it has to be said. Most bloggers in the community are some of the most loving and caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. I have made friends for life through Twitter and blogging, which makes me incredibly lucky. However, sometimes not everyone gets on, which is fine because that's real life but OMG in the blogosphere everything is taken WAY out of proportion.

In the blogging world, if someone disagrees with someone before you know it you will be swimming in a sea of indirects and popcorn GIFS. Some people need drama in their life to survive, a bit like germs and a moist/ warm environment and no one likes germs, do they? 

#2 An overflowing inbox full of emails about Buying followers or subscriptions you NEVER signed up for 

If I had a pound for every email that starts 'hey, we really want to grow your Instagram. Buy a million Gazillion followers here' I would be so rich that I wouldn't need to keep blogging to pay the bills, I could just rely on these spammy emails. 

Also, when will brands learn that just because my email is in my bio, it does not mean you can sign me up to shite, which I've never asked for. It's rude and annoying...please stop. 

#3 Algorithms. Algothrims everywhere...

I don't care what Bob posted 5 days ago, I want to see the photos which were JUST uploaded. What is so hard about that to understand? It is not difficult, Instagram. I seriously think Instagram is just run by a load of kids who keep pressing buttons, without a clue what they are doing, to see what happens!

#4 Trying to gain followers on Instagram 

Oh, look, Instagram again. Can't you tell it's my favourite app ever? I think I've got more chance of finding a real life unicorn than I do reaching 1k followers.  Cheeky Instagram plug, oi oi. Follow me here) Yeah, sure, liking and commenting on 100 photos every day, helps massively, but WHO HAS THE ACTUAL TIME???? 

#5 Taking blog photos and creating a HUGE mess 

I don't know about you, but when I take blog photos, I get out every notebook, lipstick and postcard I own, in an attempt of making them pretty. The only issue with that is once you've got everything out, you have to put it back away again. OMG, the effort...

15 #BloggerProblems blogger BBC mental health lifestyle beauty fashion makeup UK

#6 Brands expecting you to work for free 

I don't want to sound like an idiot here or anything but blogging is hard, and it does take up a lot of time. Some brands just don't understand the hours that go into running a successful blog. Please don't expect me to work with you without any compensation, whether that be payment, free items, etc. Without money, how else am I going to afford my ridiculous sausage roll addiction?

#7 Writer's block...

I mean is there anything worse? No! I needn't say more. 

#8 The follow unfollow game

I swear some bloggers still think they are on the playground back in primary school where you would play 'Tag' where you would tag them, then they would be untagged, and they would tag you again. Those people who follow and then unfollow and follow...its so boring. We do see you. Follow or don't follow, it is really quite simple. 

#9 Sending out a witty tweet then realising there is a massive typo in it...

Seriously, when will Twitter add an edit tweet button. Who cares about if our profile pictures are squares or circles, this isn't primary school anymore. Hey, maybe the kids who run Instagram, run Twitter too and are learning their shapes at the all makes sense now.

#10 Scheduling tweets

I challenge you to come up with a more boring and tedious task.

#11 Coming up with interesting and original content ideas 

Knowing that no matter what I write, someone has probably done it before me and probably done it to a much higher standard, is a bit deflating. So I just try not to think about it...

#12 Being broke AF

I don't even know if this is just a blogger problem or a #firstworldproblem, but bloggers seem to always be broke. Well, I know I am...

#13 When blogger mail never comes...

I love it when I get interesting emails from brands who want to send me things for review, and I agree, and then like six months later they turn up. Like wow...thanks! What brilliant promotion! 

#14 Being asked to review something which has nothing to do with what you cover on your blog 

I can't lie, I've got myself a few unusual requests in my three years of blogging. From baby shower gifts to breast milk extraction pumps, despite the fact I'm not a parent blogger. Maybe I am? What if I have a long lost child I gave birth to in a previous life? I'm creeping myself out now, I will stop.

#15 Having to wait to use products because you need to take photos of them first 

Oh, the internal struggle between wanting to test something out straight away and knowing that if you resist your photo will look 100% better. The struggle is real.

I hope you can relate to these #bloggerproblems. I know it's not mental health related, but it is good to switch it up every now and again. Please let me know if you experience any of these problems in the comments below or if you experience any others I didn't mention.

Thanks for reading, as always X

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