Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Random 25 facts about Me Tag

Hi Guys,
So I thought I would do one of these really cliché blog posts that every blogger does but 
oh well :) xx
1. I am 15 (and half) and I was born on the 1st of December.
2. I am like the worlds fussiest eater. I know what I like and how
I like it and I find it hard to try new food.
3. I have never had a Nandos or a curry (in any form)
4. My favourite foods are chicken and ice cream ( especially smarties pop ups)
5. I took photography, child development, geography and French
for my option subjects for GCSE
6. I am addicted to the internet, I am online 24/7. Its a bad habit, okay.
7. In the future I would love a career that involves working with young children
or babies for example a midwife.
8. I collect vinyl's and play them on a 80's record player in my room.
9. My hands are always stone cold
10. I can't swim, after I had a bad experience when I was younger.
11. I hate any kind of sport or PE, I would rather watch paint dry
then go to my PE lessons.
12. My favourite subject at school is English, and I plan to do my A.S level 
 in year 11 at school.
13. I love music so much. My favourite bands are the Arctic Monkeys, Bombay
bicycle club and the Beatles. You can follow my spotify here to see who else I love
because there are so many.
14. I can sleep for so long without waking up. I usually get around 10
hours sleep each night.
15. I have never broken a bone in my body or needed to stay overnight
in hospital.
16. I have only been out of the UK twice. Both times were to France.
17. I hardly wear any makeup because I have such sensitive skin.
18. I have a bad memory. when I revise, I have to write things over
and over again for them to stick in my head.
19. I want to go to so many festivals and see so many of my favourite 
bands live.
20. I have so many weird fears, its unreal.
21. My favourite films are cloverfield, Jaws and the parent trap
(bit of a mixture there)
22. when I was younger my drawing got shown on TV, on a show called smile.
23. I really want to visit Australia, Ireland and more of France.
24. My favourite place I have ever been is the Isle of Wight back in 2009.
25. My favourite TV shows are made in Chelsea, the IT crowd and goggle box
If you got to the end of that without getting really bored then I salute you ;)
Thanks for reading xx
Instagram- @X__nicolemarie__x
Twitter- @nicolewoodwar20


  1. I read all of them! Do you prefer English literature or language? It's amazing that you're doing your as in year 11 :o xx

    1. Thank you, It means a lot :) I think I prefer English literature, even though I found language easier, literature is more interesting. Thank you xx hehe

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