Monday 31 July 2017

Lake District Photo Diary

If you read my photo diary from last years holiday, you would know that things didn't go all that well. I was very ill with obsessive compulsive disorder. It took over my waking life. Along with getting lost, getting locked in car parks and nearly not making it to the ferry at all. Although the holiday didn't start all that well, by the end, it turned out okay. 

The Isle of Man was such a beautiful place, and it was so lovely to visit. Likewise, the Lake District was as equally if not more stunning. Surprisingly nothing went wrong on this holiday. We never got lost, the cottage we stayed in was adorable, and we had pretty good weather too. 

Everywhere you look in the Lake District your surrounded by incredibly beautiful and picturesque scenery. The lakes and mountains are breathtaking, the wildlife is outstanding, and the villages are so cute. During the holiday we also visited Yorkshire and Scotland. It's safe to say we packed it in this holiday. Here is a run down of what we did plus a lot of photos from the week too.


Monday 17 July 2017

15 #BloggerProblems

15 #BloggerProblems lists buzzfeed blogger blog UK lifestyle mental health beauty

So...we have all heard about #firstworldproblems, but as if that wasn't enough, us bloggers also have to go through #Bloggerproblems. You will often find us tweeting or ranting about these so called blogger problems over on our Insta Stories because we are #relatable and know that it will give us an extra few faves and retweets if we talk about it. Just keeping it real...

Being a blogger isn't easy. I've lost count of the number of times when I've sat down to write a post, and I can barely get a word down on the screen, or I've planned to take photos, and every single one turns out crap. Being a blogger isn't just all about writing and taking pretty pictures though. There is also the added pressure of being contacted by brands and companies. *Bites nails* 

How can being a blogger be so hard, you say? You can work in your PJs all day, get sent free stuff and are essentially paid for browsing up and down Twitter which requires no brain cells.  Although there definitely are perks to the job, it's by no means plain sailing. I know you guys will be able to relate hard to these problems... so let's jump into it.


Friday 14 July 2017

An Open Letter To NHS Mental Health Services

An Open Letter To NHS Mental Health Services depression support help blogger UK anxiety cuts funding article news

In 2017, I can not fathom why so many young people are let down by the mental health services in the UK, alone. Why on earth 57% of trust bosses admit they are not meeting the needs of troubled teenagers and young people? (Source) Why a six to 18-month waiting list is seen as acceptable for treatment? Or the most worrying at all, why no one seems to be able to do anything about it? 

I ask you this, how many people die of a broken leg each year? Practically none because the waiting time for treatment is, well there isn't a waiting time for treatment. 

Now compare that to suicide. How many people die from taking their own lives as a result of depression or other mental health problems? According to WHO (The World Health Organisation), they estimate one million people in the world, every single year dies by suicide. Because waiting lists are unfairly long and individuals are denied the help they so desperately need. 


Monday 10 July 2017

A Beginners Guide To Starting a Blog

A Beginners Guide To Starting a Blog beauty lifestyle support help tips tricks mental health UK easy

Okay, so I know a lot of you guys already have blogs and are pretty clued up when it comes to starting a blog. However, recently I've been getting more and more messages and tweets about what advice I would give to people who want to start a blog but have no clue where to begin.

There are lots to take into consideration when it comes to starting up a blog. Though I would like to point out that it doesn't have to perfect from the get-go. A look at my first blog post ( Read the first year of blog posts) will tell you that. If you are a long-term reader, you will know how many changes my blog has undergone in the last three years. Take it from me, it doesn't have to be perfect. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself. 

A quick flick through my archives would tell you that I haven't done a post like this before. So, yep you guessed it, today I'm going to be doing a post all about, my top five favourite TV shows. Only joking! Here is my step by step beginners guide to starting a blog. 

Friday 7 July 2017

Why Quietness Speaks a Thousand Words

Why Quietness Speaks a Thousand Words mental health depression help support anxiety time to change mind panic attacks suicide

Depression can take shape in many different ways. There isn't a ' one size fits all' umbrella that everyone fits under. Everyone will be affected differently. However, from my understanding of listening to people in my college class, as we talked about depression, many in society, only have a basic understanding of what depression is and are only aware of some of the more stereotypical symptoms of depression.

When you think of depression, you may think of someone who has not left their house in months, someone who you haven't seen them smile in a very long time or even someone who hasn't brushed or showered in days. For some, this is the harsh reality of living with depression, but it isn't the case for everyone. You probably go to school or work with someone suffering from depression. I have no doubts you've walked past someone in the street today struggling with depression. Yet, you probably don't look twice at them. 

Why's that? Because depression isn't something that is always visible. Depression isn't like a broken leg or bleeding nose, it's not always easy to spot which often means you have to read between the lines. That can be tricky sometimes. You don't know if the person is suffering from depression or is just having a bad day. You don't know if being quiet is just part of their personality or an indication of them facing an internal battle. Which is why I want to talk about some of the symptoms of depression that aren't always as obvious. By reading this, I hope it educates you, and you never know, you may help save a life. 


Tuesday 4 July 2017

Let's Talk About Self Love

Let's Talk About Self Love mental health mental illness support help self care depression OCD anxiety mind time to change

So this post is actually a Tag. I know right, an actual Tag. I haven't done one of these in a very long time. In fact, I don't think I had done one since my beauty blogging days back in 2014. I find them quite cheesy, to be honest, not going to lie. However, when the lovely Becky from tagged me in this self-love Tag I checked out the questions and I actually really liked it, so I thought I would give it a go.

Self-love is incredibly important. Although I preach how important it is almost on a daily basis on social media, I'm not the best at it. I really do struggle with it. However, I'm trying my best to get better at it. I think doing this tag is a perfect step in the right direction.

Apparently, there are some rules to these things. I'm supposed to answer all the questions honestly. That's not going to be hard, for me, is it? I am the queen of honesty when it comes to chatting about mental health. Then I need to tag five people. I'll list five people at the end who I would love to see answer these questions. However, if you want to have a go at responding to these questions then please do and send me your posts. I would love to read them.


Sunday 2 July 2017

Why Online Friends Are Just As Valuable As Real Life Friends

Why Online Friends Are Just As Valuable As Real Life Friends mental health illness wellness wellbeing depression OCD anxiety help support Mind time to change

Firstly, I wanted to say that I had a massive issue with knowing what to call this post. I hate the term 'real life friends' to describe friends you know, who you interact with in everyday life because it makes friends made online seem illegitimate. If I'm honest, I didn't have many ideas to get around this problem, so it is what it is.

If I said to 11-year-old Nicole, who had just started secondary school and friendship was at the pinnacle of her life that give it six or seven years, 98% of your current friendships were made online, I would have laughed at you. But here we are, in 2017 and that's 100% true. 

Maybe I've just had a string of bad luck when it comes to friendship. Or maybe it's me? Maybe, I can't maintain friendships because I'm not a good friend. Don't be silly, of course, I'm not. There is, in fact, a range of things which do cause friendships to break up or drift apart and that's just a fact of life. This post aims to examine those factors and highlight how online friendships are just as important as ' real life friends'

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