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Don't have time to run your blog or business alone? Want to take your blog to the next level but don't know how? No worries! I'm here to help! 

I have been blogging for nearly three years. In that time my blog has gone from strength to strength. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing charities including Time To Change, OCD Youth and OCD Action, just to name a few. I have also worked with brands including Penguin Books and scholastic books.

I pride myself on being a friendly, informative and passionate blogger, who writes about mental health, a topic which is very close to my heart. I aim to support, educate and reduce stigma which surrounds mental illness, all of which I have achieved. I work tirelessly to promote my work to a wider audience in order to help and support the most people possible.  

I am a committed blogger who wants to help you get your business and blog off the ground. 

Here are the services that I can offer you:

Tweet scheduling
- I will send you over a Google Doc which you can fill out with the links, images and information you want to be included along with any extra information e.g. your style, how many tweets you want sent out, what times etc. I will need your Twitter login details to do this.

One day- £5
A week- £10
A month- £30  

Full social media management 
- Don't have time to run your businesses social media accounts? I can help! I have 3+ years of experience of running social media accounts in order to maximise your reach. I will run your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. I will be able to schedule tweets, interact with your following and promote your brand, to reach a unique audience to help boost your traffic. Details can be discussed on an individual basis to ensure you get the most out of this service. 

One week- £40
One month- £80

Blog post copywriting 
- With my 3+ years experience of blogging and working with a range of well-known brands, I know what it takes to write a great, informative blog post or article, that stands out from the crowd. Provide me with a topic, word count, images and what information needs to be included and I will do the rest. 

Rates will vary depending on the word count and how quickly you require the post/ article to be written. 

Media Kit Creation
- Want to create an engaging and professional looking media kit but don't have the time or eye for detail to do it, don't worry! I can help! Send me over your basic information, stats, images, services, contact details, notable work and anything else you would like included and I will create it for you. I will use my key eye for detail and creative imagination to create something which fits your brand perfectly. 

Rates will vary depending on the size, style etc. of the media kit and how quickly you require it to be created. 

If you any questions or would like to use one of my services, please do feel free to email me at and I will endeavour to reply to within 48 hours. 

All payments will be carried out via Paypal before I can offer the service. 

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