Wednesday 27 April 2016

Blogging Culture | What It Is Really Like To Be A Blogger....

Blogging Culture | What It Is Really Like To Be A Blogger.... lifestyle UK beauty

Unlike ' vlogger ' the word blogger is widely recognised and understood by many people, of all ages, however, although the term may be understood does it mean those people really understand what it is like to be a blogger! I have been blogging, coming up to two years in May- which is a long time! Deciding to make a blog on that random day at the end of May was equally the best and worst thing I have ever done! 

It's given me so much confidence, allowed me to meet so many amazing people and allowed me to drive my innate creative side- something which I am continuing to nurture! However, I think blogging is often glamorised and as a result people have miss conceptions about what blogging actually is and what it involves! Today I thought I would share with you some thoughts about what it actually means to be a blogger!


Sunday 24 April 2016

My Top 5 Disney Films

My Top 5 Disney Films The little mermaid bambi jungle book fox and the hound lady and the tramp reviews blog lifestyle UK

I love Disney. I always have and I always will! Probably not as much as Harry Potter, (Don't tell Disney I said that!) but I still love it! I am a big child at heart and I still look like one, sooo... With like zero social life I thoroughly enjoy watching TV, (which you would have noticed in the post I did earlier on this week about my favourite Channel 4 documentaries which you can check out HERE if you missed it!) and films! Although I am a massive film goer and love all types of films, Disney has to be up there with some of my faves. So today, as you probably guessed I am going to take you through my top five fave Disney classics. Not including Pixar bare in mind, because I need to save that for a whole other blog post! Enjoy!


Wednesday 20 April 2016

10 Of The Best Channel 4 Documentaries

10 Of The Best Channel 4 Documentaries  TV UK blogger lifestyle

I recently saw a blogger do a really fab post about their top 10 favourite documentaries, but for the life of me I can't remember who did this post! Sorry! I love documentaries. Like a lot, a lot! Call me a nerd but I love nothing more than watching something where I know I am going to come out that little bit wiser! LOL! Ah, gone of the days of watching Made In Chelsea, what were you thinking young Nicole? Anyway, I thought I would share with you 10 of the best Channel 4 documentaries because Channel 4 is the place to go if you love a good documentary! Please don't underestimate documentaries, they are truly wonderful things! Embrace your inner nerd!


Sunday 17 April 2016

25 Blog Resources For All Bloggers

25 Blog Resources For All Bloggers lifestyle beauty UK

I love writing blog advice and tips posts, and you guys seem to really enjoy them as well. However, as much as I enjoy writing them, I also enjoy reading them. When I was a foetus blogger, I used to live off these kinds of posts- striving to make my blog the best it could be! Over time, I have collected quite a few of these that I love to go back to because they are just well... really fab. So today, I thought I would share with you 25 of these blog posts ( or resources if we are being fancy) to help you improve anything from SEO to working with brands and everything in between. I hope you enjoy reading some great posts from my favourite bloggers (and a couple thrown in there by Moi, because you know can't miss that opportunity for self-promo) Enjoy and get clicking those links!!


Wednesday 13 April 2016

50 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

50 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers UK

Bloggers block is inevitable! It affects us all! Sometimes we want to write but just have no ideas! When I get an idea I schedule it in my diary, so by the end of the month I should have all the slots filled, with posts I am genuinely interested in doing! 

However, sometimes those ideas run pretty thin on the ground! Or whatever the stupid saying is! So today I thought I would share 50 ideas for lifestyle bloggers! These ideas can be changed for pretty much every blogger but you know I like to reuse old content and put a new name on it! Just being honest with you guys....


Sunday 10 April 2016

The Blogging Community- Why It Is Important To Voice Your Opinion

The Blogging Community Twitter lifestyle blogger UK teenager

If you ask any blogger what one of their favourite things about blogging is, I bet you they say the community! We are told as foetus bloggers that the community is a magical place! A place filled with rainbows, fluffy clouds and unicorns! A place filled with unlimited positivity and happiness! 

Although for the most part it is! From the likes of the #TheGirlGang etc. it brings bloggers together! It unites girls and boys up and down the country who share similar passions and interests which is such a lovely thing! When you sign up to blogging, people will tell you how lovely it is, how many nice people you can talk to! Trust me this is true, I have made a ton of friends through blogging and I can't wait to meet them sometime in the future! 


Wednesday 6 April 2016

50 Ways To Take A Break

50 Ways To Take A Break relaxing lifestyle mental health lifestyle blogger UK

We just all need to take a break sometimes. Which I know can be harder than it seems. With never ending piles of work, deadlines creeping ever closer, who has got time for breaks? I am the worst for working hours on end and sacrificing my health. My biggest struggle was always finding something to do when I wanted to take a break. If I went on my phone I would get distracted and end up in some of the most random places, which resulted in me not getting that work done! So today I thought I would share with you 50 ways to take a break from life! Enjoy!


Saturday 2 April 2016

My Daily Routine Of Living With Anxiety

My Daily Routine Of Living With Anxiety mental health support help young people time to changeFirst of all, I would like to say I am not clinically diagnosed with anxiety or any other mental health disorder. I know the way I think is not normal, or at least compared to those around me, it isn't. 
Today I thought I would share with you all the thoughts I go through on a daily basis that trigger anxiety. This snippet was taken from when I used to go to a nursery for my college placement situated on the grounds of a hospital. Enjoy! 

Little side note here, blog posts during April and May are not going to be as regular as before. Due to masses of deadlines and essays, I do not have the time to upload every other day for the next two months. This also means that #SpeakUp posts and #SpeakUp chats won't be happening as often either! However, after May I have a lot of exciting things planned for my blog- so watch the space! I am sure you will all understand as I suspect lots of you are going through the same at the moment too!

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