Sunday 19 April 2015

My every day Makeup Routine

I don't wear to much makeup. I am a little bit scared of foundation to be honest. Any way today I thought I would show you what I wear on a regular basis.
Concealer // For concealer I use the lasting perfection concealer in the shade, number 2. Which I think is cool medium. I know everyone goes on about this concealer- but it truly is the best. It covers up dark circles and blemishes really well.
Powder// For powder, I use the natural collection powder in neutral. This probably isn't the best powder on the market but for £1.99- You can really complain. It does its job well.
Blush// If I feel like I want to add some colour to my cheeks, I like to use this natural collection blush in the shade pink cloud. It applies really nicely and adds a nice, slight bit of colour. Which is pretty obvious being from natural collection.
eye shadow// For eye shadow ( my favourite bit) I have been using the collection eyes uncovered eye palette in Smokey nude. I picked this up when it was on offer for £2.99 and I am so glad I did. It has 6 wearable grey toned shades- that you could build up or use one or two for a simple eye. I love the shades rubble and driftwood.
Mascara // If I am going for a natural look- I love to use this, the collection, no clumps mascara. For the price, this is an amazing mascara. It rarely clumps but still adds length to my lashes. For £2.99- its the perfect every day mascara.
Lips// Most of the time I like to change my lip products up depending on the season. But for all around wear, I love the Maybelline baby lips in peach kiss. This gives a lovely hint of colour and smells amazing. Over the top, I like to use another baby lips in hydrate- to make the colour last a little bit longer.
That's it for my everyday makeup routine. 
Hope you enjoyed x
Please do leave me product recommendations below.


Wednesday 15 April 2015

All you need to know about Revision

With my upcoming GCSE exams I am quite familiar with the word revision. So today I thought I would share some of my tips, to hopefully help you
 1. Start early- The earlier you start the more time you will have to take all the information in and means you will be less stressed when the exams come around. If you do 20 mins a day, that 20 mins less you have to do before the exam
. 2. Don't just read your notes- There is very few of us in the world who can read a book and take it all in. By doing someone active you are more likely to take it in. This leads in to my next point.
 3. Find out what sort of learner you are. There are a lot of tests online you can do if you are unsure. Basically the main types include ; Read and write learner- who benefits from writing out the notes and doing look right cover check. auditory learners, prefer to listen to things then read about them. These people really benefit from watching videos or recording them self saying their notes. Visual learners learn by seeing. Diagrams and lots of colour appeal to these people. And kinaesthetic learners who learn by doing. They may learn by making models etc.
4. Change up your revision style & know what doesn't work for you. For example I can't revise with music in the background or with other people. But you may be completely different. Its best to start early to find out what works best for you. ( if you like revising with music, listening to tracks without words or to the radio may be useful 
So you don't have to go back and change it every five mins. So you don't get bored of the revision style you have try something new for example mind maps, posters and flashcards. If I have a exam with a long question answer I like to write out some practise questions and put them in a cup and pick one out to answer. This would work great with group revision. Try different apps. Memrise is great if you are doing a language. CGP do science apps which you have to pay for but they also do DVDs for maths that are really useful
5. Be prepared Make sure you have all you need. Make sure you have the text books for the exam. CGP make the best books, I find. Make sure you know what exam board you are doing because each one is different. Download as many past papers as possible as these are what your exams will be like.
  6. The last steps- Finally make sure you have breaks, drink plenty of water and have some motivation. I hopefully am going to be getting a  DSLR camera for my GCSE's. That definitely helps me stay focused.
Hope you found this useful ( sorry it was so long) x
Good luck :)


Friday 10 April 2015

A Thing about Spring

I was tagged by the lovely Katie from Katielou ( check out her blog here) to do the A thing about spring tag, so here goes!

Favourite spring lip?
 I love pastel pinks for the spring! One of my favourites being the Avon ultra glaze. These are amazing lip-glosses and I need to get more. They are not sticky in the slightest and they have great lasting power

 Favourite spring eye makeup look?
 Again for spring eyes, I like to go for light colours. Such as pastel pinks and silvers.
Favourite spring nail polish?
I have actually done a whole post on my favourite spring nail polishes, check it out here.
 Favourite spring trend you are most looking forward to?
 Of the course the pastels. But for fashion I love tube skirts and being able to wear light blouses, without freezing to death.
Spring must have?
 I must have my mint green blazer, which I love so much.
 Favourite spring colour?
 Pastels! Mint green, baby blue etc. ( I still love a bit of monochrome though)
 Are you a spring cleaner?
 I always switch my wardrobes around at this time of year but my room in general is pretty much covered in text books & revision for my GCSE's
 Favourite spring flowers?
 I love all kinds!
 Favourite brand of Easter egg?
 I am probably the only person ever who doesn't like Easter eggs. I am not overly keen on chocolate but I do love lindt balls and the Easter bunny
Overall favourite thing about spring?
The light evenings and be able to wear new spring clothes.

Hope you enjoyed!
I tag: anyone who wants to do these!

Saturday 4 April 2015

HUGE Spring Fashion & Beauty Haul

Today I am doing a spring Fashion/ beauty haul. With a few random things thrown in. I love reading and doing hauls but never have enough to show.
 The first thing I brought was this blouse from Primark. It is long sleeve and was reduced from £9 to £6.90. The colours are perfect pastels for spring. They have so many more choices as well and in short sleeve.
I also picked up this beautiful dress, reduced from £10 to £5. It is amazing. Its made from a super soft bodycon material that will be perfect for spring or summer.
 From new look I picked up these two skirts. These are my favourite things in the whole haul. The first one is a bodycon one, it is black with white strips and I really like it for only £7.99. The other skirt is also black and white. Its an A-line skirt and it fits perfectly. I picked this one up in the sale for £9.
The only skincare product I picked up this month was the garnier micellar water. I have also featured this in a recent post . Its amazing at getting of eye makeup as it is very gentle on the eyes.
Moving on to beauty. I first picked up the collection only eyes grey nude eye shadow palette for £2.99. I have been using this every day since. There is only one matte shade and the rest are shimmery but still really wearable. I can't wait to do a more in depth post about it.
I also picked up the Barry m eye shadow and blush natural palette as I saw it was in the sale on the Superdrug website. It contains 6 pretty wearable eye shadows and a Pink blush. I picked it up for £4 ish and I will do a in depth post about it soon.
 I then went on to boots and picked up 3 items from natural collection. The first being this duo eye shadow, Because you can never have too many neutral eye shows. I then picked up this blush in pink cloud, as its a really pretty colour. Because it was 3 for 2 ( I found out at the till) I rushed back and quickly picked up this pressed powder in neutral. It was really random and I hope its the right shade for me.
Finally for beauty, I picked up two makeup brushes. The first is a blush brush, the other being a blending brush. I really want to buy real technics brushes, they are just so expensive. These were £1.99 & £2.99 each.
Finally as random item, I picked up peace's new vinyl called happy people in HMV for £19.99. They are amazing. I totally recommend you give them a listen. Plus the album art is so cool.
Thanks for reading x
 Have you picked up anything lately?
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