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You can have a look at my media kit HERE (December 2017)

If you wish to contact me regarding a general inquiry or PR request, please find my blog by clicking on the direct links on the side of my blog. The fastest way to get hold of me is through Twitter. 

General inquiries or PR requests: Please email I aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

I work with brands of all sizes, which I think suit the brand of my blog. I am happy to receive samples or commission in return for exposure through my blog and social media to a diverse audience. 


  1. Hey Nicole! Amazing site!

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  2. Good morning sweetie,

    I hope you don't mind me messaging you out the blue like this but I have stumbled across you and the talk you're doing and felt a strong urge to get in touch.

    I have a SEVERELY autistic son with epilepsy and adhd and all sorts. Last year I had a really tough time with life and ended up having a breakdown. Whilst I feel my life fell apart at that time I am also exceptionally lucky to of had this time to find myself and get on the right path. I got into meditation and holistic healing. I organised a charity event last month showcasing a fantastic range of therapists. It was such a success I am on with planning my next one already.

    I plan on doing this event differently this time though. It's not going to be a charity event but more of a community event. I have 2 halls I use and am going to have a couple of guest speakers & a couple of ladies doing workshops on yoga/meditation in the smaller of the 2 rooms...and that leads me to why I'm getting in touch.

    I love what you do, i love what you are aiming to achieve and would therefore love it if you would come along to my event in October and do a talk??

    I'll send you the link to the event on Facebook. Have a read through and let me know your thoughts...

    Speak soon....
    Naomi xxx

  3. You're quite beautiful...
    you're well read I believe...
    but, alas! you havent seen
    our blogOramma yet;
    see it and weep, miss gorgeous:
    ♡ ♡
    See our .45-caliber-effusiveness.
    GBY... hang-on-to-your-seats.
    This is sumtin beyond even you.


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