Sunday 28 September 2014

Empties #2

These Empties are from ages ago but I completely forgot to do a post on them.
My first empty is the dove moisturizing crème! I mentioned this in a favourites ages ago but I love it! It was only a small sample tub but I will definitely go out and buy the full bottle. Its super silkily and soft and soaks in to your skin straight away.
Would I buy again?! Yes!
Secondly I used up these simple face wipes a couple of months ago. I love simple ( if you haven't guessed already) these are super gentle on my skin and didn't break me out at all.
Would I buy again?! Yes
This has to be one of my favourite hair care brands. This is Aussies miracle moist conditioner ! To be honest the price is worth paying for the smell of these proudcts and the way they leave your hair so smooth.
Would I buy again? Already have.
Another simple proudct but this time it is the hydrating kind to skin moisturizer . I am mentioned this so many times before! Would I buy again? Already have countless times
I am usually a massive lover of hand cream however I hate these Avon Care glycerine hand and nail creams. It never soaks in to my hands and I have to wash it of because it feels so gross. Which defeats  the object of hand cream.
Would I buy again? Never
Thanks for reading x

September Favourites

Honestly I know everyone says every month that that particular month has gone quickly but, really September went quick. Starting year 11 has literaly made the days and weeks go so quickly.
The first thing I have been loving this month, is actually drink related! I am not the biggest lover of hot drinks in the world however I discovered Whitards instant flavoured tea and I love it! Whitards always have samples to try which made me buy the strawberry and vanilla, lemon and lime and my favourite this month, the Mango and lychee.
You can have them hot and cold and they have loads more flavours that I can't wait to try.
My TV favourite this month has to be big school. Big school is a comedy on BBC 1 on Friday nights staring David Williams and Catherine Tate! It honestly makes me laugh out loud so much! Its definitely a under rated TV show
My two song Favourites this month have to be AlT- J left hand free from their new album this is yours and snap out of it from The Artic Monkeys, AM! I love both of these bands and can't wait to get both of their albums on Vinyl.
My favourite artist this month has to be Jamie T! I only just discovered him this month and I am honestly shocked at how good he is! My favourite songs are Zombie and on the green! I find his music great for revising too as well!
My last favourite this month ( sorry if it was short) is these beautiful shoes I brought right at the start of the month! They are ' geek' T-bar shoes and I think I have included them in a OOTD before! They are from Primark and were £10! They are going to be my ' go to Autumn shoes' as they go with everything!
Thanks for reading x
What have you been loving this month?! ♡♥

My Hobby | Photography

This post is going to be quite different to anything I have done before on my blog! Its going to be very little writing and lots of photos!
I think we all need something in life that we enjoy and can distract us from life's worries, for some people that's music or sport! But as I have as much talent at either of those things as a 2 year old my little hobby is photography.
I also take GCSE photography ( which I was thinking about doing a post about later in the year)  but here are just some photos I have taken in the last year or so! Any feed back would be lovely x

Sunday 21 September 2014

Autumn Wishlist

Hey Guys,
Today's post is a quick little round up of all the things I am looking at buying in the next couple of months of the Autumn season! I love Autumn and Winter a lot more than I do summer! I am also thinking of doing a Autumn essentials post, in a couple of weeks!  
1. Denim Skirt
I love the look of these denim skirts paired with tights and cute flats. I think this one is
from newlook, but was in the sale so I don't think You can get it anymore.
2. Green Parka
I am on the hunt this Autumn for a new coat! I have loads of coats that are old and worn.
I am not really sure what coat I want, however I do love the style of parkas, as I think they
go with everything.
3. Mustard Jumper
I love the colour mustard for autumn! I think it reflects the colour of the
turning leaves! I think they look really cute and can be dressed up or dressed down.
4. Brown Brogues
I am not the biggest fan of brogues ever, however I love brown brogues paired with
cute dresses and skirts in the autumn! I really want to pick myself up a pair in the next couple of months, however they can be quite expensive.
5. T-bar shoes
Another pair of shoes, I am dying to get this autumn is a pair of these super cute t bar shoes or ' geek shoes'. I think they look super cute paired with frilly socks!
6. Black/ brown watch
The last item on my wishlist is a new watch! I am really fussy when it comes with watches, I only like the watches that look vintage! watch shopping is also so hard as I have such tiny wrists.
I hope you enjoyed this post! I can't wait for Autumn now!
Thanks for reading xx

5 Reasons why I will not follow your Blog

Hey Guys,
I wanted to do a post like this for ages! Recently as my blog has grown, I receive lots of comments asking for me to check out their blog. Which 99% of the time I will. I love checking out new blogs longing hoping I will find a beautiful blog, that becomes a new favourite. However I don't automatically follow.
Of course everyone's taste is different. Just because I wouldn't follow a blog because it does one of these things doesn't necessarily mean its not a very good blog.
1. Same sort of post over & over again
I understand that it if you do a beauty blog then you may be limited to the different kinds of posts you can publish. However if I scroll through your recent blogpost and they are all high end makeup reviews, it bores me! That's not to say it won't be other peoples cup of tea. Personally I like to read a wide range of posts. I like to get to know the owner of the blog a bit more than benefits new mascara.
2. Being too Formal
If I feel like I am reading a expensive glossy magazine, it turns me of automatically! I want to see your personality come through in your writing. ( write your thoughts in brackets like this as you write!)
3. To much writing
If your recent blog post, no mater what topic, looks like I am about to read war and peace or one of the books in the harry potter series- I won't bother! I like to read blogs when I have 10 mins to spare. Use paragraphs! It makes a lot of writing look a lot less.
4.  The dates that your blog posts are published
If your last post was published ' 5 months' the likely hood is that I won't follow. I want blogs that are regularly updated in my feed! I understand that everyone's needs to take a break but I don't know that without a new post of some kind.
5. No Pictures
I understand not every post needs a picture. But Not a single picture on any of your recent posts? I am a visual learner! I need to see it to believe it!
I hope you enjoyed this post. I didn't just want to do a post about ' blogging tips' so I thought this was slightly different.

Thanks for reading x

Skincare Tips #teenblogseries

Hey guys,
This is the 4th week in the #teenblogseries! Again, I didn't post last week because I had nothing to post about healthy eating! This weeks topic is all about skincare! So lets get cracking!
1. Have a good skin routine
I got given a simple skincare set including a lotion and cleanser for my birthday last year. So after i used it for a couple of weeks I saw a good improvement in my skin! Going from having no skin routine to a very detailed one, as done wonders to my skin!
2. Let your skin breath
I never wear any foundation or bb cream! This isn't to say you shouldn't wear any face makeup! But its a good idea to let your skin breath once or twice a week.
3. Know your skin type
Having this knowledge will help you chose what products you buy! I like to stick to simple as I have sensitive skin, and these don't break me out!
4. Water!!
I don't stick to this tip very well! A lot of the time, I drink tons in one go and really notice a difference and then none for ages!
5. Getting sleep!
Sleep is really important! If you are tired, your skin will be tired too!
Thanks for reading xx

Saturday 13 September 2014

The Blogger Tag

Hey Guys,

I was tagged by the lovely Alex from alexnicolehall to do the blogger TAG! So here goes..
1. Why did you start blogging?
I don't really have any hobbies so I wanted something to do in my spare time. I also wanted something to look back on!
2. Who's your idol?
To be honset, I don't really have one. I don't really aspire to be like anyone esle.
3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I would love to live in the south of france, in cannes! As it is so beautiful! However I do love the english coast!
4. What's your signature scent?
I don't wear perfume very often! I am more of a body splash person. I love soap and glorys, mist you madly.
5. What's your favourite makeup brand?
Natural collection or maybelline
6.Highstreet or Highend fashion?
100% highstreet! I love newlook, primark and carboots!
7. Favourite song?
Picking a favourite song is near impossible. Some of my faves though are; Nirvana smells like teen spirit, Pink Floyd Breath and the beatles twist and shout.
8. Favourite Album?
Again literally impossible to pick one but I do love pink floyd another brick in the wall, The XX and Lana del rey, born to die.
9. Facebook, twitter or instagram?
Instagram hands down! I have nearly 3k followers! ♡♥
10. Which celebrity style inspires you?
Again, like the idol question, I don't really look up to celebs for fashion!
11. What's your favourite holiday?
My favourite holiday has been to the isle of wight in 2009! Our caravan was amazing & i had the most perfect week!
I Tag:
And anyone esle who wants to do this Tag ( say I tagged you!)
Thanks for reading x

Friday 12 September 2014

My Top 5 Lipbalms

Hey guys,
I love lip products especially lip balms! I love looking after my lips and trying out new brands. However they always take so long to finish. Today I thought I would round up all my favourites and do a blog post about them. If there is any others you think I should try let me know!!
My first fave is baby lips. I think everyone has heard of baby lips by now. Not everyone likes them that much but I think they really work. I only own three- my faves are mint fresh and peach kiss. You can buy them here! They both smell amazing and are super cheap for £2.99
I have mentioned this in my July faves before but oh my god this is my go to summer lip balm. This one is a Nivea spf 15. This works so well. My lips feel super soft after applying it. You can buy them here! I got mine in a set for Christmas. They range from £1.99 - £2.75. Which is amazing!
My next fave is slightly different. This one is from Avon. I got it at Christmas so you can't get it anymore however the reason I featured it was because of the smell. This lip balm smells like Christmas- which I love. Obviously  you can't get this at the moment but if you can, I would check out Avon's wide range of lip products as they excellent value for money.
Finally its the old school favourite- Vaseline! My fave Vaseline is actually the coco butter one but I don't have one to hand at the moment. There is not really much to say about Vaseline as everyone as them. I don't like pot lip balms though so I do use ones such as baby lips and Nivea more often.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little top 5 post. Talk  soon :D

Pintrest Pins | Dream Kitchen

Hey Guys,
I am obsessed with anything thing to do either home ware or moving ( even though I am only 15) This is thanks to the wonderful Gabby (velvet ghost)
Being inspired my Gabby I gravitated towards pintrest for some style inspiration and found myself making numerous pin boards for all rooms in my virtual house.
So I decided that I should make this series on my blog: ' pintrest pins' and talk about my dream rooms in my non existent house.
I decided to start with the kitchen. My dream kitchen would be covered from head to toe ( or ceiling to floor) in pastels.
Like in this photo I would want all my cupboards and doors to be painted different pastel colours.
My dream item in my pastel Kitchen would have to be, a massive pink ( or any pastel coloured) fridge. I love the 1950's style and it will give such a pop of colour to the room.
To go with all my pastel cupboards and fridge I would have to have numerous pastel coloured appliances like in the photo below. If they were all different colours ( like blue, yellow and pink) it would look adorable.
Thanks for reading xx I hope you enjoyed this post!

3 Things I can't live without | #teenblogsunite

Hey Guys,

Today I have a post that I am really looking forward to. I am currentely part of 2 twitter blog groups #teenblogseries & #teenblogsunite. #teenblogsunite is where we post a blogpost every other saturday about a topic. You can find everyones posts on twitter under #teenblogsunite.
Todays topic is 3 things I couldn't live without. I found this quite hard as I didn't know if I should go with the obvious answers like friends and family or more materialstic things.
1. The Internet
Without the internet I wouldn't be able to blog, go on instagram or any other website that I wanted. A lot of my life revolves around the web. I spend so much of my time looking at a screen, I couldn't live without it.
2. Music
I love music so much! I listen to a whole range of different artists and different genres. I listen to music doing homework, relaxing and when I am out and about. I love discovering new songs and I even love re -discovering old songs. Without music there would be a hole in my life.
3. My Diary
I love to write everything down on paper. So my diary which I use to plan everyday out and all my blogposts out is a life saviour for me. It keeps me very organized! Without it I would have random bits of paper all over my room.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure you check out everyone esles #teenblogsunite posts on twitter!! ♥

Sunday 7 September 2014

The Little Things in Life

Hey Guys,
Todays post is going to be a general ramble. As I start to write this it is currently very early on a Thursday morning. Though I have no idea when this is going to go up. I have been contemplating about writing this post for a while now. Its nothing special really but it's something a bit different.
A week or so ago ( could be months ago when you are reading this) I went to a little seaside town called clevedon. Its quite near Weston-Super-Mare if you didn't know already and if you didn't know what Weston-Super-Mare is then Google it! Weston-Super-Mare is a lovely place where I have spent many enjoyable days out to throughout my childhood. However as lovely as Weston-Super-Mare is, its very commercialised. You get there for 10:30 walk to the other end and before you know it- its heaving with people when you get back! Which is understandable because it is such a popular place but sometimes you just need to escape...
This is where Clevedon comes in! Clevedon is a tranquil and peaceful, little town. Consequently there isn't really a beach and there isn't a lot to do.  But it was the 'small little things' that make Clevedon special. Such as these little hand made knitted toys attached to the pier fence. They made me smile ( as cheesy as it sounds)
Walking up and down the old Victorian pier ( as unsafe as it looks) was just so lovely. The basic, stripped back to bare bones pier with no commercial shops or games on it. Clevedon doesn't need all the arcades and attractions that Weston has. Its  ' small little things' which make it an equally enjoyable place to go as Weston.
I hope you enjoyed that little ramblings. Thanks for reading x

OOTD | The Changing Seasons

Hey Guys,
As the weather starts to cool a little its time to bring out the thick woolly tights and cheesy Christmas jumpers. Unfortunately we are not at that time yet however autumn is fast approaching. Here is an outfit that I would wear during autumn.

Jumper - Carboot sale
Necklace - Claire's
Skirt - Carboot sale
Bag - Carboot sale
Shoes - Primark
Thanks for reading xx

Autumn Fashion Staples ( Collab )

Hey guys,
I am doing another collab blogpost today! Today I am collaborating with the lovely kate from kate will be talking about her staple beauty items for autumn. I am going to talk about my staple fashion items! I love autumn fashion a lot more than summer, so here goes...
 1. Cosy Jumpers
I love big and snuggly jumpers. They are perfect for layering up when the weather gets cooler or chucking on in the evening to relax with a cuppa and a biscuit ( God I sound old)  This one is from Matalan.
2. Tartan
Tartan is a must for autumn! it never goes out of fashion and always looks effortless.
I love Tartan shirts like this one from Primark ( which is too small now) or on scarfs
3. layering Dress
This is one of my all time favourite dresses. You can wear it in the summer with some cute slip-on's or chuck on some tights and boots in the winter. It is also monochrome ( which gets you extra style points hahah) This dress is from Dorothy Perkins.
4. Disco Pants
Disco pants or leather look leggings are a life saviour. If you want to look like you have
made more of an effort then just wearing leggings but don't want to wear jeans. These are slightly to big for more but are from Primark.
Thank you for reading! Please go and check out kates blog! To see her Beauty autumn staples

#teenblogseries | That One and Only Shop

Hey Guys,
This is the third post in the #teenblogseries. I didn't join in last week because I didn't have anything to write about on that topic. However this weeks topic is ' Favourite highstreet shop' Don't forget to check out everyones posts on twitter with the #teenblogseries
Soooo.. My favourite highstreet shop has to be NewLook! This was quite a hard choice for me, as I love tons of highstreet shops; topshop, river island, primark. Just to name a few! But for me NewLook is a shop that never gets it wrong! Here are some pieces I have been loving at the moment:
Newlook offers afforable clothes, at prices between Primark and topshop. Their clothes are such good quality. I have never had to return anything unlike primark and Topshop.
Another amazing thing I love about newlook is their sales! Unlike the topshop sale which is full of awful clothes no one would wear or in the most awkward sizes. Newlook has amazing deals and has a lot more different sizes.
Hope you enjoyed this #teenblogseries post. Thanks for reading xx

Monday 1 September 2014

Things I have learnt From Year 3 to Year 11

Hey Guys,
Todays post is going to be slightly different! I thought of this idea in the middle of the night so I quickly made a note of it, so I could write it up when the idea is still in mind. I don't know if this will make any sense but here goes...
1. You Make Mistakes
Whether it be small mistakes or really big mistakes, it doesn't mater! Everyone is human! Even the girl who you think is absolutely perfect and gets 100% in all her tests- isn't perfect!
2. Teachers also make mistakes
Even though you think they are super humans, put on this earth to annoy you and make your life a misery- they make mistakes too! Trust me- I know this, my teacher fell in to a bin from a step ladder while trying to explain virago!! ( Funniest moment of my life!!)
3. You are braver than you think
I have spent most of my life trailing between hospitals, never for me! But each one of many sufficient operations or scary hospital appointments comes around and I feel like I actually can't take any more! I do! The next year and the next year and the year after that!
4. Not everyone will like you
The average person meets 10,000-20,000 people in their lifestyle. There is no way that everyone will like you, even if you are yourself! In a school environment that can be up to 1000 people there at one time! You can't please everyone!
5. Nobody really cares
People don't care or sometimes even notice things you are worried, about yourself, as much as you do. We are all to worried about yourselves to much. You meet so many people a day, you don't know what they are thinking!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!! xx
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