Friday 8 July 2016

50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal inspiration ideas Boho Berry Pinterest

I started a bullet journal at the end of May for June. ( I will let you into a little secret- I loved it) It genuinely has revolutionised the way I plan my life and keep everything in order. Although I still love spreadsheets and my apps, there's something about writing it down on paper that technology can't beat! 

What I love about bullet journaling is the freedom you have to do what you want with it. You can be as plain or as arty farty as you like- the choice is yours. You can add something in one month and get rid of it the next. 

Whether you are just about to start bullet journaling or have been bullet journaling for months, it's easy to run out of ideas of what to put in it. So I thought I would share with 50-page ideas with you today! Enjoy! (Yes, this was supposed to be 100 page ideas and yes, I got stuck when I got to 50. Soz.)

1. Key
2. Index 
3. Contact page
4. A weekly spread 
5. A monthly spread 
6. A daily spread 
7. A yearly/ future spread 
8. Things to look forward to 
9. Books to read
10. Films to watch 
11. Books I've read
12. Films I've watched 
13. Monthly memories 
14. Stats tracker 
15. Follower count tracker 
16. Energy levels graph 
17. Mood tracker
50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal pintrest ideas inspiration Boho Berry

18. Habit tracker 
19. Wish list 
20. Things to buy 
21. 101 things in 1001 days 
22. Bucket list 
23. Holiday packing list 
24. Brain dump 
25. Monthly goals 
26. Yearly goals 
27. Gratitude log 
28. Food log
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29. Dream log 
30. Doodle page 
31. Doodle/ handwriting practice page 
32. Blog post ideas 
33. YouTube video ideas 
34. Worry log 
35. Places you want to visit 
36. Places you have been 
37. Expenses log 
38. Saving log 
39. Quotes page 
40. Medication tracker 
41. Cleaning rota 
42. Birthday calendar
43. Shopping list

50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal inspiration Boho Berry ideas Pinterest bloggers UK

44. Favourite movie quotes 
45. Favourite book quotes 
46. Favourite bible verses 
47. 50 Things to be happy about 
48. Exercise log 
49. Meal planner 
50. Inspiration pages 

Do you bullet journal? What do you track in your bullet journal? Are you going to take any of the ideas from this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading, as always X

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