Thursday 31 July 2014

My Beach Bag Essentials

Hey guys,
So I am going on holiday in 9 days and I am really looking forward to it. But I thought I would show you guys what's going to be in my beach bag when I go. Hopefully this is kind of interesting.
All my fabulous essentials.
These are my entertainment essentials or things for me to on the beach. Of course I would have my camera but I used that to take the pictures with. I have a book ( the woman in black) which I am not currently reading but by the time I go on holiday I hope to of finished the 1984 and be reading this. I also have my phone, mp4 player and headphones.
These are my beauty essentials. I should have a hat however I don't like the way hats look on me
so I don't have one. Body spray and deodorant are a must. A spf lip balm is also a essential because you don't want your lips to crack in the sun. I think I am quite lucky because I never burn however you should always have sun cream with you ( minimum spf 30). You can chose any hairbrush but my personal fave is my tangle teezer. And finally some hairbands in case you need to tie your hair back after being in the sea.
   These are my 'other' essentials. I think having a small coin purse with you is better than carrying around your massive purse with your life's history of receipts and cards in it that you don't need. Sunglasses are obviously an essential to protect your eyes. But they need to have a sticker on them or some kind of guarantee that they protect against UV otherwise they are pretty useless. Water or some other kind of drink is essential so you stay hydrated. Tissues, wept wipes and hand gel are so important because you don't want to eat a sandy sandwich.
You will of course need a bikini, a towel and something to put all this in- but I didn't have that lot
to hand. Hope you enjoyed :)
Thanks for reading x
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Tuesday 29 July 2014

July Favourites

Hey guys,
So today I am doing my first favourites on my blog- I hope to do these monthly but I can't promise anything :) 
Okay, so my first favourite is these cotton pads. They are from aldi and you get 200 for £1.
They are supper soft and are now part of my skin care routine.
My next favourite is the Nivea spf 15 lip balm. I am a big lover of lip balm and as the weather has been so good in England this last couple of weeks I have had to use a spf to protect my lips from the sun and as long as the weather stays like this I will carry on using it.
I love this nails inc nail polish in the shade- basil street. It gives the perfect nude colour and only needs two coats to make the colour stand out. It also dry's so quickly its unreal. They can be brought from the nails inc website for about £12 each I think.  
My last beauty fave of this month is the nice n' easy hair dye in ultra light ash blonde ( I think). I love nice n' easy hair dyes- they also leave you with a natural looking colour and they don't damage my hair. They are also really cheap for £5-£6 and are normally on offer for 2 for £10.
 My next favourite is a youtuber. I have been loving watching funforlouis over the last week or so. He is so inspiring, he makes me want to make the most of everyday and I can't wait till I am older to hopefully travel the world. There is something about the way he does his vlogs which make it different from everyone else.
For TV this month I have been loving watching the secret life of students on channel 4. I just find it so interesting to see what life is like in a university and to be honest it has taught me that I don't want to go to university ;)
For music this month I have been loving the band Peace. My fave song is lovesick but I love so many of their other songs. I have also been loving listening to the Disney playlist on spotify because I am 5 at heart ;)
Thanks for reading xx
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Sunday 27 July 2014

Instagram Q&A #1

Hey guys,
So, I asked on Instagram to leave me some questions so I picked a few for this blog post. I like doing these so may do them monthly.

@_pinkfloral : If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I would love to live in Chelsea in London, as my favourite TV show is set there and I think everyone
is so glamorous or I would love to live in a little seaside town in Devon or Wales.
@__pinkfloral : what is your favourite summer drink? 
I love lemon and lime water and lemonade! With a straw and ice is even better.
@heyitisjess : what are your favourite TV shows?
Made in Chelsea and The X files ( which is from the 1980's)
@pastelpink_posts : where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
In 10 years time I will be 25 so hopefully I will have some good A level results and working in my dream job- which Is a nursery nurse. However I would love to travel the world as well
@isabelleabernethy : what is your favourite season and why?
I am a really typical British person who moans about the weather all the time. But I don't think I have a particular favourite season, I like them all for different reasons.
@itskatiemay_ : Describe yourself in 3 words?
Hardworking, mature and giggly.

Thanks for reading xx
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Friday 25 July 2014

Huge Summer Haul

Hey guys,
So other the last couple of months or so I have been collecting a bunch of things that I have brought from all sorts of shops for this post. I hope you enjoy.
Okay so the first place I went was Primark. Sorry there is two photos for Primark, I couldn't
fit it all in one. If you read my Summer wishlist then you will see I wanted to pick up a mini satchel- and I did. The only colours they had in my Primark were black and white so I picked up the black one for £6. I plan on doing a what's in my bag soon. Also if you read my summer wishlist then you would of seen I wanted to pick up some bracelets and earrings from H&M however my H&M did not stock them so I picked up this pack of bracelets from Primark for £2. My favourite bracelet has to be the elephant one. And last but not least from Primark- if you read my last Haul, I picked up a boob-tube dress so I needed a Bandeau to wear underneath. This one is lace and was £3.
Next I went in to HMV and picked up Pink Floyds dark side of the moon for £16.99 on Vinyl. This was in my June wishlist. I love Pink Floyd and I have wanted this vinyl for ages.
I brought these two DVD'S from amazon. The first one is the great Gatsby for £7. After watching it at school I just had to get it. And I also got The perks of being a wallflower for £4, because we only watched the start at school and I loved the book.
The next two items are books from amazon. I had to buy these for my AS level in English. The first one is the Time machine for £5 and the 1984 for £6. They are pretty boring but I need to read them over the summer.
The next book is also for my AS level in English. I am thinking about doing a post about my GCSE'S and what options I took. Anyway this is woman in black and I got it of eBay for £2.99.
These next to items I brought from the charity shop a while back. The first item is a jumper which cost £3 and was originally from Primark. In my June wishlist I wanted to pick up some jumpers with logos on but this is close enough. The next item is a pair of Topshop Leigh jeans for £3!!! They are in really good condition as well. I have always wanted to own a pair of Topshop jeans and now I do.
I really wanted shoes with a wedge or heel ( which I also said in my Summer wishlist) and I picked these up from shoe zone. They were in the sale for £4.99. I don't expect them to last long but they are cute none the less.
I popped in to Bodycare as well. I love the simple range so I just picked up their moisturizer, shower gel and shampoo. I also picked up the Aussie mega instant conditioner. I haven't tried this yet but I am looking forward to it. I don't remember how much any of these were.
And finally my favourite item I have picked up in such a long time. This is a mint green, one button blazer from Newlook. I picked it up in the sale online for £15 and OMG it is the most comfortable thing to wear. It goes with just about everything and I can't wait to wear it more when the weather cools down. 
Thanks for reading,
I am sorry if this was really long but I have been collecting this stuff for ages now so,
Hope you enjoyed xx
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Saturday 19 July 2014

My Favourite Nail varnishes

Hey guys,
So today I thought I would do a blog post on some of my favourite nail varnishes, Not just for summer but my all time faves, so here goes. 
Okay so my first faves are these from the brand 'ciate'. You can't buy these from the
drugstore however, you can buy them from the 'Ciate' website. These are £9 each.
I love 'Ciate' nail polish. I have loads, but these two in particular are called- pillow fight (the purple/ grey one) and hidden gem ( the green one) They both last a really long time and the colours are lush.
I love buying miss sporty nail polish ( the blue one- they don't have names). A lot of people might under estimate miss sporty nail polish because it is so cheap but the brushes are really big so it is easy to apply. The other one in this photo is a natural collection one in the shade- sugar mouse. These are super cheap as well. I love natural collection if you want the basic shades. Both can be brought from boots.
I don't think many people can get hold of these but these are technic nail polishes. I buy them
from a shop called body care- which just sells really cheap cosmetics and beauty stuff. These are both 99p and they are so good. They last a really long time and have a massive range of colours. The glitter one is in Mermaid and the other blue is in sinona island.
Nails inc is probably my favourite nail polish brand. I don't think you can buy them from boots
but you can buy them here. They are £12 a bottle but totally worth it. The red one is in- holly hill, the blue one is in Southwark and the glitter one is in rainbow street. The range of colours is perfect and they stay on really well as well.
I love OPI. OPI can be brought from their website. They are about £7. Which is amazing because
they last so long. They don't chip and come in so many different colours. The dark purple is in-
diva of Geneva, the one in the middle is in Dutch ya just love OPI and the light purple is in planks a lot. They also have the best names :)
Hope you enjoyed
Thanks for reading xx
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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Empties #1

Hey Guys,
So today I thought it would be good to do a beauty related post. I don't normally go through
loads of different products but over the last couple of months I have been
collecting my empty bottles of the products I have used up so I could do this blog post.
So the first product is in skin care and its the simple kind to skin purifying face lotion.
I got this in a set of 3 for my birthday last year and I have used it every day since. I have just re purchased this and its safe to say it lasts a very long time. It also works really well. I use it with my tonner and it always leaves my skin so soft.
  This is another simple product. It is the simple kind to skin soothing shower gel. I have really sensitive skin and this works wonders on me. I recently ran out and had to use a different shower gel and it made my back very dry so I can see the difference when I don't use it. It is super cheap and can be brought from savers or boots.  
This is the E45 touchably smooth moisturizer. I picked this from savers a while back when I
needed a new body moisturizer. On the plus side it has lasted almost a year however it just makes
my legs greasy. It doesn't soak in properly and it makes my hands really sticky. I will not be rushing
off to buy this again any time soon.
I am the biggest lover of hand sanitizer. I go through bottles of the stuff every month.
These are my two favourite hand sanitizers at the moment. I love the soap and glory hand maid
hand cleansing gel (which I am sure every one has heard of) It works so well and leaves your hands smelling lush however it is £2.50 so after a while I decided that as I go through so much I need to
find one that it is cheaper and that's when I found wilko's 50p hand sanitizer. This one is in orange
flavour but there is also a strawberry one I am going to pick up next time I go. Its amazing and I would definitely recommend it to people on a budget.
 These last two empties are kind of random. They are the wet wipes that come in a pack of 10 and you get 4 packs for a £1 from savers. These are brilliant for taking to school or on days out. I hate the smell of food on my hands so these work so well to get any of it off . The other empty is these packs of ' complmints'. These are my new favourite mints. They are from aldi so they are super cheap. I take them to school and have them every day as I don't like chewing gum. They are super cute in their little tin and taste really nice.
I hope you enjoyed that little blog post about some of my empty products. I won't be doing these monthly as I don't go through enough products.
Thanks for reading xx
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Sunday 13 July 2014

Summer Wishlist

Hey guys,
So originally I was going to do these monthly however time flies by and were nearly half way
through July now so here is my wishlist for the rest of the summer.
1.These shoes are just amazing. I have one pair of sandals with a small wedge and
they are slowing falling apart which makes me sad because I have had them for
about 5 years now. These ones are actually from shoe zone ( which I know doesn't
sound great but shoe zone are actually really good) at £16.99 they are  pretty good value for money.
2. I have recently just brought a blazer from newlook ( which I will haul in a future blog post)
and I am obsessed. I got it in the sale and it just perfect I never want to take it off. I love the way they look so I definitely want more. This one is also from newlook and it is £19.99 which is a amazing
price as blazers can be expensive. My favourite colour is this one but it comes in so many different colours.
    3. I have wanted a satchel for years now and I have never brought one and I have no idea why.
My favourite type of bag is the big bags however when I am don't need to carry around a lot or walking on the beach I can't carry that around and I need a small bag to carry the bare essentials- this is what I need. This one is from Primark and I believe it is around £8. The colour is also perfect for summer as most of my bags are brown or black.

4. These next to items are kind of linked together they are both from H&M. The earrings are just plain fake pearls at £1.99 and the bracelets are a pack of 5 for £2.99. Both are very basic and nothing special but I am missing the basic pretty jewellery in my collection and I think H&M is amazing for jewellery. I am not really in to loom bands but these are more up my street.
5. And of course I would like to pick up a new vinyl. I hope to pick up pink Floyds vinyl when
I next go in to HMV but I also really want to pick up ALT-J's vinyl. I have loved ALT-J for ages but only just re-kindled my love for them. This is from amazon and is £13.00. 
I hope you enjoyed my summer wishlist. I actually did pick up some of the things on my June wishlist and I will definitely get some of this one to. All prices were correct at the time and all links
are provided within.
Thanks for reading xxx
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Saturday 12 July 2014

Summer Bucket List and Updates

Hey guys,
I am so sorry I have not blogged in ages. This time of year at school it gets really manic. I had a week of work experience which was amazing. I spent a week working at a nursery with children aged 0-5.
It was one of the best weeks I have had in a long time. This week has also been a manic week
as my school are putting on a musical of We will rock you. So all week I missed lessons to practice and to put on shows to primary schools and the year 7. We then have to do 4 performances
to the general public. Three evening ones and one this afternoon. We have been working on this since January and even though it has been so much hard work with going to Sunday practice's, I kind of don't want it to end because it has been really enjoyable and its sad to think that by tonight it will all be over. :(
As well as a few updates I thought I could do a summer wishlist as I only have one week left of term and then I have six weeks holidays. wooooo!!!
1. Finish my Wreck this journal. You can see some of the pages I have done on my Instagram ( @X__nicolemarie__x).
2. Spend more time outdoors. Especially on holiday because I always want to come back to the caravan when I should spend longer on the beach.
3. Have a movie marathon. I will save this for a rainy day. I have movies from Christmas that I haven't watched yet.
4. Blog more. Because I know when I go back to school I won't have much free time.
5. watch tons of T.V boxsets.  
6. Make the most of the summer. Because normally I just want to go back to school but then moan when it is time to go back to school
7. Dye my hair blonder. Hehe.
I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post. Comment down below where you are going on holiday and what's on your summer wishlist. I will posting more on Instagram as well. So please follow @X__nicolemarie__x
Thanks for reading xx
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