Wednesday 29 June 2016

What It Feels Like To Be Diagnosed With A Mental Illness

What It Feels Like To Be Diagnosed With A Mental Illness mental health support help OCD anxiety depression

This post is going to be very subjectively written. I can't sit here and tell you what it's going to be like for you because I simply don't know. Just like anything in life- the experience will be different for everyone, and I can only tell you my story, from my point of view. What it feels like to be diagnosed with a mental illness, depends on many different factors; how severe your mental illness is, how aware you were of what it could be before you went, the support you have from friends and family and how comfortable you feel speaking openly about it.

I don't really know where this post is going to go if I am honest. I don't want it to be a big old ramble but as I write this, it's been like two hours since coming back from my doctors and I haven't done anything! Everything is everywhere at the moment, but I thought getting my feelings and thoughts down on paper or on a screen at least would help me out a bit.

I hope you enjoy this post. I mean, I don't think 'enjoy' is the right word but I hope it educates you in some way or provides you with reassurance if you are about to go through a similar situation. 

Monday 27 June 2016

Why I Am Proud To Be An Introvert

tumblr introvert extrovert blog fun books teenager

I have always been an introvert and I am pretty sure I always will be. I covered the topic lightly before in my 20 myths about introverts that aren't true post which you can read HERE. Today, however, I wanted to go more in-depth. I wanted to talk about what being an introvert means to me as an individual and why I am proud to describe myself as an introvert.

Whether you are a fellow introvert, extrovert or even an ambivert, I hope you find this post insightful or at least semi-interesting, I try my hardest.

First of all, I would like to clear up that introversion and extroversion are personality traits, not mental illnesses. Just because you are more of an introvert it doesn't mean you have social anxiety. Although saying that, being an introvert can predispose you to social anxiety. But I wouldn't say introversion alone would cause you to have social anxiety- if that makes sense?

Saturday 25 June 2016

7 Free Blogging Tools All Bloggers Need

7 Free Blogging Tools All Bloggers Need Advice newbie lifestyle

When I first started blogging (Over two years ago now, I know time flies) I didn't really have a clue what I was doing! I wasn't aware of the amazing blogging community and I definitely didn't have a clue about all the websites and tools out there, that make the whole blogging process so much easier. This isn't to say that blogging still isn't hard, but I find life is a lot simpler and less stressful now I am using these seven tools, as part of my blog.

So if you are a newbie blogger or have been blogging for a while and just looking for some new resources to make the blogging process easier, you are in the right place! From editing to organisation and scheduling to spell checking, I have it sorted! These, of course, aren't the only tools out there for bloggers! Oh no! There are hundreds, thousands even! But here are my seven personal favourites that I think all bloggers need for improved, more professional blogs! Enjoy!

Thursday 23 June 2016

10 Embarrassing Photos From My Childhood

10 Embarrassing Photos From My Childhood  memories buzzfeed lists blogger UK

Why I thought this post would ever be a good idea, I have no clue! I was looking back through lots of old photos the other day and I came across this folder entitled 'MOI' which if you ask me just spells trouble! Inside it was filled with lots of photos that should have been deleted years ago! However, instead of disregarding these gems from the past, I thought I would share some of them with you instead!

We all make mistakes. (In the case of some people aka. myself, a lot of mistakes) But this is okay, it's all part of growing up. If we never made mistakes how would we ever learn? We wouldn't, simple as that! I think lots of people have misconceptions about bloggers, leading perfect lives with their sophisticated flatlays and not a hair out of place. This isn't always the case! In fact, for most bloggers, including myself, we have grown up leading normal lives, making normal pre-teen mistakes, writing from the comfortable of our usually messy, poster filled bedrooms as we go along. 

So to celebrate making mistakes as a pre-teen, I am going to take you on a journey with me of badly cut hair, spotty skin, bad fashion choices and awkward poses in 10 embarrassing photos from my childhood! Enjoy!


Tuesday 21 June 2016

Have You Been Tested? (Cervical Screening) | #SpeakUp

 Cervical Screening NHS advice tips help support #SpeakUp

You guys know that here on Thriftyvintagefashion, I am not afraid to talk about important, controversial and even sometimes taboo subjects especially regards to emotional and mental wellbeing. However, something I don't seem to talk about much on my blog is physical health. Granted, I am not the biggest lover of exercise ever nor am I a massive 'foodie' so I guess I shy away from the subject- however, it is important to remember that physical health is a very broad area, and there are many categories that fall under it. One being; sexual health and taking care of your lady bits (Sorry I couldn't think of a more eloquent way of phrasing that)

I don't really have much experience within this area, luckily you for guys though Laura does. For this #SpeakUp post, Laura is going to be discussing her experience with cervical screening and providing some tips and advice for you ladies at the end. This post is highly informative, I know I will be referring back to it when I reach 25, for sure! 

Sunday 19 June 2016

Am I Normal Yet?

Am I Normal Yet? Holly Bourne UK YA Review amazon Whsmiths

I am not a book blogger and nor do I claim to be. However, I do enjoy reading. In particular UK YA. There is definitely no way that I could become a book blogger because A. I am not very good at reviewing books B. I don't read books that quickly and C. I tend to fall in and out of love with reading- sometimes I will do it for months on end and then I will lose interest. 

Why am I telling you this? Well today, I am going to be reviewing a book! I know, I know! Something that I haven't done on this blog before. Although I am not guaranteeing that book reviews are going to become a regular feature on my blog, hopefully, as I read more over summer, I might share with you some of my favourites . 

Talking of favourites, this is where 'Am I normal yet?' by Holly Bourne comes in. This book is something else. I hadn't read any typical teenagery books like this one, since my Jacqueline Wilson days, so I had no idea what I was about to read. All I can say is that it is probably one of the best YA (Young adult, in case you didn't know) books I have ever read. It contextualises mental health brilliantly. Even if reading or books isn't your thing, please pick up this book as a one off- you will thank me for it later!


Friday 17 June 2016

21 Things 'Today's Kids' Are Missing Out On

21 Things 'Today's Kids' Are Missing Out On lists Buzzfeed bloggger UK stickerbooks

I was born in 1998. Now I don't really class myself as a 90's kid as I don't really remember anything from the decade. However, growing up in the early to mid-noughties, there is still some very distinct differences between children then and children now. 

You know I love my nostalgic blog posts. You can check out some of the ones I have done in the past here: 30 things you will understand if you went to a British secondary school, 18 things kids from the noughties will remember and 34 toys we all had as kids. To add to this list, I thought I would share with you 21 things 'today's kids' missed out on when they grew up.

Although growing up in a more digitally reformed and enhanced world for children, definitely has its benefits. Sometimes I still feel sorry for these kids. They have missed out on some pure treasures of life. Things that have been forgotten and left behind. Things these kids will never get to experience. I loved growing up in the time that I did, as I have got to experience the best of both worlds. Not given an iPhone from the age of three but at the same time, not left in the dark when it comes to the digital age while technology improves at an exponential rate.

Anyway, I am rambling... I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday 15 June 2016

How To Overcome Self-Harm | #SpeakUp

How To Overcome Self-Harm | #SpeakUp mental health illness support advice NHS bloggers UK

For Today's #SpeakUp post is written by the lovely Laura, sharing her own personal experiences about a very personal and important topic, that affects so many young people; self-harm. On my blog, I make it my mission to offer support and to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and removing the stigma that surrounds mental health. Self-harm is no different. It won't take you 10 seconds on Tumblr to see self-harm being glamorised as being something trendy and cool. Self-harm is not cool and is definitely not a joke. Laura is very brave for sharing her experiences in this post if you are affected by self-harm or know something that is, I hope you find this post reassuring and useful. 

Monday 13 June 2016

My Body Confidence Journey

My Body Confidence Journey eating disorders mental health support help

I have been wanting to do this post for ages, but I kept putting it off. Why? You, may be asking? Well, I just didn't know how to write it in a coherent and organised way, that would actually make sense to you guys. Equally, I have never received any help from a medical professional or any formal diagnosis for what I am about to talk about. I didn't want people judging me for saying I had an eating disorder but had never been diagnosed.

Whether I did or did not have an eating disorder. I will tell you one thing, my eating habits were pretty unhealthy and at some points pretty dangerous too! I have come a long way and want to share my story with you. So if at least one person gained something from this post, that would be great! We all experience highs and lows with our body confidence but no one is immune from a so called diet, spiralling out of control into something very dangerous.

Side note; I am not going to be sharing any numbers in terms of my weight through this post. As by going through it myself I know how triggering it can be. I hope you understand. I would also share more photos but I really don't have any, the ones from Christmas 2012, in this post was when I was at my worst so I shared them. Here's my body confidence journey...


Saturday 11 June 2016

A Letter To My Future Self

A Letter To My Future Self thriftyvintagefashion blogger

 Hello Nicole, Howdy! Hi! Wasss up!!!

(Don't worry Nicole you were always mad, well I hope you are still mad) 

I have no idea how old you are when you are reading this. If you are reading this? OMG, what if your blog doesn't exist anymore? What if you stopped blogging? I hope you didn't stop blogging!

If your blog is still going, I wonder what your follower count is now? Not that it matters of course. You hit 900 followers on Bloglovin last month, which is A-MAZ-ING may I just add. I wonder what you are at now though 9000? 90000? Haha, I don't think so, but it's nice to dream.

Thursday 9 June 2016

Pinafores And Pinstripes | Outfit Snippet

Primark Topshop Boohoo fashion blogger pinafore dress

I have talked and shared with you guys my problems and struggles I face being a 'fashion blogger' before. Technically I am still a 'fashion blogger' but I do enjoy talking about a wide range of topics on my blog; mental health, feminism etc. and I would never stop this for the world- however where possible I want to start doing more fashion posts, especially when I go out and about on location.

Recently, I have been out on a couple of family day trips and I took some outfit snaps. They are actually just 'family photos' taken by my parents, so sorry if they don't look very professional! However, I have worked hard editing them to make them look fancy- so let me know if you think it looks cool or not!

I also have incorporated some of my photography from the day out, in the post (YAY) Enjoy!


Tuesday 7 June 2016

Dealing With Dyslexia | #SpeakUp

Dealing With Dyslexia | #SpeakUp sterotypes mental health

Guess who's back? Back back, back again, tell a friend!! #SpeakUp is back! We took a break over the last couple of months because I was finding it hard to keep up with the posts, Twitter chats etc. However, now I am on summer holiday, I have more time to run the project and take it to new levels. This month, we have three posts coming from very talented girls, talking about three very important issues that affect young people. At the end of this month, keep your eyes peeled for a post all about the changes I am going to make to the project, which I am very excited about and I hope you are too!

The first post this month is about Dyslexia from the lovely Róisín, I really hope you enjoy and find out more about what Dyslexia and how it really affects someone with it. I know that I really a lot from this post about Dyslexia. 

Sunday 5 June 2016

Why I Wear Men's Clothing

Why I Wear Men's Clothing Tesco topshop tops blogger UK feminist feminism

Okay, first things first I had no intention of writing this post today. In fact, today's post was actually supposed to be about body shaming, which I will now have to reschedule for another day. I feel so angry passionate about this topic, which is why I must share my thoughts and feelings with you, in the hope that you will either understand, agree or have experienced something similar and it's not just me being an old washerwoman.

I am a feminist. You know that by now, especially if you have read my other two posts about feminism; 50 reasons why I am a feminist and 50 reasons why men should be feminists. Now although this issue doesn't directly relate to feminism,  I do feel like by being a feminist it has lead me to realise and recognise a substantial error within the clothing and fashion industry. Let me explain...

Friday 3 June 2016

My Top 5 Disney Pixar Films

My Top 5 Disney Pixar Films Classics DVDS movies nemo

I love Disney. You should have known this by now if you read my top 5 Disney films post which you can read HERE if you missed it. However, when I say I prefer Pixar over Disney classics, please lower your pitchforks. I know, I know, it's a shock. Who in their right mind would choose Pixar films over Disney classics?

Well, you see there is so many Disney classics, many of which I haven't seen if I am honest with you compared to Pixar films. In which there is significantly fewer, most of which I enjoyed. Because of the time difference between the release of each Pixar film you can really tell the amount of blood, sweat and tears these people put into producing such beautiful films. This isn't to say that Disney classics aren't as good. I DON'T HATE DISNEY OKAY?! I just prefer my Pixar wonders. 

Here are my top five Pixar films (Yes it was bloody hard to choose as there is so few of them, I swear there is only like 15, most of which I have watched and loved) 


Wednesday 1 June 2016

20 Things I Wish I Knew As a Teenager

20 Things I Wish I Knew As a Teenager lifestyle blog UK

Okay, so technically I am still a teenager and even at the end of the year when I turn 18, I don't think I am suddenly going to be calling myself a fully blown adult, although I may be, I definitely don't feel it or for that matter- look it! ( I still look 12 which is kind of embarrassing) 

Anyway when I saw one of my blogging chums (Sorry I can never remember whose post I read and I read too many to trace it back) do a post like this a few weeks back, it made me chuckle but also reflect back at all the embarrassing things I used to do as a teenager. When I agreed with all the things they said in their post, I started to think of even more things. Let me tell you, this list kept going on and on...

So in true blogger style, I thought it was only appropriate that I share with you these things that I wish I knew as a teenager. Of course making amazing and cringey mistakes is completely normal and acceptable. But sometimes I look back and I think at all the things I worried about and how irrelevant they are now. Precious time wasted.
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