Friday 28 April 2017

50 Feel Good Songs

50 Feel Good Songs music health mental wellbeing illness depression self care support help advice

I love music. I think most people do. Music is pretty amazing if you think about it. It can make you cry floods of tears but it can also make you feel like you are on top of the world and no one can stop you. If you ask me that's kind of cool. When I'm having a bad mental health day, it can be tempting to listen to the sad songs playlist on Spotify, instead I wack on this amazing creation of mine.

When you have a quick skim read through what songs I've chosen, you will realise what a varied music taste I have. We have some bangers from musicals, 80's tunes and well just some really odd songs. But they all have one thing in common. They make me feel hella good. I smile, and I dance. Dancing and smiling are the best kinds of medications for poor mental health if you ask me.

I hope you enjoy reading this quick list and maybe you find a song that you love that you haven't heard before. There is no better feeling then finding a new song which you absolutely love. You might hate some of these songs, which is completely fine. You can create your own feel good playlists and play them whenever you are having a bad day.


Monday 24 April 2017

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health kids crafts national week day pen paper notebooks sticky notes gifts cheap presents shop online blogger funny

I'm an absolute stationery freak. I have way tooo much stationery. More stationery and notebooks than any girl could ever need. I have notebooks piling up in all kind of random places around my house, do I have a use for them? No! Did I think I would find a use for them when I bought them? Yes! Even though I have been through this cycle on countless occasions. I never learn. I fall into the trap of cute cheap stationery every time! How do the shops do it?

You can just imagine my excitement when I found out that there was not only a national stationery day but a national stationery week! YAS! Someone who understands and appreciates my passion and love for all things stationery. National Stationery week takes place between the 24th and 30th of April, celebrating all things stationery. You can get involved with the Hashtag #Writingmatters on social media to share your love for stationery. Come on it can't just be in who is so excited for this! GUESS WHAT? If that is not enough for you each day has a different theme, for example; Monday is pen and pencil day, Wednesday is world stationery day, Saturday is signature Saturday. Each day has its own theme, I think that is bloody genius if you ask me! 

You guys know that I am a mental health blogger. Maybe you're a bit puzzled right now as to why you are reading a blog post all about stationery. I agree, it's a little strange but let me explain. Stationery really benefits my mental health, in many different ways. Injunction with the national stationery week I thought I would share why. Enjoy.


Friday 21 April 2017

Let's Talk About Confidence

Let's Talk About Confidence body positivity happiness smile pink hair blogger UK mental health wellbeing

We all hear the phrase; Confidence comes with age. Let me tell you that is 100% correct. I've always been a bit of a shrinking violet. I've always been shy and lacked confidence. I was always told to put my hand up more in class and contribute more to group work, but I never had the courage to do that.

Throughout primary and most of secondary school I was shy, struggled with putting my hand up in class, hated group work and the thought of having to read work in front of the class filled me with dread and fear. As I've got older though that's changed. I now have more confidence to speak openly in class. I enjoy talking to my teachers and like doing group work with my friends.

Granted, I'm not the most confident person in the world. I don't like working with people that I don't know and standing up in front of a class and doing a presentation is still something that gives me butterflies but not to the extent that it once did when I was younger.


Monday 17 April 2017

Why You Don't Have To Be Morbidly Thin To Have An Eating Disorder

Why You Don't Have To Be Morbidly Thin To Have An Eating Disorder EDNOS body hsape mental health wellbeing illness support help BEAT

The most common type of eating disorder is EDNOS. What about anorexia or bulimia? Aren't they the most common? After all, they are the ones we know the most about and hear about the most often. I really doubt if many of you have heard of EDNOS and if you have you know very little about it. 

EDNOS stands for eating disorder not otherwise specified. This is where you engage in some of the behaviours which an individual with anorexia or bulimia would but not to the same extent or level. So you may binge and then purge, but you won't do it every single day, or if you restrict your diet, you may still eat one regular meal but fast for the rest of the day. That means there not as dangerous, right?

You couldn't be further from the truth. EDNOS and bulimia sufferers are more likely to die than anorexics. This is because on the outside they appear normal and healthy, but on the inside, it's a very different story. Binging and purging can mess up your digestive system, cause tooth decay and be damaging to your heart. Restricting your diet and excessively exercising can cause low blood sugar, low blood pressure and heart problems which could be fatal. 


Friday 14 April 2017

Trichotillomania and Me

Trichotillomania and Me OCD mental health wellbeing support help NHS depression

I recognise that although I have a lot of experience of mental health problems, I know that I have have not experienced everything and I never will. However, I want to provide a resource here on my blog that will help as many people as possible and that means letting other people share their stories on mental health. Today I am delighted to introduce Lucy, a talented, brave and amazing young lady sharing her experience of Trichotillomania. I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something you didn't know about Trichotillomania.

My hair has always been my token feature. Until I turned fifteen, it was long enough for me to sit on, and even now, at almost twenty-one, it’s the thing people most remember and recognise about my appearance. I’ve always been oddly proud of it, and am loathe to dye it or cut it too drastically.  So perhaps you can imagine my shock when, in Year 11, I found myself uncontrollably taking out my stress on the thing I most loved about my looks.

Like many young people, I was overwhelmed with the impossibility of balancing schoolwork, relationships and a half-decent sleep pattern, and after a particularly stressful day at school I staggered up to my room to escape from it all. But rather than feeling any relief upon dumping my bag on the floor, instead, I felt a burning sensation in my toes.

 It tingled its way through the veins, up my legs, red-hot, coursing its way up my body, causing my heart to race and searing my airways tight. My hands flew, entirely of their own accord, to my scalp. It was over in a split second, and I collapsed onto my bed, shaking, and utterly baffled. I opened my damp fist, clenched so tight my nails were threatening to pierce the skin of my palm. In my hand was a small, tangled clump of my own hair. 


Monday 10 April 2017

How You Can Raise Awareness Of Mental Health

How You Can Raise Awareness Of Mental Health time to change mind mental illness help support UK blogger blogging

Next month is mental health awareness month. Mental health awareness week also takes place in May. I've got a couple of things planned in May to celebrate mental health awareness month. However, I thought it would be important to do this post before mental health awareness month commences so you guys can get as involved as possible.

Coming up with awareness ideas can be a challenge. You may think that you need a blog, YouTube or significant social media following to raise awareness. That's 100% not true. Social media influencers can spread awareness but so can any member of society. It's actually easier than you may have first thought!

You don't have to share your personal story. You don't have to do a crazy skydive or something outrageously brave. You can raise awareness within your day to day life without lifting a finger (quite literally) There are no excuses not to promote awareness of mental health. It's easy, cheap and affects everyone. 

Friday 7 April 2017

30 Reasons Why I Love Myself

30 Reasons Why I Love Myself happy blogger UK self love self care mental health illness wellbeing anxiety depression support help

I'm fully aware that the title of this blog post seems incredibly narcissistic. Maybe if you have just stumbled across this blog post, you think I'm really big-headed or full of myself. I'll tell you one thing. I am definitely not. Self-love is so important, yet it's seen as being self-indulgent or self-obsessed. No wonder, many have never practised self-love at all.

Self-love is the practice of being kind to yourself. Self-love is being able to recognise that you are doing the best you can, given your situation. Self-love involves not beating yourself up for trying your hardest. You wouldn't constantly criticise your friends so why do we do it to ourselves? We are constantly too fat, too thin, too stupid, too intelligent, just not good enough. 

But to who's standards? Who says that big isn't beautiful? Who says being intelligent isn't attractive? Society. But not everyone in society agrees. The person who's being paid to write that trashy magazine article about worse dressed celebrities or how to lose five pounds overnight, could be sat that in a tracksuit, scoffing themselves with a McDonalds. You just don't know.


Monday 3 April 2017

How To Help Someone Having a Panic Attack

How To Help Someone Having a Panic Attack mind time to change help support depression mental health illness wellbeing UK bloggers anxiety OCD

I can't believe I've never written this post. Having a panic attack can feel like a life or death situation especially if you've never had one before. Even if you have had your fair share of panic attacks, they can still be pretty terrifying. Those who suffer from panic attacks regularly know they are not going to die and often can feel them coming. But what about the people around you?

Do they know what to do? Do they know how to support you? I'm fully aware that not everyone who reads my blog has mental health problems. And even if they do, they might not suffer from panic attacks. It's all well and good if the person having the panic attack knows what to do, but if the people around them just make it worse, what's the point in that? 

It's essential if your friend or even family member has a panic attack in front of you, you know what to do. I've been there for my friends who are having panic attacks, and I've been having panic attacks and my friends have been there for me. It's safe to say I have a lot of experience and know what I'm on about. I really hope this post helps you know what to do next time someone you know has a panic attack.

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