Saturday 28 February 2015

Monthly Reflect: February

Wow, didn't February go by fast. Instead of a ' favourites' post this month, I am going to talk about February as a whole. I have done a post similar to this before and it went down really well, so I thought I would do it again.
 This month we had half term, I didn't do much however I did go to this really cute/ vintage shop/cafĂ©.
 It sells everything from handbags to stationary. I didn't buy anything but I really wanted to. However I did buy a new vinyl this month. I brought Artic Monkeys- favourite worst nightmare. Its an old classic and it hasn't come of my record player since I brought it.
 I also brought Elle magazine this month. Half for the fact I needed a magazine for media coursework but also the fact that it came with benefits new mascara. I actually I did a post about it here, if you missed it. Its the best mascara I have ever tried. You only need one coat,& it makes your lashes so thick and long.

Here is a round up of all the posts I did this month:
I haven't discovered too much new music lately however I have been loving disclosures old album; settle. In particular when a fire starts to burn.
 I watched two programmes this month that really stuck with me; The secret life of 4 year olds and young criminals. Both very different however I really enjoyed them for different reasons. I found the secret life of 4 year olds so funny but also insightful, as that's the sort of age group I would love to work with when I am older
I have been trying to get involved in more blogger chats- which have been really successful so far. Next month I really hope to improve on my photography
 I hope you guys have had a great month.
 I am really looking forward to welcoming spring with open arms.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Current 3 Favourite Lip Products

Today I thought I would do a quick post all about some lip products I have been enjoying recently.
If you guys have any recommendations for what you love, do leave them down below.
#1 Ted Baker Lip gloss
This lip gloss does not have a name, however it is a really bright red. I got it in a set for Christmas, along with a nail polish. I am yet to try out the nail polish however the li gloss is really good. It is not sticky and really easy to apply. It leaves a lovely colour on the lips. This is probably the last time I will be mentioning red lips on here for a while as March fast approaches, I will reaching for the spring colours.
#2 Topshop Lip bullet in Joy ride
Another red lipstick that I am trying to get as much use of as possible before, it turns to spring. Again I got this in the January sales, and have been loving it. The colour is super bright but applies really nicely an feels super moisturizing on the lips. I really want to try some more topshop products! The only down side is the packaging gets dirty pretty quick as it is white.
#3 Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker- charm offensive
This smells amazing! It smells of candy. It can be a bit sticky but this applies really nicely.
The colour is beautiful too and even better they have really long lasting power. I really want to get one of their chubby sticks.
Thanks for reading x
Hope you enjoyed, any lip product recommendations leave them below


Sunday 22 February 2015

The Best of Soap and Glory

 I have definitely not tried everything by soap and glory however I feel like I have tried my fair share of their products, to make this post. Just a side note, this is just my personal favourites of soap and glory and I am sure there are some more amazing products I am yet to try. ( please do leave recommendations down below). Also I haven't included any makeup from their range however I do love some of the products I own. I have a thick and fast mascara review you can check out here.

 #1 Clean on me shower gel
I am yet to own this in the full version but OMG! I love the two little sample sizes I own. Its a really soft smelling shower gel and it foams up so well. Whenever I am having a bad day or I want to treat myself, I use this shower gel.
#2 The soft and sexy body mist.
 I mentioned this a few posts back in my January favourites ( check out here) I love this way more than mist you madly. Its one of these scents that's hard to describe but whenever I spray it, its guaranteed someone will say " what's that smell?!" Or " "that smells really nice!"
 #3 Hand Dream
 Even though soap and glory's most popular hand cream is hand food, I think this one is better. Hand dream really does work. It leaves your hands smooth but also smelling nice and fruity. It sinks in to the skin, super quickly as well. This is slightly more expensive than hand food. If you don't really suffer with dry hands then hand food is probably want you should go with. On the other hand if you spend a lot of time outdoors and are more vulnerable to dry skin- than hand dream is what I recommend.
#4 Heel genius
 This is not everyone's favourite thing in the world ever. However I really love it as a foot cream. Its definitely more of a thick, luxury foot cream. That you put on before you hop in to bed than a day foot cream ( if there is such a thing) It sinks in wonderfully as well. It is also blue, which is pretty cool. Like hand food it works but I am sure there is more medically better ones to help dry skin on the market.
#5 sugar crush body scrub
This stuff smells amazing. If I was to describe the smell, I would say it smells like fruit pastels and jelly tots. Basically a ton of sweets that you would have on a car journey as a kid. It works amazingly and leaves my skin really smooth, as it gets rid of the dry skin.
Thanks for reading
 I hope you found this some what useful or entertaining xx

Thursday 19 February 2015

3 Apps To Keep You Organised

I love staying organised however I do have a lot of help to do so. Today I thought I would share three apps that I use to keep everything in check.

 #1 Goggle Keep
 This app is a perfect way to organise all those ' To do lists' The layout is so simple and easy to use. What particularly stood out to me about 'keep' was that you could add boxes and tick them of when you had done that task. You don't have to just add to do lists, you can add notes as well. They are all displayed as a virtual pin board. And the best thing about it, is it is free. 

#2 stacks flashcards
 This is the perfect way to keep yourself organised if you are doing revision & you always loose your flashcards. ' stacks flashcard' allow you to categorise your flashcards and make cards within that set. You can also add pictures. These are perfect if you are still in college or school. 

#3 My study Life
 Another app that will be prominently used by people in education is ' My study life' This is probably my favourite app out of the three. It lets you organise all your exams, your classes, homework and revision. When writing in all your exams it lets you fill in the seat number, the room and even how long the exam is. Its then presented as a dashboard so you can see if you have any exams, classes etc. Up and coming. I would really recommend it for people that do not get given a school planner or you are really forgetful


I hope you found this useful!
 Thanks for reading x

Monday 16 February 2015

Empties #4


Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser- I have gone through so many bottles of this stuff now! It really leaves my skin super smooth however I do want to try another brand of moisturiser because I am a little bored of it.
Would you repurchase? Yes
 Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion- Again like the moisturiser, I have used countless bottles of this stuff. If you can recommend me any new skin care brands I should try, leave them down below.
Would I repurchase? Yes
 Simple gentle care shampoo- Another simple product, what a surprise. This shampoo really does leave your hair silky smooth, as it has no harsh chemicals in it however because I use it so often, it doesn't always leave the same feel anymore.
Would I repurchase? Yes
My senses body spray in vibe (scent on melon and vanilla)- I wasn't really that keen on these body sprays. They all smell the same, which is disappointing. None of them have a particular nice smell anyway.
Would you repurchase? - No
Scrub of your life S&G- I am in love with soap and glory products ( as you may know) However this is the only product, I have tried that I don't get along with. I felt like it did nothing to the skin at all. Maybe its because its such a small tube. I would love to hear your opinions on it if you have tried it. Would I repurchase?- probably not
My senses enchant jasmine- Another one of these body sprays, again I didn't really like it that much. Not keen on the smell.
Would I repurchase?- No
Radox pure clear 24hr- I would love to say this is empty, but its not. I couldn't bear to finish it. Its so bad, it literally does nothing and its a horrible texture to apply. The only thing I like about it is the smell, because it reminds me of when I took it to Paris for the first time, 2 years back.
Would I repurchase?- No
 Simple kind to skin soothing facial tonner- Another simple skincare product, I love it as it does the job but is super gentle on the skin. If you guys know of any other good skincare brands I should try let me know.
Would I repurchase?- Yes
Baby lips mint fresh- This is my favourite empty of this post. I never finish lipblam, so was pretty proud of myself when I finished this one. Its probably not the best lip balm in the world but they smell and taste amazing.
 Would I repurchase? Yes
Thanks for reading
Hope you guys enjoyed this post x

Friday 13 February 2015

Drugstore VS Highend : Mascara

The first mascara I have been trying is the Collection no clumps mascara ( Buy here for £3.99) it is perfect for the 'no makeup makeup look' I would say it is pretty much clump free however I find it to be quite a dry and flaky formula. By the end of the day it tends to have moved on to my glasses. Overall I would recommend it for beginners because the brush is very easy to use and its a very good price.
The next mascara I have been trying is the benefit Roller lash mascara. You can't actually buy this yet however you can get the sample ( which i have here) from this months Elle magazine for £4. I literally have nothing bad to say about this mascara. It lengthens and curls your lashes with only one coat. I find it really makes me look more awake. When it is released in March it will be £19.50 but I can still why! 

If you want a new drugstore mascara I really recommend the Collection No clumps mascara but if your willing to spend a bit more than the Benefit roller lash mascara is for you

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any mascara recommendations leave them below x

Tuesday 10 February 2015

10 Albums You Must Listen To!

I love music a lot. I also love discovering new bands and songs, that I end up loving.
Today I am going to be talking about 10 of my favourite albums I own. These are not necessarily my favourites , as I have so many albums that I want to get in the near future.
Some of the albums I mention will be in vinyl form and others in CD. That's because I collect vinyl. I wish I had more though, they are just super expensive to collect :(
#1 Arctic Monkeys- Whatever people say that's what I am not
This probably is my favourite Arctic monkeys album, probably because it was the first one they ever made but also because the songs are so good! Favourite worst nightmare, comes in a close second.
#2 Bombay Bicycle club- So long see you tomorrow
This is the first vinyl I ever brought! I love Bombay, their music is really different but relaxing and underrated! I definitely recommend you check them out! My favourite songs have to be, Home by now and carry me.
#3 Alt J- An awesome wave
I literally don't know any other band that songs like Alt J. I really want to get their second album, however this one will always be my favourite.
#4 Pink Floyd- Dark side of the moon
This album is one that everyone should have on vinyl. Its amazing! Enough said!

#5 Mumford and Sons- Babel
This album just remind of a typical British summer. I have their other album, but I had to
chose this one!
#6 London Grammar- If you wait
I discovered this band last year! And I am so glad I did, the music they make is so relaxing and majestic! It is perfect for a long car journey. My favourites have to be Hey now and wasting my young years.
#7 Jake Bugg-
Another amazing British artist, to release a brilliant CD. I haven't got his other CD yet but I hope to soon! My favourites are lighting bolt and fire.
#8 Ed sheeran- Multiply
Another amazing album released by Ed sheeran! I am sure everyone has heard of him, so I won't go in to much detail about this CD but I love the songs I see fire and Sing.  
#9 Lana Del Rey- Born To Die
Probably my all time favourite female singer! This album is really old now but a real classic in my collection. I still can't believe I don't own ultraviolence yet .
#10 The XX
Last but not least! One of the best CD's ever with probably my all time favourite song on it- Intro!
I like their second album but not as much as this one.
Thanks for reading x
If you have any recommendations for any other bands/artists I may like leave them below



Thursday 5 February 2015

5 Ways To Improve Your Blog This Weekend

I hate it so much when my blog goes through a ' dry spell'. So here are some tips that I do, to try and get my blog better to avoid to many of the dry spells. Hope you find some or all of these useful.
1.Join Blogging Chats
If you have twitter, this is so easy. Just search around for a bit, until you find some suitable accounts to do with blogging that have weekly chats. Find the time and day of the chat, set a alarm on your phone so you don't forget to join in. Joining in with bloggers chats is a great way to make new friends and share your links around- to increase your following.
2. Go through all your previous blog posts.
Have a look at what your most and least popular blog posts are. Which blog posts get the most comments?! Use this information, to try and make more of these posts if possible.
3. Go through your traffic
See where most of your audience come from and try and attract even more people from these areas. See what labels are most popular, can you use these in future blog posts.
4. Re evaluate your blog design
Do all the functions on your blog work? Does your blog look professional. Can people read every part of writing. If you feel like its time for a change, try making a new header or using different colours
5. Find new bloggers!
Comment on lots of new blogs and find new bloggers. Follow them on social media and comment on  few posts to get noticed. Try and set yourself targets for how many you can write on. It does wonders to your stats.
Thanks for reading x
Hope you found these tips useful
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