Tuesday 31 March 2015

Monthly Reflect: March

I did one of these last month and it went down really well with you guys, so I am going to do one for March
This month I haven't been able to post as much as I wanted because of revision and coursework for my GCSE's. Here is list of posts I did this month:
Talking of GCSE's, I got my ICT result back from the exam I did in January and I got an A overall. I also sat my 5 hour photography recently, which went it went okay. Its just so dull though
  I haven't been able to do a lot of fun things for a while but last Thursday I went to see Charlie and the chocolate factory musical in London, omg it was amazing. If you ever go and see a show in the west go and see it because the cast, set and music was all mind blowing.
 I have really been loving eye shadow palettes lately. This one I got from collection, is so good for the price of £2.99. I am planning on doing a whole post about it- like different looks you can create with it.( Buy here)
We are now officially in to spring. I hope to post a lot more 'springy' posts from now on but I will probably end up skipping spring and going straight to summer with all the revision I have to do. With all the work i have to do i may not be uploading as much as i want but by the end June I will have 2 months off.
Thanks for reading x
What have you all been doing in the month of March?

Saturday 28 March 2015

Spring Q&A

I asked on Instagram, a few days ago for some questions. Today I am going
to be answering them in a Q&A.

What/who inspired you to start a blog?
 I was bored as I had finished my GCSE's for year 10. But I also wanted something to look back on.
would you rather have ears for toes or toes for ears?
I would rather have toes for ears because getting shoes on would be a bit of a squeeze.
 If you could have a window at any place in your room, where would it be??πŸ’—
 I would love a round window that you could sit on, like in the old episodes of Tracy Beaker.
 Cats or dogs?❤️
Dogs ♡♥
 What are your pet hates?πŸ’–
 People that spit on the floor, people who drop litter, people who don't say Thank you - basically rude people.
 Favourite binge food?
Probably vanilla ice cream
Who do you look up to?
 Anyone who is happy doing what the love that has a positive impact on society
Your dream job?
I always wanted to work with children but now i am not to sure. I have no idea what I want to do
Favourite thing to do at the weekend?
 At the moment I do a lot of revising but in the summer I love to browse the internet, read and watch countless amount of hours of TV
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
 To be happy.
 If you could have 1 superpower what would it be and why??πŸ’™
to read minds- because that would make life a lot easier
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
To be happy and doing something that I love ( oh so cringe)
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In 5 years time I will be 21 ( scary thoughts) I hope to have a job that I enjoy
 If you could only choose one makeup product for your whole face, what would you choose?
 Probably mascara as it makes me look so much more awake
What are your Tips on how to gain blog views?
Post regularly. Interact with other blogs. Set up social media accounts linked with your blog
 Favourite drugstore eye shadow?
 The collection grey nude palette. I hope to do a post on it very soon
 Favourite thing to do to relax? ☺️πŸ’–
Go to the beach
What is your favourite book?
The perks of being a wallflower
Who are your celebrity fashion icons πŸ’˜
 Zoella, any of the girls from made in Chelsea and Kate Middleton 

Sunday 22 March 2015

Favourite spring nail polishes

 With spring fast approaching now, its time to put away the glitter polishes and the reds. Its time to get out the pastels! I am going to be doing a little rundown of my favourites. If you have any recommendations, do leave them down below
 Ciate yellow loop the loop These is such a pretty yellow colour. I think it is perfect for spring and summer.
 Miss sporty blue 39 I am not sure if you can get this one anyone but I am sure you can get similar. Its the perfect light blue colour.
Opi plank a lot Opi is one of my favourite nail polish brands. The brushes are really good as they give a nice even coat. This is such a pretty lilac colour.
Barry m berry This colour is very similar to the Opi one. It is a perfect lilac colour. I really want to get more Barry M polishes as they are so good.
Avon green sea breeze Avon is not one of my favourite nail polish brands but this one is a lovely light green, perfect for spring and summer.
 Ciate green apple and custard I love the name of this polish. Its quite similar to the Avon one but is better quality as it is more expensive
 Ciate pillow fight This is another purple polish. It is slightly more grey toned than the other purple ones.
Technic: The next four polishes are from techic. I am not sure where you can get these polishes from as I got them from a set for Christmas. They are not my favourite but the colours are really pretty. The colours I have include; purple 8 Pink 1 Nude 4 Green 3 I hope you enjoyed this post.
 Let me know your favourite nail polishes for spring and summer

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Spring Makeup Wishlist

With the upcoming spring season, there is definitely some new makeup bits that I want to
pick up, so that I can replace the warm berries and red shades with light pastel pinks.
I love eye shadow palettes, especially the nude ones- as you can never have too many nude
eye shadows.
I really am in need of a new makeup. I would love to pick up one of these but I hardly doubt I will.
I will probably just pick up a cheaper version from Primark.
This isn't a new product, but its one that everyone always goes on about that isn't in
my collection yet.

The cheapest item in my list, so I really hope to pick it up. Its just a basic
blush in a light pink shade. I have heard some really good things out these from fellow blogger friends.   
I always tend to find brushes kind of confusing. But this set is ideal for travelling or if you want a
good quality set of basic brushes. For £8 I don't think that is bad at all
Hope you enjoyed this post x
Let me know what is on your spring wish list.



Sunday 15 March 2015

Spring Makeup Picks ( collab)

 Todays post is all about my some of my spring makeup picks. However its quite a special post because its a collab with 4 of my fellow blogger friends, who you can read and follow their blogs here:
We all picked a face, eye and lip product. So go and check their blogs out when you have finished.

 I will start of with my face product. No surprises to what concealer  I chose. The collection lasting perfection concealer in number 2 . This a perfect all year round concealer, it gives such heavy coverage without looking cakey. However I also believe its really good for spring as its perfect if you don't want to wear a lot of makeup as the days start to get warmer but still want some coverage.

My eye product of choice is the benefit roller mascara. I am sure everyone and their mum has tried this mascara. But it is truly the best mascara I have ever tired. It adds so much definition and volume to my lashes its unreal. It doesn't clump and it also stays put through out the day.

  Last but not least my lip product of choice is the collection crΓ¨me puff lip-gloss in cotton candy. This is actually quite a new addition to the family and OMG it has quickly become a new favourite. Frist of all it smells amazing, which is always a winner with me but its also super moisturizing , the colour pay of is gorgeous  and it is also easy to apply. Not to mention it is only £2.99. I couldn't recommend these more.

Thanks for reading Hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to check out the other girls posts, and leave lovely comments x

Tuesday 10 March 2015

50 Blog Post Ideas For when Bloggers Block Strikes

1. Show us what you are lusting over in a wish list
 2. Got a exciting or unusual hobby? Tell us about it
3. Been anywhere nice lately? Tell us what happened.
4. What would you do if....? Finish the sentence
5. New bands/ books/ TV shows/films you discovered recently that you think we should know about 6. Find a tag that you haven't down before or even better make one up
7. What are your favourite ( insert whatever you want) of all time?
 8. Got any tips or life hacks that need sharing with the world?
9. Show us the contents of your bag ( This could be any bag)
10. Write a letter to your future self or go back in time and tell your past self advice
11. Got a bucket list? Share some of the things of it
12. What's made you smile this week?
 13. Share some blogger love and recommend other bloggers
 14. What are your must haves you can't live without.
15. Things you can't stand? Pet peeves? Share them
 16. Go down memory lane. Show us some old photos
17. Use Instagram? Do a photo dairy
18. Wearing a good outfit today? Snap away and share
 19. Or do a round up or past OOTD's
 20. What are your currently testing? Got any first impressions
21. Something's you always repurchase?
22. Show us what's on your phone/tablet
23. Been to a nice cafΓ© recently? REVIEW
24. Collect anything? Tell us about it
25. Picked up a lot of new followers recently, tell them about yourself
26. Where is your happy place?
 27. A playlist for that certain mood.
28. Any funny/ embarrassing stories to tell
29. Got any tips for new bloggers?
 30. What did you love last year, do you still love it this year?
 31. Got any really good recipes that need to be shared?
 32. Show us some of your wardrobe staples
 33. Got a strong opinion about something, share them!
 34. Show us all your past hair cuts, styles and colours
35. A new book or film that really made an impression on you, tell us about it?
 36. What have you learnt so far in your life?
 37. Give us a tour of your room
 38. What have you brought recently
39. Get your readers to give you questions
 40. Interview someone for your blog
41. What are your favourite shops to visit?
 42. Buddy up and do a collab
43. Have a break and get a guest writer to do a post
 44. Top 5?
45. A not worth reading- have no set plan for the blog post, write whatever comes to mind
 46. What's happened in your week?
47. Anything you regret in life?
48. Tips and tricks for a tutorial ( makeup/hair etc.)
 49. Show us your most beloved items
 50. If this list didn't inspire you enough. Write your own!

Saturday 7 March 2015

Skin Care Routine :2015

Today I am going to be doing a updated skin care routine. I did one of these posts quite a while ago, as some things have changed I thought I would update you.
I first of all use my simple kind to skin cleanser. This stuff is super smooth on the face and leaves my skin feeling really soft. To remove my makeup I use the garnier micellar water. This gets of mascara really well but is also really hydrating on the skin. Its made for sensitive skin, so I would totally recommend if you do suffer from sensitive skin.

 If I am feeling really lazy I may take my makeup of with the soap and glory wipes. These are not the most hydrating wipes around but smell amazing. At £4.50 I would recommend you give them a try.
To moisture no surprises here I use the simple kind to skin moisturiser . Its been a holy grail product of mine for years and I will always come back to it.
 The last part of my skin care routine is this acne gel. Its called benzoyl peroxide and I truly believe this is the best cream out there. This one is 5%concentration.  At £10 its not the cheapest cream around but if you suffer really badly your local GP may be able to prescribe it to you.
That's it for my skincare routine. Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading.
What do you like to use in your skin care routine?

Tuesday 3 March 2015

The Infinity Dreams Award.

I was Tagged by the lovely Emily to do the infinity dreams award.
Rules -
1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you. 
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them
here are my facts about me:
1. I am a introvert. I hate being around people in massive groups. It makes me feel really nervous.
2. I am also, a only child- which I love
3. My greatest fear is loneliness, which is quite ironic with the first two.
 4. I would describe my self as a workaholic
5. Mascara is my number one favourite makeup item
 6. I would love to own my own business one day
 7. I finish school in just over 4 months & I can not wait
8. I get tried really easy and I hate late nights
 9. I can't stand people that spit on the ground or litter
 10. I collect vinyl
Questions for the people I tag:
Who was the last person you talked to?
What is the best memory you have ever had with them?
Are you a introvert or extrovert?
Top 3 favourite albums?
One piece of advice for your younger self?
 The first thing on your right is your murder weapon, what is it?
Ever done something you really regret?
What did you want to be when you were younger?
 Do you still want to be that?
Would you or have you ever been/ be involved in a blogger meet up?
Would you ever start a YouTube?

   Answers to questions I was given
Favourite music artist?
I love all sorts of music! But my favourites would have to be Alt-J, Artic Monkeys and pink Floyd
Whats the last picture you took on your phone?
 I hardly ever take photos on my phone becuase the camera is so bad. However the last photo I took on my camera was a beauty product for a upcoming post.
What is your perfect pizza?
I really thick base. With extra cheese and chesse balls on the edge of the pizza.
What cheers you up?
Listening to jolly music or watching youtube videos that make me laugh.
 Who is your hero/idol?
 I don't really have a scpecif hero but anyone that does what they love without caring about other people think.
Whats your occupation?
Student? Blogger?
 If you're a student, what are you studying?
 Core subjects like maths, additional science, media, ic.t. and things like french, geography, photography, child devlopment and Re
 Favourite film?
I love cloverfield, the great gatsby,the perks of being a wall flower and the parent trap.
Whose your style inspiration?
Any one from made in Chelsea but I also do like zoellas style.
What's something you don't tell many people?
Well people seem to think I am really quiet and shy but don't get to know me that well and actually I could talk for England
I tag:
and anyone else who wants to do this TAG, just say I tagged you!
Hope you enjoyed
Thanks for reading x
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