Saturday 4 August 2018

3 More Netflix Originals You Need To Watch

A while ago I did a post, all about some of my favourite Netflix Originals. You can read that post HERE if you missed it. Being an introvert and on quite an extended summer holiday, I have managed to watch quite my fair share of Netflix originals and films, in the last month or so.

Some of which, have been quite terrible, others, however, have been SO good! Like, I've watched them over and over because I just could not get enough. 

These are the favourites that I'm going to be sharing with you today. I've narrowed it down to my top three. I hope you find some new favourites, to enjoy watching! 


Thursday 2 August 2018

Five Misconceptions Around Depression Debunked

The stigma surrounding depression is very very real. If you suffer from depression or know someone that does, you will understand this stigma. However, it is really important to recognise this stigma so that we can bust some of the common myths that surround depression, in order to help people gain a better understanding of depression, so sufferers and their families can get the support and care they deserve. 

Thanks to the media and the internet, there are some very common misconceptions that surround depression. The media portrays a very stereotypical image of what someone with depression looks like, acts like etc. These stereotypes are often far from the truth, which is why it is terribly important to debunk them.

Everyone experiences depression differently. Depression can manifest itself in different ways for different people, which is why I am going to debunk five very common misconceptions that surround depression in today's post, to hopefully try and help reduce stigma and spread much-needed awareness of what it really means to suffer from depression.

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