Wednesday 26 November 2014

5 Ways to Improve your blog!

I love reading these sorts of posts, and I find them to be the most popular when I am flicking through bloglovin. So I thought I would do one for you guys.
1. Communicate with other bloggers
Join twitter & Instagram and talk to other bloggers. By sharing a link to your newest blogpost via blogging sharing accounts on twitter such a @blogginggirls or @blogginglounge, it opens up your audience.
2. Blog frequently
You won't get a ton of  followers & views overnight but carrying on for a long time and keep uploading content the views will come and so will the readers.
3. Comment on other peoples blogs
I try and leave detailed comments on 5 new blogs a day as well as commenting on the same blogs to keep good friendships. Don't comment; follow for follow- as that won't get you any where.
4.keep your blog true to you
Its very easy to copy what everyone else is doing but readers will be able to see straight through it. Everything from your banner to your writing style, should be based upon you.
5. Have fun!
This sounds really chessy but if blogging becomes 'work' for you and you don't enjoy it, then maybe its not your thing. Its okay, to take a step back once in a while- it won't hurt!
Thanks for reading x
Hope you enjoyed x

Saturday 22 November 2014

Empties #3

Here is a round up of all the things that I have used recently and if I would buy them again!

Sure// cool pink fresh deodorant
I am not that picky about my deodorants but I actually really like this one. I guess there is not a lot to say about deodorants- but it works!
Would I buy again? Yes!  
Simple moisturizer // kind to skin
I have mentioned this ample amount of times on my blog, so I won't go on about it again!
Would I buy again? Yes
Vo5 revive me daily // conditioner
I actually hated this conditioner so I left in my shower then  returned to it a couple of months later, I really started to like it. I don't think its the best conditioner ever! but it works!
would I buy again? maybe
Dove // hair therapy shampoo
I love this shampoo! It makes my hair feel really soft and silky.
I would definitely recommend it!
would I buy it again? Yes
Simple kind to skin lotion
Again another simple product, you know I love these!
would I buy again? Yes
Avon My senses body scrub
I don't actually think they even sell this anymore! To be honest it isn't that good! It was really runny and didn't make skin feel any better!
would I buy again? No!
Aldi complimints 'sweet'
These are like my new favourite food! I hate gum but I love mints. Aldi do a small range of these little mints in a tin, and by far the sweet ones are my favourites!  
would I buy again? Yes!
Aldi hand sanitizer
Another thing I couldn't live without! I go through bottles of this stuff!
Its just a bog standard hand sanitizer but without the hospital smell!
would I buy again? Yes!  
Tesco //My senses body spray ' divine'
I normally am not a big fan of body spray but I love this one I quickly picked up from Tesco.
It has toffee in it, I think you can actually smell the toffee really well!
Would I buy again? Maybe
Thanks for reading x
Hope you enjoyed x

Wednesday 19 November 2014

My Holy Grail Products

This post is going to a round up of all my favourite products that I use on a daily basis , that I couldn't survive without! ( well I am sure I could haha)
Lasting perfection concealer//
This concealer is the best concealer for getting rid of dark circles under my eyes!
Avon eye shadow trio//
The colours in this trio are so wearable and it is so easy to take round with you.
Babylips Mint fresh //
This is the first lip balm that I have ever nearly used up the whole thing! which I never do ,as I always get bored of them!
Simple Kind to skin moisturizer//
I swear this product is the reason all my skin cleared up, and is so much better than what it use to be.
soap and glory // heel genius
This is the best foot cream, I own! It makes my feet so soft and smooth!  
Thanks for reading x
Hope you enjoyed
If you have any product recommendations, leave them in the comments!

Saturday 15 November 2014

Zoella inspired Home Decor

I am pretty sure you will all know Zoella. I of course love watching her makeup and fashion videos but one of the main things which she gives me so much inspiration about is her bedroom and her flat.
I love the retro style and  I am a massive lover of retro myself. So today I thought  I would do a round up of Zoella's old flat photos and why they inspire me. Of course credit for all the pictures goes to Zoe!
I love the style of this furniture so much. I love the contrasting colours against the brown.
I love retro radios. I am planning on getting one for my birthday.

I think grey and mustard yellow work really well together. I also think having a big lamp, makes a room really stand out.

I love what Zoe has done with her walls here. I think adding cute little picture's can really spice up a wall. 
  Wouldn't having a desk like this make any one want to work? Its so cute & I love the little fawn.

Thanks for reading x 
I love looking at other peoples homes and décor, so I hope this may be of some interest. 


Monday 10 November 2014

Travel Wishlist | U.K

I have to admit even though I have lived in the U.K all my life, I hardly ever go to anywhere new. I always go to the same places and never go and explore.
I have done one of these before, when I talked about where I want to visit all over the world. This time I have narrowed it down to places in the U.K
Hope you enjoy x
1. Sandbanks | Dorset
This is one of the most beautiful places In the U.K. I didn't even know it existed till the other day. Needless to say the houses have got quite a lot of 0's on the end. Nonetheless it is so stunning. It reminds me on Cannes In France, which is like my number one place to visit.

2. Chelsea | London
I mentioned Chelsea in my last Travel Wishlist but I love it so much. My favourite TV programme is set there plus all the amazing shops. However just like sandbanks, its pretty expensive to live there.
3. Brighton
I am of course influenced by all the amazing YouTubers living there and their daily vlogs. Brighton looks a really sweet little seaside town and ' the lanes ' look really cool to shop in.
credit to Goggle for all pictures
What places do you want to visit?
Thanks for reading x

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Brand Focus | Neutrogena

I picked the Neutrogena foot cream and body lotion quite a while ago now in boots when they were on offer. But I like to try things out first and make sure I give you guys a honest review on the products.
First I will talk about the foot cream. I love my heel genius but I didn't want to run out as I love it so much and its like £5 a bottle. I found this instead and thought I would give it a whirl.
I have to be honest the packaging on the foot cream doesn't stand out to me as a amazing product.
Packaging 2/5
However I really like the actual foot cream. Its easy to apply and 100% makes my feet feel smooth. I don't know if I like it as much as heel genius though.
Product 4/5
The smell of both products is fruity! The body lotion has berry's in it. I do love the smell of heel genius though but I think it is about equal for smells.
Smell 3/5
I then tried the body lotion. As it was down to £1.99. I am normally quite fussy when it comes to body lotion. I haven't found one yet that I have really loved.
The Neutrogena body lotion is not greasy when applied and soaks in relatively quickly. I am very glad it has a pump rather than just a clip lid, so it gives you more control of what you put on to your legs.
Product 4/5
The smell again is very fruity and similar to the foot cream. Its not my favourite sent in the world, but its okay.
Smell 4/5
I actually prefer the packaging on the body lotion then the foot cream.
Packaging 4/5
Overall I would recommend the Neutrogena products. I would not buy them again if they were not in the sale or on some kind of offer though.
Hope you found this useful x
Thanks for reading x

Monday 3 November 2014

♥♡ October ♡♥

I have seen a lot of bloggers do these kind of posts, where they sit and reflect on the month just gone! I think its a great idea, and slightly different than your bog standard Monthly favourites.
October was quite a busy month for me ( which month isn't busy haha)

I went to a ton of college open days this month and I actually Applied to go to my favourite one! I really hope I get in because I loved it there.
It was my dads birthday this month, we went out for the day and stopped on the way home at this cafe and had afternoon tea on a terrace. The weather was so nice

I also made some lovely cakes! You can read my blog post here , I did about them. I was really happy with the way they turned out.

We also did some shopping in a retail park but in the evening. And I can honestly say shopping in the evening is so much easier and stress-free.

And of course it was Halloween this month. Here is my pumpkin I carved! I was pretty happy the way it turned out .

Here is a round up of all the posts I did in October, just incase you missed any.
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I hit 3,000 followers on my Instagram, 3,000 views on my blog and 100 followers on bloglovin! I am so grateful for every single person who has followed me on any of my social media, it means the world!
Did you do anything good in October?
Thanks for reading x
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