Monday 28 August 2017

Mental Health Favourites (August 2017)

Mental Health Favourites (August 2017)

It's that time of the month again where people wrap up what they've been loving. I can't do favourites posts every month because I just don't have enough to talk about. However, saying that the last couple of months I've had a lot of things that I've been enjoying and have also benefited my mental health. 

I've been enjoying books, apps, events and other stuff thrown in for good measure! August and even July, have been super busy months for me regarding blogging and magazine stuff but also personal, life and family stuff. I've had some incredible opportunities and days out planned this month, which I've loved. For once in a very long time, my mental health has been very good. Depression is not rearing its nasty head. OCD is not causing chaos in my life like it was this time last year and I can't even remember the last time I had a panic attack.

Although I worry about what the future holds regarding the state of my mental health, I'm holding on to the last couple of months with fond memories. Things have been superb! I would like things to stay that way, but if they don't, I'll be able to get through it because I'm one strong woman. Without further or do let's jump into these favourites, shall we? 


Friday 25 August 2017

My Depression Story

My Depression Story mental health illness help support CBT anxiety panic attacks

(Trigger warning: Depression and suicide are discussed in this post)

I guess it all started when obsessive compulsive disorder began to take over my life. Spending more time in the bathroom washing and bleaching hands than spending time with friends and family are very disheartening. As I spent more and more time as a recluse, my mood started to go down hill. 

I stopped enjoying the things I once did. I felt like a complete failure. All my friends were still at college studying for their A levels while I was at home really struggling. I felt this overwhelming sense of guilt. I had let my family down because I wasn't progressing like I should have been. 

Crying became a daily occurrence. I remember being set off by the littlest of things or things going wrong that definitely weren't worth crying over. Sometimes there wouldn't even be a reason. I would feel so sad, so hopeless that I couldn't help but cry.


Wednesday 23 August 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Photo Diary (2017)

If you need to know one thing about me, it is that I am a massive Harry Potter fan. I tend to conceal my love on my blog for all things Potter. However, hopefully, I'll be able to write some more Harry Potter themed posts in the future. I want to do a Harry Potter collection blog post but rounding up all my merch will be one hell of a task. I will do it one day though. 

Obviously, if you are a massive Harry Potter fan, you need to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. This isn't my first time visiting. I went back in 2015, for my 17th birthday. I actually documented my experience on my blog too. You can read my photo diary from that visit here. I went when it was all decked out for Christmas. Seeing the set covered in snow was purely breathtaking. Although this time it wasn't set out for winter it was equally magical.

The great thing about the studios is how they are always adding new features. 2017, saw the launch of the Forbidden forest, which spoiler alert is sick. They also added some new interactive elements and opened up Privet drive. I took hundreds of photos on the day but here are just a select few from my trip. I hope you feel pottered out when you get to the end!


Saturday 19 August 2017

When The Internet Turns Nasty

When you share your life online, you have to prepare for people to pick and prod at everything single thing you do. If you have an opinion, you have to be ready for a backlash. People online don't like opinions. Especially, if your opinion doesn't match the majority. 

I am a human. We are all humans. Humans aren't perfect. They make mistakes. If you make a mistake online, it will be blown out of proportion. People won't listen. People won't accept your apology. It will be shared and spread to individuals who don't understand, who don't know you. You will be made to feel like the worst person on earth.

When I started blogging, I never wanted to put as much as a toe out of place. I never shared my opinions. I never spoke up about the things I cared about or the things that mattered. I just went along with everyone else. After a few years of personal character development, I became very outspoken about the things that mattered to me. I enjoy debates and discussions on current affairs, without feeling like I need to resort to name-calling or abuse. Unfortunately, not everyone can do the same.


Monday 14 August 2017

Simple DIYS To Improve Your Mental Health

Simple DIYS To Improve Your Mental Health quick cheap easy mental illness depression anxiety hope mindfulness

Private mental health care is expensive, and NHS services come with a long waiting list. It's so disheartening to reach out for help which takes enormous amounts of courage, to only be told that you will either have to find the money for private, which for most families is just not possible or to hang on in there for months until NHS care becomes available. 

These simple DIYs are not going to cure your mental illness, but they definitely can help if you left to cope by yourself while you wait for NHS services. Alongside lifestyle changes and medication (if applicable to you and your illness) they can really help make a positive difference. 

Even if you don't have a mental illness, it's important to look after your mental health. Which is why you might find these super useful. If you are going through a particularly stressful time or a period of grief, these DIYs might help you get through the difficult patch. All of the ones I've included in this post are really cheap and easy to do, so they are suitable for everyone.

Friday 11 August 2017

Making Sense Of Antidepressants

Making Sense Of Antidepressants medications pills SSRIs drugs help guide simple mental health depression anxiety OCD
Heads up, I'm not a medical professional, but I am quite experienced with antidepressants both as someone who takes them and has done for over a year as well as being a psychology student who knows the science behind them.

Making sense of antidepressants can be one difficult task. There is one hell of a lot of medical jargon online, making the experience of understanding antidepressants and deciding whether you want to go on them or not, that little bit harder.

So being the kind person that I am, I thought it would be helpful if I condensed everything down I've found online, into one simple, easy to follow guide. You can thank me later. It's going to be a long one so let's get amongst it. 


Monday 7 August 2017

How To Encourage Diversity In The Blogging Community

How To Encourage Diversity In The Blogging Community mental illness health disabled trans black bloggers blogging Gracie WOC POC LGBT

Diversity. A Hot topic in the blogging community at the moment. And no, before you say I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon to get myself more views. That would be wrong. I'm passionate about inclusion and diversity not only in the blogging community but in all industries. I want to see more people from minority groups being recognised and brands, networks, etc. listening to what they have to say.

When I talk about diversity, I don't just mean accepting more people of colour (POC) I mean recognising every minority group out there. Which includes the mentally ill, LGBT+, Plus sized, disabled, those who are chronically ill, those with autism and learning difficulties as well as those from less well off or working class backgrounds, etc. If you are part of a minority, you have a right to have your voice heard. You have a right to work with brands and PR companies and NOT be turned down because you don't fit in with the stereotypical blogger image.

As a white, middle-class female I like to think I'm hot on recognising my own privilege. I have had a lovely upbringing, one that wasn't filled with drugs, abuse or violence. I've always had food in my cupboards and shoes on my feet. I recognise just how fortunate I am to have had this kind of upbringing. However, I also have had a childhood filled with trauma and have been extremely mentally unwell at times, as a result of that. 


Friday 4 August 2017

What I Learnt From a Digital Detox

So when I went on holiday between Friday 21st and Friday 28th of July and I decided to have a digital detox. A whole week without social media, internet or emails. I wanted to have a break from it all. Don't get me wrong, I adore the internet, social media and blogging, but sometimes it can all get a bit too much. 

I love social media, but sometimes it can really fog up your brain. Having a constant stream of news is very helpful, but it can also be a hindrance. Within seconds you can be aware of the latest news and events happening worldwide. Although helpful, it can be tiring. Our brains struggle to rest in a technology obsessed 24/7 society. 

The first thing I do in the morning is to check my phone, the last thing I do at night is checking my phone. Within that time, my phone is never far from my side. Before long my brain is swimming in notifications and hundreds of emails. Which is why I wanted a break from it all. To give my brain a rest. I thought of no better time than when I'm on holiday in the beautiful Lake District.  

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