Tuesday 31 July 2018

Notes On a Nervous Planet | Book Review

Matt Haig is one of my favourite authors, so when I heard that he was coming out with a new book, similar to the worldwide bestseller, Reasons to stay alive, I was very eggar to get my hands on Notes on a nervous planet. If it was anything like any of his other books, I knew I was going to fall in love.

And fall in love I did. Notes on a nervous planet did not disappoint. 

So what actually is Notes on a nervous planet about? So, in a nutshell, it looks at how the world is engineered to make us unhappy, how the rapid increase in social media and technology has had a negative effect on our mental health and what we can do about it. 


Thursday 26 July 2018

An Introduction To Consumer Psychology

An Introduction To Consumer Psychology

So, you may know that my preferred area of psychology is forensics and criminal. While that is true, I do find many areas of psychology fascinating although I wouldn't want to base a whole career around them. One of these areas is consumer psychology. 

So what exactly is consumer psychology? Consumer psychology is the study of why we buy things. Which seems pretty self-explanatory. But in reality is a little bit more complicated than that. Psychologists aim to look at the cognitive processes which influence why we buy things, how we respond to marketing and the influence of external stimuli. Once you start learning about this stuff, you will never look at a supermarket, in the same way again.

One of my favourite board games to play at Christmas is the Logo game. You are probably thinking how does this relate, but stay with me! You may think that branding is pretty simple. A company comes up with a logo and that is that. But actually, it is a much more complicated process especially if the same brand has different logos or even different names, in different places around the world. Thanks to Data Label and their useful infographic I'll be exploring some of these differences and why they occur, in today's blog post.


Tuesday 3 July 2018

My Favourite Thriller Books

My Favourite Thriller Books  psychological crime murder mystery death spooky scary

If you know me, you will know one of my favourite genres to read are thrillers. Whether that be mystery thrillers, crime thrillers or psychological thrillers. I love any book that keeps me on the edge of my seat and kept guessing till the very end. 

For today's blog post, I thought I would round up some of my favourite thrillers. Although these are my favourites at the moment, I have an unprecedented amount of other thrillers on my TBR, like an unthinkable amount so this list may be changing very soon. 

I've included a bit of everything on this list from crime to psychological thrillers, some more well-known books and some that aren't even out yet. If you like thrillers, just as much as me or are hoping to branch into the genre soon, I hope you find something on this list that takes your fancy. 


Sunday 1 July 2018

My Favourite Psychology Experiments

My Favourite Psychology Experiments a level social cognitive biological

If you know me, you will know that I love psychology. I did psychology A level which I have to admit wasn't always that interesting. There is something about being forced to learn facts and figures off by heart which makes a subject, less appealing. However, I often did my own research beyond the specification which kept my interest in psychology going. 

I love psychology as a whole, but there are definitely areas in which I have more interest in than others. My favourite has to be forensic or criminal psychology, which is no surprise given that is what I am doing my degree in, in the Autumn. I also love Neuro or biological psychology, which I'll be the first to admit can go beyond me, at times. 

There are so many different fields within psychology, from clinical to child and sport to cognitive with so many more in between. I'm actually going to be doing an A-Z of psychology blog post soon, where I talk about lots of fields and key concepts in psychology but for today's post, I thought I would talk about some of my favourite psychological experiments, from a wide range of fields.

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