Tuesday 28 October 2014

Me-Time TAG

I was tagged by the lovely Emily to do this Tag, so here goes!

( credit to Google)
1. What do you watch or read during me time?
I like to watch TV and YouTubers on most nights before I go to bed but when I am having me- time I like to watch a film. As the nights are drawing in I will be getting out the Christmas films.
2. What do you wear when you are having Me- time?
I like to be warm and cosy. So my onesie, dressing gown and fluffy socks.
3. What are your Me-time products?
I love foot creams, bath bombs and body scrubs.
4. Current favourite nail polish?
I love an orange in the shade stellar by technic.
5. What do you eat/ drink?
I love my Whitards instant tea. My current favourite flavour is strawberry and vanilla.
6. Favourite candle?
I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I actually have quite a bad fear of fire, so i stay away from candles. But I do love fairy lights.
7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Unfortunately not. I would love to do though.
8. Would you ever go and see a Movie by yourself?
As I hate going to the cinema anyway, probably not.
9.  Favourite online shop?
Got to be Asos!
10. What else do you do in your Me- time?
I like to write a few blog posts & spend countless amount of hours on Instagram!
Thanks for reading x
I hope you enjoyed
I Tag: Jess and Amy x

Sunday 26 October 2014

LemonCurd Cupcakes | DIY

Hey Guys,
This is my first Baking/ Cooking post, I am really excited!
I love baking but  I don't get around to doing it as much as I should!
This recipe is super easy and they taste amazing! They only take 2o minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook
Let me know if you want to see more baking posts! I really enjoyed doing this one!
You will Need:
175g ( 6oz) Butter
250g ( 9oz) caster sugar
3 medium eggs, at room temperature, beaten
250g ( 9oz) self raising flour
1/2 tsp baking power
100ml (4oz) milk
4 tbsp. Lemon curd  
75g (3oz) Butter
125g (4oz) icing sugar
3 tbsp. lemon curd
2 tbsp. lemon curd ( to decorate)
1. preheat the oven to 180 degrees / Gas 4
put butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, milk and lemon curd in to a bowel.
Beat with a wooden spoon or electric mixer on a low speed until thoroughly combined and smooth.
2. Put paper cases in to two bun trays. Spoon in the mixture until each case, evenly filled.
Cook for 30 minutes or until well risen and springy to touch. Leave to cook on a wire rack.
3. Make the topping by beating the butter, icing sugar and 3 tbsp. of lemon curd until soft and fluffy. Put a whirl on top and finish with a blob of lemon curd.  
I hope you enjoyed x
Thanks for reading x


Friday 24 October 2014

3 Quick & Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey guys,
I am not the biggest lover of dressing up for Halloween however I have rounded up outfits or costume ideas that you could make if you are on a tight budget or you don't like dressing up.
 These outfits are made up with things you may already have in your wardrobe
Hope you enjoy x

Outfit 1// Gothic Alice In Wonderland
This outfit you may not have all the items you will need but they are super easy to get
hold of. To represent Alice's dress you will need a blue skirt like this one from newlook.
Alice always has a pinny on her dress, you may need to buy this- which you can do from Amazon or eBay. To make outfit more gothic add a band t-shirt of your choice ( it looks really good if it is black)
For footwear you could wear some heels but if you are going trick or treating you may want to keep it simple and be comfortable by wearing black converse ( or any black daps)
For added extras; stripy black tights look really cool (you can buy these from pound land or fancy dress shops), I chose to add this headband from Claire's and a black Lipstick will make you look even more gothic.

Outfit 2// 1950's school Girl
This outfit Is one for people who hate dressing up. All these things you should have in your wardrobe. layer up a jumper ( I chose a grey one from Topshop to represent a school uniform) and a white blouse with the collar popping out. Tuck the jumper in to a midi length skirt.
I found these adorable brogues in light pink, to keep with the girly theme. You could use your school schools or dolly shoes. Finally add a satchel, as everyone had a satchel in the 1950's.
You could Google 1950's hairstyles and add a cute hair band for added extras.

Outfit 3// Wednesday Addams
This is my favourite outfit. I love the Addams family, if you haven't watched it, you must!
This outfit is also the simplest. All you need is a black shirt with a collar and a black dress or skirt, pair it with some black shoes of your choice ( I chose boots) and your outfit is done!  all items in this outfit are from H&M. You will of course need to plait your hair in to two plaits. If you don't have black or brown hair you could buy wash out black hair dye to make yourself look even more like her.
Thanks for reading x
What are you going as for Halloween this year?

Sunday 19 October 2014

How To Live Life Rich!

Todays post is going to really different to any thing I have done before on my blog. I found this video recently called ' live rich' You can watch in the link below.
( credit to goggle)
What really inspired me about this video, is the fact it wasn't just a few tips here and there about money. It was a poem! That sounds really cheesy and corny however I think it really works!
I didn't go looking for the video may I add, this is the guy who made the video 'look up' in the same style about social media! So I was already subscribed.
I think the messages portrayed in this video are really strong and powerful. Here are my favourites quotes from the video :
"They only care about the cash not the person"
"Life is full of free gifts when you live in the moment. When you forget money exists"
The main message of the video is this:
"Spend little- live rich"
He is not trying to suggest you don't spend at all and you will become a millionaire over night.
But the concept of not thinking ' what should I spend with this?'  But ' what can I save for?'
I could really relate with this video because just like many teenagers I have everything I could ever need. I have all the gadgets I could want and wardrobes full of clothes- that have only been worn once.
So I have decided to go on a ' spending ban' Though I don't want to call it that, I am just going to be seeing how little I can spend. I will document here what I have brought, how much have I saved and what I resisted to buy.
I am going to be documenting my process here every 2-4 weeks to see if my spending pot increases
or has decreased.
( by the way I don't have a job) but I want to get in to good practise for when I am older. 
Sorry if this wasn't interesting x
Thanks for reading x

Friday 17 October 2014

How To Dress Like You Live In Chelsea

As you may or may not know Made in Chelsea is my favourite TV show! I literally love everything about it. One of the main things I love though, is the fashion!
I think they always look so effortless and casual, but not like they are trying to hard!
These are just a few outfits I have put together, that I think the girls in the MIC cast would wear
  This is my shopping outfit! I think its simple but it looks stylish at the same time! I love the bag out of this outfit the most.

  This is my party outfit. I am in love with the colour of that dress.

  This is my drinks out or date outfit. I love the style of the dress. I think it is very 60's like.

Thanks for reading x 


Monday 13 October 2014

My Top 5 Beauty Tips #teenblogseries

Today is another #teenblogseries post! I am going to be talking all my beauty tips today!
Don't forget to check everyone else's posts out on twitter!
1. Messy nail varnish
After painting your nails, if you have missed and got some around your finger then simply place a cotton wool bud in nail varnish remover! Wait for excess Nail polish to dry and then rub away at finger, until it comes of.
2. Don't wash hair everyday
Washing hair everyday seems like the perfect thing to do! But actually this makes your hair more greasy as it is removing the natural oils of your hair! I find it best washing my hair every two days.
3. Drink through a straw
To avoid getting yellow stained teeth, drink your tea or coffee through a straw. You could also drink any drink through a straw.
4. Know your skin type!
If you don't know your skin type then you won't buy the right products for your skin. If you have oily skin you want to make sure the products are oil free and if you have sensitive skin they need to be perfume free.
5. Applying mascara
If you get bits of mascara on your eyelids after you have just done all your makeup. Wait for it to dry and use a cotton bud to remove! Wait to dry so it doesn't smudge.
Thanks for reading x
 I hope you enjoyed x


Wednesday 8 October 2014

Pintrest Pins | Dream Bathroom

This will be the second instalment of the ' pintrest pins '
Again like my ' Dream kitchen' I have a very clear theme of what I would like my Bathroom to look like. And that is nautical themed.
I think it looks very stylish and add some thing to but can be a very boring place in the house.

I love all of these pieces and think together they really set the theme.
I really love this little soap bottle! even though it is shop brought you could probably make one yourself at home for a lot less.
I really want one of these! It would look perfect sat in the corner

These are honestly so perfect! I think they give the finishing touches to a bathroom! And also a perfect storage idea as well
Rope used here just enhances the theme! It looks so cute! 
( credit to Pintrest for Pictures)
Thanks for reading x

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Drinking Bleach? Halloween from Hell? | A Trip Down Memory Lane

I found this Tag ( not sure if it is or not) on the lovely Emily's blog : http://theperks0fbeingemily.blogspot.co.uk . I absolutely loved it and wanted to give it a go myself, so here goes!
1. What year were you born?
I was born at the end of 1998.
2. Do You have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger?
I don't have many as they are all printed out.
3. What TV shows did you grow up watching?
When I was very little I would want the usual cbeebies shows like tweenies', bob the builder, and fimbles . But as I grew older I loved Cbbc! I was obsessed with shows like, Mona the vampire, Tracy beaker, Raven , Basil brush and watch your chops- just to name a few! I also loved ' clutter nutters' but I swear no one ever watched it and I can't trace any evidence back on the internet to even prove it was ever on TV.
4. What did you want to be when you were younger & do you still want to be that?
When I was younger I wanted to be a Zoo keeper! I had so many cuddly toys and animal sets that I used to play with for hours. No I don't want to be a zoo keeper anymore! I can't face putting animals down!
5. Show a video of yourself, from when you were younger?
I can't do this sorry!
6. What were your Favourite toys to play with?
As I have mentioned before, I loved my little animal sets however I also loved my barbies and brazts! I used to have everything you could need for them, a car, a horse and carriage etc.
7. Embarrassing thing you do when you were younger?
I drank bleach once as I thought it was water!
8. Show us something you made when you were younger?
I don't have anything, it's all in the loft :(
9. Songs you loved to listen to as a child?
This is quite a hard question because I was never in to my music. However the first single I have got was ' Bahma men' who let the dogs out! I was also a massive fan of girls aloud when I was younger and I still have every single album they have done
10. What was one funny thing you dressed up for, for Halloween?
I never have been trick or treating. However when I was younger we went on a 'ghost train' on one of the first times I went on it before health and safety was a massive thing, they used to turn of all the lights!
You sat in the carriages going up and down and every now and again people with masks on would walk back and forth. But on this particular time this man in the scream mask walked past but as we thought we had pasted he came back and screamed at us and made us all jump. It made me cry as I was so petrified! ( I was very little)
11. Tell us a funny story
One the funniest things that ever happened when I was in school was when my teacher fell in the bin trying to explain Virgo from a stepladder! It honestly had me in hysterics
12. Any special things you have kept from your childhood?
I have a huge box in the loft full of school work, and another one full of all my books! I have literally kept everything.
13.  Something weird you used to do as a child?
I used to chew the feet and fingers of my Barbie dolls and I have no idea why?! But it was always my Barbie dolls never my brazts!
14. Scariest thing that has happened to you as a child?
Apart from the indecent on the ghost train, I would say the time when I went to pick up my horse toy that you could pretend sit on and ride and there was this massive spider on it! And I mean massive! It was the biggest spider I have ever seen! Apart from the tarantula that I held- which was also pretty nerve wracking.
15. How is the world different now you are older?
There is so much work! Like today I spent 4 hours making Que cards for revision. But I also like being older because the opportunities open up so much more as you become more independent and life can become a little more exciting.
Thanks for reading x

Sorry it was a long one.
I Tag:
Jess and Amy 


Saturday 4 October 2014

#teenblogseries | How to Balance School and Blogging.

Hey Guys,
This is the 7th week of #teenblogseries. I hope you are enjoying it so far! My blog has definitely grown while being part of this series. This weeks topic is all about balancing school and blogging. As school or college is well underway for most of us now, it can be hard to keep on track. Hopefully with everyone's blogposts we can all get tips of each other!
(photo credit Goggle)
1. Plan Ahead
At the start of this school year I brought a organiser and in there I plan ahead what revision, homework, coursework and blogs I am going to do at what time. Its a perfect way to organise your time, so you don't forget anything.

2. Bulk Blog
Some people may not like this tip as your not blogging as soon as it comes to your head. Don't get me wrong I still like to do a random post here and there. However when I have an hour or so free I like to write some drafts because you never know when something might pop up and you don't have anything prepared and don't blog for weeks.

3. School comes first
No mater how much you love your blog- its probably only your hobby and your grades are what matter! Don't them slip because of your blog. If you need to take time of do it!

4 . Do homework/ coursework as soon as you get it!
Do not leave it to a Sunday night or Monday morning!! You will then have more time to focus on your blog and relaxing time.

5. Make the most of every minute.
We don't all have 1000,000 followers who will always read our posts and sometimes we need to do a little self promotion- which can take time! So if you are waiting for the school bus, on the train or simply have 5 minutes to spare, whip out your phone and tweet about your latest blogpost or reply to some comments! It will save you being stressed later!
Hope that helped! Make sure you check out everyone's tips on #teenblogseries.
 Thanks for reading x
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