Thursday 31 March 2016

26 Things Non-Drinkers Are Sick Of Hearing

26 Things Non-Drinkers Are Sick Of Hearing lifestyle Buzzfeed lifestyle blogger lists UK

I don't drink alcohol! I never have and never will! I know, it's crazy! Who does this girl think she is? She must be missing out on all the fun? Oh, its okay she's probably got a reason or something! Who would ever be crazy enough to not want to drink alcohol, or to experience what death feels like every Sunday morning! 

Me! That's who! I am ' crazy enough' to not want to drink and no I don't have a health or medical reason! It was a lifestyle choice that I made, probably when I was around 13 and so far I have stuck to it and I  will continue to do so into the future!

No! No, I am not judging you and No, I don't think any less of you because you drink alcohol! You chose to drink and I chose not! Just like I chose one brand of shampoo and you chose another. Don't let anyone ever tell you, there is something wrong with you for not drinking alcohol whether that be for a night or a long-term lifestyle choice!



Tuesday 29 March 2016

Going To Uni, Do I? Don't I? | #SpeakUp

Going To Uni, Do I? Don't I? | #SpeakUp advice uni young people

A couple of weeks ago David talked about what to do after uni, for the #SpeakUp series, you can read that post HERE if you missed it. That's all well and good when you are in uni but what about the actual struggle of choosing whether to go or not. Some people know they want to go to uni ever since the umbilical cord is cut off them straight after birth. For others, including myself, you toss and throw between the idea for years. At this moment in time I am definitely sure I want to go to uni but this time last year, I didn't have a clue. There is so much pressure on young people to make their minds up about their future jobs, so early on in their life's, it's no wonder so many people find the decision about going to uni or not, very stressful. For this #SpeakPost post mia is going to be talking to you about her experience what it was like choosing not to go to uni. Enjoy! 


Sunday 27 March 2016

15 Pieces Of Crap All Women Carry In Their Handbags

I personally think I am quite good with my handbag tidiness! Partly because I use the smallest bags in existence which you can't fit half of the stuff you actually want to carry in it- let alone any of this other stuff! However, I have been known to carry a lot of this junk around before in my bag and I know a lot of other ladies that do the same! 

Come on now girlies, there is no need to be embarrassed! 


Friday 25 March 2016

25 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

I shared with you a while back, 25 blog background ideas for when you want to up your photography game on a budget! You can check it out HERE if you missed it! As well as the exponential rise in marble backgrounds came the rise in fancy blog props! Admittedly, if done wrong they can make your photos look to busy and a bit over the top however, if done right they can make them look professional and sophisticated! But what on earth do I use?! I hear you cry! Well here we are, 25 blog prop suggestions for your photos, to tantalise those tastebuds!


Wednesday 23 March 2016

Oxygen- A Commentary On Dealing With Grief As A Young Person | #SpeakUp

For this instalment of #SpeakUp, Tammy is going to be discussing grief, in particular how to deal with as a young person living in the 21st century. When we think of grief, we commonly associate that emotion with death but in actual fact, grief is a pain as a result of loss. Tammy discusses some very in depth and powerful points about how to deal with grief as a young person. I don't have any experience on this topic, as I have never grieved or lost anything or anyone close to my heart. However, I know that many people will find this useful, so please do take the time to read the beautiful and articulate words Tammy has produced on this subject.


Monday 21 March 2016

Period Pride- Why All Women Should Love Their Periods

Okay, a bit of a warning here! I wrote some elements of this post a while back, like a really long time ago. I am sure a lot of you were aware of recent umm how should I put this... " Not so friendly discussions' about periods on Twitter. This post has been planned months in advance so please don't take this post to be any kind of malicious dig at anyone! I ain't going to get involved in that because no one likes someone who constantly drags up the past all the time!

In my quest to talk about more taboo subjects on my blog this month, periods is one that came straight to my mind when I was brainstorming ideas!  I mean it's 2016 ladies! Come on! Periods and mensuration are something we should not be ashamed about! It's an another normal human bodily function for all us females! 


Saturday 19 March 2016

The Ultimate List Of Twitter Chats For Bloggers

I have done quite a few blog posts about Twitter chats in the past, including A bloggers guide to Twitter chats and A bloggers guide to hosting a Twitter chat  both of which were really popular with you guys! In my last Twitter chat posts I gave a smaller, more condensed timetable of some of the twitter chats, however, today I thought I would share with all the Twitter chats I could find! Sure, I have probably missed some, so if I have- let me know in the comments below!


Thursday 17 March 2016

Let's Talk About Boobs

Let's Talk About Boobs lifestyle blogger UK taboo bras

Breasts, boobs, bosoms, breasticles whatever you care to call them, just like many things in life they come in different sizes! But that doesn't always mean that bigger is always best! For example, if you are going on holiday travelling by plane and you need some travel shampoo! Okay, there is smaller sizes and bigger sizes- maybe the bigger bottle is cheaper, so you buy that one! You get to the airport but you can't take it! So in the end, you were probably just better off getting the smaller bottle! Okay, this is a weird analogy, I am aware but you can see the point I am trying to make here! 


Tuesday 15 March 2016

How To Deal With Pressure | #SpeakUp

How To Deal With Pressure  #SpeakUp help advice UK Lifestyle blogger

" under pressure. Pushing down on me. Pushing down on you...."

This week's #SpeakUp post is going to be about another topic close to my heart! Pressure! I feel this is a topic that can apply to everyone but particularly young people. It's definitely a topic that is not talked about enough so today I thought I would address that issue and hopefully provide some comforting words for those who are feeling a bit under pressure right now! 

No matter what stage of your life you are in it is very likely that you are going to experience pressure! Unless you like are a member of the royal family or a princess whereby you never have to work a day in your life and everything is handed to do on a plate! If this was the case I have no idea why you would be reading my blog....



Sunday 13 March 2016

10 Effective Revision Tips

10 Effective Revision Tips GCSE A level tips quick easy

REVISION- The word that's makes most people shudder with fear! Not going to lie, I kinda liked revising! I know, I know, who does this girl think she is! I actually kind of miss it now only doing an essay based course with no exam. kind of wish I could do some revision right now haha! 

I know I am not selling myself here and I sound pretty crazy but trust me with this one! I did alright in my GCSE's, as a result of doing so well it was pretty clear that the methods I used were pretty good! Just saying! I mean, it mainly just involved writing the textbooks out, again and again, sending my mother to Poundland every 5 minutes to buy some more refill pads but you know!

I presumed you guys have heard the famous, take breaks, eat healthy, drink lots of water, get a good nights sleep tips all before, so today I thought I would share 10 fully tested, by me revision tips are are guaranteed to get you an A* in no time! If you don't- please don't sue me! 


Friday 11 March 2016

17 Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand

17  Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand  Buzzfeed lifestyle blogger UK relatable

If you didn't know, fun fact I wear glasses! I am a speccy four eyes! A mini Harry Potter in the waiting. Okay, maybe not but you catch my drift. I wear glasses and just like everything else in this bloody world- it causes problems.

TOO MANY PROBLEMS!!! I actually love wearing glasses and I think they make me look a lot older and very sophisticated ( yeah I wish...) anyway, here are 17 problems that only people who wear glasses understand! ENJOY!


Wednesday 9 March 2016

Life After University | #SpeakUp

I personally think one of the biggest topics that affect young people's life's today is education! Whether that be school, college, uni or life after uni! I am currently at college but my experience with college is anything but simple. I am currently looking at doing three years at college, after a course change for my second year. Univeristy scares me! Not going to lie! However, one friend of mine who has been through uni and nearly got to the other side is David. For this installment of  #SpeakUp, David is going to be talking about life after university and reassuring you, it's not actually scary as you may think! No matter what stage of you education you are currently at, the possibility of going to university is a massive part of your life! I hope you all enjoy!


Monday 7 March 2016

Mental Health In Harry Potter

Mental Health In Harry Potter films books UK

Okay, so you guys know I love Harry Potter! Yeah, your right it's probably more than love, if I am honest I probably borderline obsess! 

That's not necessarily a bad thing! I mean it's a great series of books and films with great plots, characters but most importantly great themes! I was contemplating doing a blog post about important themes discussed in Harry Potter but then I deiced that I should go more in depth about one of those themes in particular!

That theme being mental health! I have a massive thing for removing the stigma around mental health! It just doesn't need to be there! It's 2016 guys, come on! One of the most fantastic ways that this stigma can be Broken is through an initiative, creatives means! One of those being fiction!


Saturday 5 March 2016

5 Topics Teenagers Need To Be Educated More About In School

5 Topics Teenagers Need To Be Educated More About In School feminism blogger lifestyle mental health

Okay, so it's really cliche to sit here and moan about what we learnt in school " Why do I learn about algebra and trigonometry, when I am never going to need it in life" " but they should teach us about tax and mortgages etc." which if you have this conversation with any adult they will probably reply " well some people might need it if they want to become an engineer, therefore, so do you! " 

Yeah, that's a good point but I honestly think it's more than that! In life, you have to do things that you don't want to do and in way secondary schools teaches you that! The way in which you react to it- is up to you! Anyway, that's beside the point! Although I think learning about tax, money and conventional life skills are important there are many more important issues which need to be discussed in schools!

It's 2016 and yet there is still such a massive stigma around some of the issues I am going to mention in this post! It doesn't have to be that way! We can raise more culturally aware children if we start talking instead of brushing all these issues under the Carpet all the time!

Warning! This post contains a lot of documentary references because apparently watching documentaries is all I seem to do in my spare time!! 


Thursday 3 March 2016

A Letter To February

A Letter To February  monthly recap lifestyle blog UK

When Sophie, from Shylifeliving, started her monthly moments series last month I was instantly inspired! I loved the idea of capturing moments in time so they last forever! It sounds really stupid I know but I think we live in such a digital age now that we stop and take pictures or videos to remember special moments that have happened but never put them together or save them anywhere safe!

I felt so stuck in a rut with my routine! Like does anyone else just get so used to a routine someone asks you how you're week was but you can't remember because you just do everything like some kind of robot! In order to stop feeling like this, I made it my mission to start capturing more of the month in photos and videos whenever I went out! I also really want to start scrapbooking so if anyone knows any good blogs or YouTube channels that do scrapbooking then do let me know in the comments below!

So today is the first in hopefully my monthly series of photo and video compilations, reflecting on the month just gone! I couldn't do the second a day thing that Sophie is doing because for me that would be super boring, you would just see me do the same thing again and again!  I hope you enjoy it anyway! I am sure they will get more and more interesting as the months go on and I get the opportunity to do more!


Tuesday 1 March 2016

How To Be Happy (For Real) | #SpeakUp

How To Be Happy (For Real) | #SpeakUp mental health depression illness tips quick SpeakUp

Happiness is something that everyone strives to have, but how many people truly have it? For sure it's normal to have up and down days, days where you feel like a boss and others where you would rather just stay and bed and eat chocolate. But unfortunately, life dictates that these lying in bed, chocolate eating days should be few and far between. We have to suck up the bad days and just get on with it. But wouldn't life be so much better and simpler if we had ways we could be happier, for the benefit of our emotional wellbeing? And that's where Della comes in. Today as part of the #SpeakUp, she is going to be sharing simple ways we can all be a bit happier without being broke 98% of the time! 

Like so many other blog posts and YouTube videos I've seen on the topic I could tell you that the key to happiness is in the smell of a new mac lipstick, a Diptique candle and a Lush bath bomb. Although, if I did that, all you'd get is a list of things that make me "happy"/things that I like, but, not things that are actually conducive to happiness in general. Today I'll be letting you in on some trade secrets and showing you how you can achieve genuine happiness (without buying a thing!)

I say “trade secrets” but the information I’m giving here is no secret, thanks to those clever people at the New Economics Foundation this information is out there in the world for all of us to find. Let me condense it a bit for you.

The theory (and evidence) goes that there are 5 things you can apply to your everyday life which will improve your overall wellbeing and make you happier, at work I call this “the 5 ways to wellbeing” here, I’ll call it “how to be happy” because I like to mix things up like that. So, let’s get right into it.

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