Sunday 31 July 2016

30 Things I Have Learnt From My First Year At College

college advice UK tips sixth form

I know most of you guys know this by now, but I started college last September . I was going to do A levels, I got the GCSE results I needed but because of my stupid mind, the voice inside my head told me I wasn't good enough to do it. So I picked childcare instead. For a short while, everything was going fine but then I started to realise that I didn't want to be an early years' practitioner or a teacher. The course wasn't stretching me and I couldn't face the rest of my life working in a nursery or pretending to be a good teacher.

So I decided that I would start A levels in September. I discussed this with the relevant people, got the signatures I needed and will be starting again in September. This means I will being three years at college in total, so I guess my whole experience of college will be different from most. This year has been very odd, with lots of lows and not many highs! I do still get a qualification from this year, so it's not a complete waste of time.

I look forward to starting my A-levels in September, I know the next two years are going to be tough, especially the last year when I am on my own but I know I can do it, I just have to think about the pain of working in a nursery for the rest of my life and that soon cheers me up! Because of all this, it means that I have learnt one heck of a lot. So, naturally I thought that I would share this with you guys today! Hope you enjoy!


Saturday 30 July 2016

I Am a Feminist But I Am Not a...

I Am a Feminist But I Am Not a... Buzzfeed bloggers Uk feminism lifestyle

Whenever you choose to identify with a label, that label is more than likely going to come with a long list of negative stereotypes and preconceptions that society as built up about those people over the years. This is wrong. Full stop. I think it's really important to speak openly about the labels you choose to identify with and educate people, what it really means to fall under that label and how nine times out of 10, their preconceived ideas are completely wrong.

Buzzfeed does this brilliantly, in their series ' I am a ... but I am not a'' Basically, where lots of different people who all identify with one label whether that be their religion, sexual orientation or anything else really, share what it means to them to be a Muslim, asexual or whatever their label is etc. and how they are not or don't have the negative attributes that are commonly associated with that label.

Today, Róisín and I thought we would bring this concept to our blog's and share with you labels that we fall under and educate you on some of the negative associations attached to these labels, that we are definitely not! I am going to be sharing with you what it means to me to be a feminist (because you all know I am a loud and proud feminist) and Róisín is going to be talking about the stigmas that surround being a teenager. You can check out Róisín's post HERE! Enjoy!

Friday 29 July 2016

To Infinity And Beyond | Outfit Snippet

Topshop Primark summer fashion blogger UK

Another fashion post! woo! Not going to lie it's been a while since the last. I actually took these outfit photos near the time I took my last outfit snippet photos, which you can check out HERE if you missed it. However, if you are a blogger you will understand how hard it is to get posts up if you plan and prepare all your content months in advance. Which is a downside of being that organised I suppose? Sorry, I am going off track! Basically, these photos were taken over a month ago and they are only just going up now, soz!

LOL! As I write this, I don't even know if my hair colour is going to be the same as it is in these photos at the start of June! It should be but who knows!! The main piece of this outfit is centred around my NASA t-shirt which I bought from the men's section in Tesco. You guys seemed to really like it when I featured it in my 'Why I Wear Men's Clothing' post which you can read HERE! So I thought it was only right I showed you how I styled it!

I hope you enjoy and have fun laughing at my very cringey photos of me! I swear I am not cut out for this fashion blogger lark!!!!

Thursday 28 July 2016

Explaining What Mental Illness Feels Like To Non-Suffers

Explaining What Mental Illness Feels Like To Non-Suffers help support advice mental health OCD depression anxiety phobia

Part of me wishes that I would never have to write this post, but as I was diagnosed with a mental illness over a month ago and I want to document my mental health journey here with you guys on my blog, I think it is important to talk about all the aspects of mental health on my blog, which includes explaining what mental illness feels like to people who don't suffer from any mental illness.

I am probably going to be doing a post in the future about how to actually tell friends and family about your mental illness, as I know that can be very challenging but today I wanted to focus on explaining what it feels like. This doesn't necessary mean that you would ever want to share these thoughts and feelings with your family- I know I wouldn't but I think it's a good way to educate and help those who don't have to go through what you do, understand it a little better, which ultimately helps towards ending the stigma and can help the sufferer get the support they need. 

Obviously, mental illness feels different to different people. This largely depends on the severity of your mental illness, the mental illness that you suffer from and even if you suffer from more than one mental illness or not. In order to help you understand what mental illness feels like I have included a few tweets from people who wanted to share what mental illness feels like to them, as well as my own personal thoughts and feelings.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Sexism In Schools | #SpeakUp

Sexism In Schools | #SpeakUp gender equality feminism feminist blogger lifestyle
You guys know that I am a proud feminist. One of the things I will not stand for is sexism. Sexism doesn't just treat girls unfairly; boys can also be subjected to sexism. This is not right and needs to be resolved. There are many different industries that are sexist, but do you know who the biggest culprit is? Schools! Yep, that's right! The place where you spend the most crucial 11 years of your life. 

Sexism is so damaging, to both boys and girls especially when they are young, vulnerable and susceptible to societies expectations and perceptions of what they should look like, say and do. I really think schools need to start realising that sexism is a massive problem within many primary and secondary schools right across the country, and they need to begin to rethink the ways they teach and support these young children, as well as implementing strategies to stop sexism being such a problem in the future.  

There are so many ways schools are sexist, but luckily I am not the only one who has noticed this problem. For today's #SpeakUp Ashleigh is going to be sharing with us five areas of school which she has noticed are sexist. I feel so passionately about this subject as well, in italics, I have added some comments from my personal experiences. I hope you enjoy this post and can relate to some or all of the points mentioned the post. That's a lie; I hope you don't relate to the points because I want more schools not to be sexist with the way they plan and teach young individuals, both boys and girls. 


Tuesday 26 July 2016

28 Things All bloggers Want You To Know

28 Things All bloggers Want You To Know UK Lifestyle advice tips

I have been blogging over two years now and I have written over 200 or so blog posts. It's safe to say I have learnt a lot, seen a lot and experienced a lot from being part of the blogging community. Granted not as much as some people who have been blogging since time began but enough time nonetheless. 

I love blogging. Period. Blogging is really important to me and I hope that I continue it on into the future. However sometimes blogging is stressful, like any job or hobby in life. People seem to have this false perception of what blogging is like. They think blogging is a walk in a park- well let me tell you, it ain't! 

Today I thought I would share with you 28 things all bloggers are thinking and want you to know. So if you do have non-blogger friends who don't seem to understand what blogging is all about, maybe you could share with them this post and give them an insight into what blogging is really like. 

Monday 25 July 2016

Isle Of Man Photo Diary

Isle Of Man Photo Diary Snaefell photography lifestyle blogger

On the 16th of July, I went on a family holiday to the Isle Of Man with my parents. Overall, the week wasn't great. You can read more about that in my Dealing with negative mental experiences post, which went up yesterday where I explained why I struggled to get through the week. However, I don't want you all thinking it was a terrible trip with no positives! It definitely wasn't! There was lot's and lot's of positives for sure! 

One of the best things about the Isle Of Man is the scenery. OMG, it is stunning, beautiful, words can't describe it! It's the prettiest place I have ever been! We got to visit so many amazing places which I loved. You know I love photography, so I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to take lot's and lot's of photos, over 1000 to be exact. Yes, I went overboard, but I wanted to make sure I captured the perfect shots to treasure these memories forever!

Photography acted as a massive distraction for me when I was struggling during my holiday. When I had my camera in my hand, I was distracted from all the terrible intrusive thoughts inside my head. I also got the opportunity to use some of my filters and lenses which I haven't used in ages, which was so much fun! I hope you enjoy looking at my photos! It's a long post, so ya better grab a hot beavage and get comfy. 


Sunday 24 July 2016

Dealing With Negative Mental Health Experiences

As most of you know, I went on holiday to the Isle of Man last Saturday, and I came back yesterday. It was probably the worst holiday I have ever had. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen some of the tweets. These tweets were my raw emotions. Throughout the week I really struggled with my mental health. The last week was the worst I have ever been.

So many of you were so loving and supportive on Twitter; sending me DMs, asking how I was, etc. It really does mean the world to me, it honestly does. But it was really hard to explain to every person why I was struggling so much and why I couldn't just be happy and try and make the most of it. 

OCD and mental illness in general is a horrible beast. Just because I'm suppose to be on holiday which is suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable it doesn't mean my OCD goes away for the week, if anything it got stronger and worse. I wanted to write this post to outline my holiday, explain why I was in such a bad state but also try and draw some positives from the week. I also want to help reassure any one who is also struggling mental health wise now. As promised I wanted to document my mental health journey. As part of that journey there's going to be ups and downs. Here is one of my downs:


Friday 15 July 2016

Basic CSS Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Blog

Basic CSS Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Blog advice how to center you blog header post titles dates

CSS and HTML sound pretty damn scary! Trust me- they can be. But they can also be pretty simple and easy to follow once you get your head around it. I'm not going to lie to you guys- I am not the biggest expert in the world on HTML and CSS but over the last couple of months, I have been learning a lot from my lovely friend Hannah who helped me add the categories drop down menu on my blog (Which I am eternally grateful for by the way) and a few other bits as well. Because I am a good citizen, I went on to use some of the tips and tricks that Hannah had taught me to help one of my other friends improve her blog.

This kind of process makes me really happy because everyone is passing their skills and knowledge on to help others, which hopefully will continue on and on. Anyway, because I want to help you guys out, I thought I would share with you some basic CSS codes, which you can add to your blog to help improve the way it looks. They are all super easy and beginner friendly, so there is no need to worry about that. I have also included some little extras down the bottom, that I think lot's of newbie bloggers won't know about that can help make your blog more professional and do not even involve CSS or HTML.

These are only the very, very basics, however, as I plan on experimenting and playing around with some of the features and design on my blog (I have a long list of things I want to do and add, I can do more complex, advanced tutorials in the future if you would like. If you are looking for something more advanced today though I will link some of my favourite blog's and websites' down below that may be able to provide you more tutorials and advice. Enjoy!

Thursday 14 July 2016

Let's Talk About Body Hair

Let's Talk About Body Hair feminist feminism UK lifestyle blogger UK taboos

I am a woman. I have body hair. It's natural and no matter how hard I try, I can't stop it growing. No miracle hair removal cream or shaver will be able to do it for me! All women have body hair. It's natural yet met with so much disgrace and disgust when left to grow!

Why is body hair such a taboo? Why does society expect all women to remove all their body hair and at any given time be completely hairless? Why do we think body hair is gross and spend hundreds of pounds a month trying to get rid of it? 

I recently watched a documentary called Hairy Women on Channel 4. Okay, yes this documentary was filmed in 2003 and yes it's a bit outdated. I mean if you see the hair crimpers they are using, you will get what I mean! However, although this was filmed 13 years ago, I believe the concepts and ideas raised in this film are still very important and relevant in today's society.

Body hair on Women is a taboo. Women are told in order to be loved, respected and feminine they should be hairless at all times. The comments in this documentary shocked me. It's about time we started talking about this taboo subject that I know all women can relate to! 


Wednesday 13 July 2016

Living For Yourself | #SpeakUp

Living For Yourself | #SpeakUp teenager help support books All the bright places bucket list

For today's #SpeakUp post, the lovely Charlotte is going to be talking about a topic that I think a lot of young people struggle with, but we don't talk about a lot. That topic is; living for yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in routine, living your daily life almost like a robot without actually taking, time to think about what were doing, we just do everything automatically. It's so easy to obey the rules and instructions of someone else, without actually taking time out for yourself.

Reading Charlotte's post made me realise how little time I dedicate to myself for chill time or doing something that isn't work related. If I am not doing college work of some form, I am blogging. If I am not doing one of those two things I am probably doing some chores for my parents. The hours in the day fly by and I realise I haven't actually stopped all day. 

Charlotte has inspired me to make a bucket list and try and dedicate some time at least once a month (I'm no way near as ambitious as Charlotte) to doing something that I want to, which is for myself. I hope this post helps inspire you too and we can all start living for yourselves a little bit more!

Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Ultimate Directory Of Mental Health Helplines/ Organisations

The Ultimate Directory Of Mental Health Helplines/ Organisations support mental illness depression OCD PSTD GAD

Reaching out for help because of mental health problems and struggles does not make you weak. In fact, quite the opposite. It makes you strong. It takes courage to talk about your thoughts, feelings and worries, it takes strength to realise something is wrong and it takes tremendous amounts of bravery to seek support and ask for help. This does not make you weak. Period. 

I recently contacted the Samaritans. No, I am not suicidal. I just needed to talk to someone confidentially about my worries and thoughts I had about my mental health. Sometimes you can't talk to the people around you, in fear of judgement or being wrapped up in cotton wool. I didn't want that. I didn't want people's pity or advice, I just wanted to talk.

This lead me to realise that there are so many organisations and helplines out there for mental health charities in general but also ones dedicated to supporting individuals and young people with specific mental health problems. I fear, that young people, in particular, are ashamed of seeking help from a charity or organisation because of the stigma that surrounds doing so. They fear that if they ring a helpline or send an email for support, they will be judged or discriminated against. No one should judge or discriminate against anyone who seeks help and support from a mental health charity or organisation. 

Here is as many mental health helplines, charities and organisations that I could find. If you are struggling right now, please check out some of the links down below, I hope they help!


Monday 11 July 2016

24 Things All Preteens Did At Sleepovers

24 Things All Preteens Did At Sleepovers lifestyle blogger UK buzzfeed

I went to a few sleepovers as a kid, not like every Saturday which I know some kids did but enough! I hate sleeping in the same room as other people (Which doesn't bode well for the future ha!) Anyway, sleepovers were never my favourite thing as a kid but when you are 11 you just go along with these things. When I actually had friends I went to quite a few of these sleepovers and I have quite a few fond memories from them!

I couldn't dream of going to a sleepover anyone. I mean I am 17 but people my age like to go and do 'camp outs' in the middle of a muddy field, intoxicated to point of normal brain function being unimaginable. I would rather watch paint dry for a whole day then go to one of these things. No seriously, I am not joking!

Whatever kind of sleepovers you have been on, I am sure you have some great or in some cases, not so great memories of these iconic moments in your life. Today I thought I would share with you 24 things I remember from my sleepover days. I hope you can relate to some of these and it's not just me being strange! 

Sunday 10 July 2016

5 Topics That Need To Be Taught About More In Sex Education Lessons

5 Topics That Need To Be Taught About More In Sex Education Lessons lifestyle blogger UK beauty important school college taboos
If this isn't the most taboo-filled post I have ever written in my life I don't know what is! But why? Why are these things such a taboo? They shouldn't be. Full stop. They are taboos because of a poor and unsustainable sex education system within schools which is not educating and informing young people correctly about the ins and outs of sex (quite literally) and all of the issues regarding sex. 

I don't know about you but my sex education lessons over the years have been pretty much nonexistent. I don't think I even had any during year 11, which is surely one of the most pivotal points of a teenager's life to be talking about this kind of stuff. Is it just me or is the 'putting the condom on the banana' pretty outdated now? 

I think it's important that schools stay with the times and start realising that not all of their female students will actually need to practise putting a condom on a banana anymore and there is much more practical information they should be learning. 

Here are five topics which I think need to be addressed more openly in sex education lessons within schools! Let's break the taboos!

Saturday 9 July 2016

50 Reasons To Stay Alive

50 Reasons To Stay Alive  mental illness depression help support UK blogger

Life is hard. We all know that. But I want you to know that nothing lasts forever. Sadness doesn't last forever. Pain doesn't last forever and happiness doesn't last forever. Nothing is guaranteed in life. And that's okay. There will be good and bad times. Times where you feel on top of the world and times where nothing seems to be going right. 

But what I want you to know is that your life is worth living. It may not get better tomorrow, next week or even next year but it will do eventually. Please see it out to the end. You are a beautiful human being. You are a miracle and you better believe it. I know these are words. I know if your suffering with depression or any mental illness that it's a lot harder to believe these words but trust me they are true. 

Please please please talk to someone if you are struggling. Don't bottle it up. It doesn't have to be a friend or the doctor. Confidential helplines like Samaritans are there to listen 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. I say this in every post but please talk to me if you are going through a hard time. We don't have to of spoken before. I am here to listen and support you in a confidential and caring way. You will never trouble me ever. There are so many beautiful reasons to stay alive but here are 50.

 For all those who are struggling right now...


Friday 8 July 2016

50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal inspiration ideas Boho Berry Pinterest

I started a bullet journal at the end of May for June. ( I will let you into a little secret- I loved it) It genuinely has revolutionised the way I plan my life and keep everything in order. Although I still love spreadsheets and my apps, there's something about writing it down on paper that technology can't beat! 

What I love about bullet journaling is the freedom you have to do what you want with it. You can be as plain or as arty farty as you like- the choice is yours. You can add something in one month and get rid of it the next. 

Whether you are just about to start bullet journaling or have been bullet journaling for months, it's easy to run out of ideas of what to put in it. So I thought I would share with 50-page ideas with you today! Enjoy! (Yes, this was supposed to be 100 page ideas and yes, I got stuck when I got to 50. Soz.)

Thursday 7 July 2016

How To Use Twitter To Boost Your Blog Traffic

How To Use Twitter To Boost Your Blog Traffic increase SEO quickly simple easy UK  bloggers lifestyle beauty
I love Twitter. I could spend all day tapping away on Twitter. It's my favourite social media platform by far, with over 3000 people interested in what I have to say. Which is kind of bizarre if I think about it because all I do is tweet about my constant and unpredictable mood swings and rants about feminism. I am definitely not complaining, though!

Asides from Twitter being a place where I can vent my anger and campaign for women's rights, it provides my biggest source of traffic to my blog. I know people love Pinterest and say that brings more traffic than all the other social media platforms put together, but for me, Twitter always wins. It's a simple, fast and quick way to promote your posts, engage with your readers and connect with other bloggers and brands. What's not to like?

Building a following on Twitter is pretty easy but getting your tweets to actually help boost your blog traffic is a little harder. It involves strategy and commitment! Today, I thought I would share with you guys, five simple ways you can use Twitter to boost your blog traffic! I hope you find them of use! 


Wednesday 6 July 2016

What's It's Like Living With Emetophobia (A Fear Of Being Sick)

What's It's Like Living With Emetophobia (A Fear Of Being Sick)  mental health advice tips support anxiety OCD

You may be thinking wow that's a fancy word, Nicole. You may also be wondering what on earth it means. Well, today I am here to explain and educate you on the world of emetophobia. I want to explain to you guys the utter debilitating impacts, emetophobia can have upon somebody's quality of life, how it affects me personally and what I do to battle it every single day.

"Emetophobia is an intense phobia that causes overwhelming, intense anxiety pertaining to vomiting. This specific phobia can also include subcategories of what causes the anxiety, including a fear of vomiting in public, a fear of seeing vomit, a fear of watching the action of vomiting or fear of being nauseated."  

I have emetophobia. Just like any phobia or mental illness the way in which it affects somebody can be very different from the next person. For some people, they are affected mildly whereas for others it completely controls their life. Today I am sharing my own personal struggle with emetophobia and how it affects my life. If you are experiencing something similar, I hope this post helps you out or if not I hope it can educate you a little bit more about a phobia you may not have known existed.

*MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING* I have included pictures of what my hands look like. Due to compulsive washing, they are very red, dry, cracked and they bleed a lot. If you have OCD please do read on with caution. I needed to include these pictures to demonstrate what my OCD and emetophobia are really like. That's it's not "oh I like all my pens to be in height order" and "oh I am so OCD because carry hand sanitiser around me and my friends think I'm so OCD" NO NO NO! You have been warned! 


Tuesday 5 July 2016

Understanding Eating Disorders- Anorexia | #SpeakUp

Understanding Eating Disorders- Anorexia  | #SpeakUp blogger UK lifestyle NHS mental health support BEAT help

Tody's #SpeakUp post comes from the lovely Robyn. Robyn is going to be discussing an issue which is actually quite close to my heart. If you read my 'Body Confidence Journey' post you will know that my weight and relationship with food is something that I have personally struggled with for a number of years.

Unlike Robyn, I managed to get out of it without the help of medication or therapy. I was never diagnosed with anorexia, although I did display many of the symptoms. Robyn describes how anorexia feels absolutely perfectly- better than I could ever do. Anorexia is all encompassing, your whole life revolves around food, calories, exercise etc. It interferes with your normal daily routine and stops you leading a happy and healthy life. 

Unfortunately, the media doesn't portray this side of anorexia. Like Robyn discusses in this post, painstakingly thin models are used in magazines and in fashion shows, which negatively influences young girls and boys into thinking this is the norm and in order to be accepted by society they must look like them. Robyn does a fantastic job in discussing what anorexia feels like, so I really hope you learn something or feel like you understand anorexia a little bit better from reading this post.  

Monday 4 July 2016

30 Things Women Want Men To Know About Periods

30 Things Women Want Men To Know About Periods pride positive lifestyle UK blogger blogging lists

For all those with a vagina, you will understand the hell we go through every month, also more commonly known as a period. As women, we get to know our body and menstrual cycle pretty well! We sometimes even give it a name, hi auntie Flo! No, but seriously, it's not fun!

And if cramps, tender boobs, a throbbing back and mood swings as unpredictable as the British weather aren't enough for us to struggle with, men who just don't understand only add to the pain! Okay, fair enough they don't actually go through themselves and aren't taught about periods in their sex education lessons ( we will blame the government for that one) I still think it's important for men to know about periods, so they can sympathise with us (although we will probably just bite their heads off LOL SOZ) and stop making stupid comments/ jokes about periods. What are you 13?

To help educate men, I thought I would compile a list of 30 things myself and other women want men to know about periods! If you are a man and you already knew most of these then good on you!

Sunday 3 July 2016

30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To A British Primary School

30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To A British Primary School UK lifestyle blogger funny lists Buzzfeed
You guys seemed to really enjoy my 30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To A British Secondary School Post, which you can read HERE if you missed it. Seeing the success of that Post, I thought it was only right I did a primary school version. 

I really enjoyed primary school for the most part. I had a lot of friends, had a good laugh and I have lots of fond memories of my primary school. I went to an infant school before primary, so my primary school was from year 3 to year 6 and my infant school was from reception to year 2. I am aware not everyone's schools are like this, so sorry if you get confused with some of the references in the post. 

I really hope you enjoy joining me on a trip down memory lane and reflecting back on the good old primary school days!

Saturday 2 July 2016

How To Use Spreadsheets To Organise Your Blog

If you know me then you know I love everything to be super organised. I need to have control over every situation and I have to meet deadlines, many weeks or even months in advance in some cases ! It just helps with my anxiety, so that's just the way I roll. I manage my own personal blog (uploading every other day on normal occasions) alongside two side blog projects that I am part of; one I upload four times a month and one where I upload a couple of times a year. To add to this, I also write for a print magazine and an online magazine. In order to avoid exploding with stress- I need to be organised. Period!

This is where spreadsheets come in. They are my life saver! I honestly couldn't think how I would stay on top of everything without them! I have always wanted to use spreadsheets to organise my blog but to pretty honest with you guys, they scared me! I had no idea where to start and I couldn't find any blog posts on how any other bloggers used them. That was until Hannah from Hannah Emily Lane shared how she used them! Honestly, I couldn't thank this girl enough! Her blog post, which you can read HERE was so useful and really gave me the inspiration I needed. 

Today I thought I would share with you guys how I use spreadsheets to basically organise my whole life and stop me crawling into a ball into the corner and crying about all the work I have to do! I hope you find this useful! If you any questions or queries about using spreadsheets, don't be afraid to ask in the comments below- I don't bite!

Friday 1 July 2016

The A-Z Of Happiness Challenge

The A-Z Of Happiness Challenge UK lifestyle blogger mental health illness support help advice challenge UK OCD anxiety

Last week I was part of a Twitter chat and we were discussing blogging challenges, like 101 in 1001 days and 365 photos etc. If I am completely honest I have never really given these challenges much thought before, I definitely haven't stuck with any!  

So it kind of got me thinking. I would love to do a challenge on my blog which is beneficial for me, interesting for you and also something that you guys can get involved with too if you like. You guys know I discuss mental health a lot on my blog, so I wanted a challenge that was based around boosting my mental health but also helping others too! 

So I came up with the A-Z of happiness challenge. For each letter of the alphabet, there is something that you can do to help improve your own mental health or someone's else's. There is no rush to complete the challenge. Some are simple and some may require more thought and preparation. This challenge is Perfect for anyone going through recovery from a mental illness or anyone wanting to reduce their stress levels and improve their mental health in general. There are 26 things in total you can do as part of this challenge. 
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