Thursday 29 October 2015

20 Films You Should Watch This Halloween

20 films Halloween October kids scary horror spiders best bloggers

If you are anything like me and don't really enjoy dressing up and going out knocking on random people's doors every year, on the last day of October in celebration of Halloween, them you probably enjoy something a little bit more low key? I love watching Halloween based movies, so I thought I would share with you my top 20 Halloween movies ( yes this was suppose to be 31 and yes I did run out of time to find another 11) I have tried to stay away from some of the obvious ones and also include a couple of not so scary ones, because I know horror is not everyone's thing but hopefully these films will get to you in the festive spirit! WARNING: Some of the following GIFS do contain horror, gore, and spiders so if you don't want to read on, you don't have to, but you have been warned! 

#1 Harry potter ( 2001)

#2 Ghostbusters (1984)

#3 Edward Scissorhands (1990)

#4 Monster House (2006)

#5 E.T (1982)

#6 Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

#7 Coraline (2009)

#8 Arachnophobia (1990)

 #9 Addams Family Values (1993)

#10  Ailen (1979)

#11 Hocus Pocus (1993)

#12  The Conjuring (2013)

#13 Scream (1996)

#14 Frankaweenie (2012)

#15 Paranorman (2012)

#16 Hotel Transylvania (2012)

#17 Bettlejuice (1988)

 #18 JAWS (1975)

 #19 Trick R' Treat ( 2007)

#20 Sweeney Todd ( 2007)

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different format of post, from me today!

Do let me know what are your favorite Halloween movies in the comments below? Have I missed any of my lists? 

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Lets Talk Lenses

Lets Talk Lenses Cannon Nikon Sigma Tamron

I never expected that I would get my first DSLR by the time I was 16. I also never expected that it could be so complicated and stressful to find out what kit I needed for my camera. One of the most important pieces of kit that you will need when buying your first or your 100th DSLR ( I wish I was you if I could buy 100 DSLR's) is the lenses. Do you just buy the lens that comes with the camera? Do you buy another lens alongside it? Why are they all so expensive? I DON'T GET IT! That was me around four and half months ago. I knew nothing about lenses, and although I don't now consider myself an expert, I have learnt a lot about lenses and I want to share that knowledge with you today.

Okay, this is going to get quite techy and some bits may get boring, so please don't fall asleep. I am going to split this up into sections and make it as easy as possible for you, take it as a ' Lenses for Dummies' lesson. Not that you are dummies or anything! 


All lenses are known by their size which is measured in millimeters ( 18mm, 50mm,250mm etc.) This is called the focal length. This is the measurement between the sensor and the center of the lens  when it is fully focused, which is called being focused on infinity.

With a short focal length ( eg, 18mm) you would need to stand pretty close to your subject for it to fill the frame of the photograph or stand back if you were doing a wide angle shot.

A long focal length ( eg. 250mm) allows you to stand far away and still get your subject to fill the frame. Perfect for spotting celebrities eh?      



A kit lens is a basic lens which comes with most camera deals, especially if you buy your DSLR from a shop like Argos etc. This is different from a standard lens, by the way, which I will get on to in a jiffy. With the DSLR that I bought, it came with a 18-55mm kit lens, which has auto-focus and manual focus plus image stabilization ( Don't worry I will get on to these in a minute too!) This is the lens that I use to do 90% of my photography as it covers close up and wide angle. If you do no want to buy a lens with your DSLR, you need to look for the body alone.


A wide angle lens does what it says on the tin. It takes pictures using a wide angle so that you can get all the subject in the frame. Surprise surprise but this is perfect for landscapes. Wide angle is anything less than 24mm.  


A standard lens covers everything from 35mm to 85mm. You would use a standard lens for most things. 85mm is especially good for portrait photography, so that may be one to think of investing in if you are a fashion, blogger.


A telephoto lens can go from anyway between 100mm- 600mm + but that's when you get into stupid money and definitely not something that the average folk would be looking at getting. Telephoto lens, depending on the focal length will let you take pictures far away from the subject for example at a sports event or a safari ( because ain't nobody got time for being eaten by lions)


Although lots of cameras come with Macro settings ( and not just DSLR'S) They allow you to get really close to your subject and make it look life size or even bigger. This works really good for small insects or flowers. 


Fish eyes are a bit of fun! They make the photo look distorted at the edges but do cover 180 degrees. I wouldn't say this is an essential lens, but it's fun to play around with a cheap one on your phone!

Lets Talk Lenses Cannon Nikon Sigma Tamron


Some lens will just have one focal length eg. a 50mm lens, these are called prime lenses and some lenses will cover a range of focal lengths (18mm-55mm), these are called zoom lenses. There is a range of advantages and disadvantages for both, so let's dive in.


Zoom lenses come with a range of focal lengths, some very small and some big. You change the focal length of a zoom lenses by twisting the end of the barrel. These are very convenient because it means that you don't have to worry about changing the lens. If you have a big range zoom lens, it means you can do wide angle or close up. 


Prime lenses have one focal length eg. 50mm which is the most commonly known one because it is closest to the human eye vision and creates the famous 'bokeh' effect, which everyone including myself loves. They are not as convenient because you may have to go closer to your subject to get a better shot, however, this may not always be possible. 


Just  like everything else in the world, some brands are better than others. As well as making sure you pick a lens that meets your requirements and is within budget, you need to consider the brand of the lens you are about to buy.  Tamron and Sigma are known to be the best brand of lens, that don't make cameras. Though I have had an issue with my Sigma lens, so I am not singing praises for them at the moment. My two lenses that I own are both Cannon, which I have had no problems with.

When buying lenses one thing that can make a lens more expensive than its counterpart is if it has image stabilization. Image stabilization is a switch on the side of your lens ( that should always be on if you have it) that stops the image from being blurry even if you move a little.  On small focal lengths, image stabilization may not be a necessary but over 250mm definitely so! 

On the side of the barrel, there may be a switch to decide whether you want it to be on manual or automatic. I always keep my manual off because I like to adjust the aperture, white balance and the ISO etc. on the dial at the top of my camera. But some people will disagree, it is completely up to you, though.

Well, that's it! For my very comprehensive guide to lenses! I hope you guys found this useful and I hopeful got the information right. This is all from my own knowledge, none was copied and pasted!

Thanks for reading xx

What lenses do you own? Tell me in the comments below! :)



Saturday 24 October 2015

9 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

blogging bored ideas rainy day tumblr to do list

I absolutely love a rainy day! " What? Who on earth likes a rainy day?" I love a rainy Sunday, where I don't have to go outside, I get my work done, a bit of blogging and sit down to watch the autumn/ winter TV- because lets face it, its just life ( and so much better than summer TV, but don't tell Summer that!) These days my rainy days and in fact every weather day is filled with work, so here are 9 ways I recommend you spend a rainy day. ( If you don't have any work to do, of course, If you don't- I am very jealous of you right now!)  


I love putting my vinyl player on after I haven't listened to it in ages, it makes me feel so warm inside. When I do have spare time, I love to whip out Spotify and head to the playlists sections, where I can discover new music and new artists. Let's be real, finding a new song that you become obsessed with is the best feeling ever!  ( Until you have played it on repeat 40 times and are sick of it, well it's fun while it lasted)


I love playing card games with friends and family. I can't think of any off the top of my head but if you have a quick Google around, I am sure there are some amazing and fun games you can play!


If you are an adult, you do these things without thinking every day! ( and yes, I feel sorry for you) But as my main demographic is teenagers, we don't have to do these things as regularly. A rainy day is a perfect excuse, though, to go through those receipts, because who really needs to keep one about a lip-gloss they bought 3 years ago? Or to dust and polish your room? etc. 

what to do on a rainy day bored bloggers blogging entertainment cheap free


I am the worst when it comes to my nails. I always forget to paint them or are just really lazy when it starts to chip of. A rainy day gives you the perfect opportunity to get those polishes out and maybe even try some nail art? 


I also mentioned this in my ' 9 things to do on a Sunday post' which you can check out HERE  that sorting through your emails is important and yes, I know a boring thing to do! You need to make sure you delete emails regularly and unsubscribe from un- relevant things. Yes I know, I sound like an old patronizing granny but seriously if you want to treat your blog like a business, you need to treat your emails in the same way.


Please tell me I have not the only one who loves to discover new films to re-watch films, I haven't seen in ages! It goes something like this " Oh OMG I REMEMBER THAT BIT. OH, I USED TO LOVE THIS FILM" It's strangely therapeutic in a way and definitely a great way to beat those rainy day blues!  

DVD'S nail polish cards bored boredom bloggers fun rainy day tumblr


When I was young girl ( that makes me sound so old. Yes, I am convinced I am an old granny)  I used to love doing online quiz's to pass the time, now not so much. But if you really are stuck for something to do on this cold, rainy day or are just in need of a few laughs with your mates that online quiz's like BUZZFEED, are the place to go for hours of entertainment 


There is nothing better than giving to charity and knowing that you have helped someone else out. Go through your wardrobe, books, DVD's and games and pick out the things you haven't used or worn in the last year. Think to yourself, I am I really going to wear this? If the answers no, then give it away. I am sure that someone else will enjoy it very much. 


My family like I am sure many others, have an old computer sat in the corner of the house of gathering dust. Don't underestimate this PC though, it has some gems of entertainment, in the way of old embarrassing photos and videos. Have a flick through them and try not to cringe too much!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration on what to do on the next rainy day.

Let me know how you entertain yourself on a rainy day? Do you do any of these things?     


Sunday 18 October 2015

How To Productively Procrastinate

Productively Procrastinate bloggers blog

Procrastination, some people's favourite past time! Not mine, actually! I know shock horror! However, I am fully aware of those days where no matter how hard you try to complete the task in mind, it just isn't going to happen. Though instead of just resorting to binge watching Netflix ( which I know is tempting)  I thought I would supply you with some useful things you could, which even though you're not doing what your suppose to do, it still feels like you are getting some useful well semi-useful things done! 


Being a blogger, I take a lot of photos of random things, in vast quantities. Although some of these photos are generic and are useful for a range of different blog posts, although of well, just aren't! Detele all 250 photos of that lipstick, and only keep a couple that you actually need! Because let's face it, who needs 250 photos of one lipstick? If you don't do this regularly you're computer will chuck it's toys out the pram and start to become really slow, we don't want that do we?!


Okay, something that may not be the best for your bank account and can possibly lead to you getting distracted. But yeah, if you know Christmas is right around the corner or someone's birthday, and you have got them zero presents, have a nose online, see what you can find! This is a perfect time to check you have the enough cards and wrapping paper in stock, because let's face it you are probably past the generally acceptable age of making homemade birthday and Christmas cards now! 


Whether, this be a school, college or a handbag. No one wants to walk around with a crooked neck because of just the weight  that has accumulated due to 20 lip products, empty chocolate bar wrappers and just general tat. Clean it out, you will thank me later! 

Productively Procrastinate bloggers blog success

#4 TIDY 

You guessed it! Of course I was going to mention tidying, it's the ultimate stress buster and it's such a productive thing to do. Sort of your office or desk area. Get rid of all that junk that's been sat there for God know's how long. It might even make you want to start working again.


This tip is super useful if you really want to work you just don't know how to start off an essay or blog post, for example. I  often find myself starting essays in the evening and not really wanting to write the whole thing up and rush it or I can't think of the way I want to structure the essay so I write brief notes at the end of that document, with reminders, points I want to cover etc. so when I pick it up next time, I won't want to procrastinate again.


If you are an adult, which I am sure some of my readers are, if you are struggling with that thing for work, have a break and go and do something that should be less taxing, for example, shredding, checking bank statements and whatever other boring things you guys do, that I dread! You can always help your parents do some chores if you still live at home! ( Better still just crack on with that essay)

Thanks for reading, I hope this has armed you with some suggestions of what you can do next time you are procrastinating but still want to be productive, and not feel like you are going to completely fail at life!  

What do you do when you are procrastinating? Is it anything productive? 


Friday 16 October 2015

A Bloggers Guide To Hosting A Twitter Chat

A Bloggers Guide To Hosting A Twitter Chat lifestyle quick beauty tips advice fast

After posting my ' A bloggers guide to twitter chats' which you can read HERE you guys seemed to really enjoy it and found it useful! So I thought I would make another one, this time strictly dedicated to if you are hosting a twitter chat. Just for a bit of background information, I hosted the lifestyle bloggers chat on Sunday the 13th of September and the topic was ' making your blog stand out from the crowd' Don't worry you don't need a million twitter followers ( I definitely didn't have) or any special requirements , it's really simple and I hope that my step by step guide can help some of you in hosting your first twitter chat, enjoy!


Don't worry there isn't a horrible 12-week process to go through, where someone gets fired each week ( though I do love the apprentice) You simply contact the twitter chat you want to host. Send them a short and sweet but polite DM, that you are showing interest in hosting a chat and see if they get back to you. It might take a while for them to get back to you, as their schedule may already be full up. An alternative method is keeping an eye on their feeds to see if they are advertising for  twitter chat host.


A good topic with excellent questions is the most important thing about being a great twitter chat host. You need to pick a topic that relates to the chat you are hosting. So if you are hosting a beauty chat, it's probably advisable to host a chat about beauty or makeup. You need to pick a topic that you enjoy but also you can think of a good number of questions for!


To be honest in past experience around five or six is the best number. In some chats, they have like seven questions and you have to type like the speed of  Usain Bolt to keep up, it's insane! The same goes for four or fewer questions, it can get a bit boring and you feel like you are plodding along like a tortoise! But it is totally up to you!


In terms of preparation, you need to find a place that is comfortable for you, where you won't get distracted. Because trust me, you won't be able to leave the chat alone for 10 seconds! I also used a buffer, to schedule the questions. This way I didn't have to worry about missing the hashtag off or spelling something wrong. Which let's face it, would have been tragic! You also need to decide on what device, you shall be hosting said twitter chat. I recommend a laptop or tablet, just because they tend to be faster at picking up new tweets! Make sure you have a spare device next to, just in case the UN-imaginable happens and your phone dies or you lose Internet connection!

bloggers twitter chats fun hosts lifestyle beauty tips advice easy quick


When I hosted the chat I tried to add a GIF to my first and last tweet! They epically failed and didn't work, leaving me to look like a bit of a Muppet but you know you could add funny pictures or something, as long as it works! ( YOU IDIOT NICOLE)


You won't! If you are hosting one of the big twitter chats like Bloggers do it better or lifestyle bloggers, over 60 people could answer you question in a matter of minutes. You can't keep up! People will start to have their own conversations as well with you still tweeted in it, nothing makes sense to you! It's like thousands of people talking all at once to you! You will feel like your head is about to explode!


It's a good idea to reply to as many people as possible in that short period of time before the next question is up! Retweet and favourite tweets as well, just hold back on retweeting everyone because people still need to see when the next question has arrived. Twitter chats really do put the phrase " fastest finger first" into perspective!


I gained slightly but, to be honest, it's not about how many followers you gain, it's about being able to connect with Lot's of other bloggers and ask them questions! It's so much more than just numbers at the end of the day!


100% Your fingers will hurt like hell afterwards and your phone will sound crazy for an hour, pinging every 2 seconds! ( It's best to put it on silent) but it's such a great bonding exercise and a privilege to be able to talk to so many brilliant bloggers!

I hope this has helped you if you are going to be or thinking about hosting a twitter chat in the future! I can't recommend it enough, that you all go and try it out!

Thanks for reading xx

Have you ever hosted a twitter chat? What did you think of the experience? Let me know in the comments below!


Sunday 11 October 2015

9 Ways To Beat A Cold

how to be a cold get rid of quick flu

Colds, they are like the worst thing known to man! Like seriously! You are not ill enough to be off work or school so you have to trundle in, practically dying for no one to give you sympathy! You get on with your work ( the best you can) watching the clock move the slowest it has ever done because all you want to do is GO BACK TO BED! So today, with winter fast approaching, here are 9 ways you can successfully beat a cold, enjoy!


" How can you prepare for a cold? What the hell is she on about?" " Don't be daft!" I have not gone mad madder! If you wake up one morning with a sore throat, you have probably got a cold coming. If that same sore throat is there in the evening, yeah you have got a cold coming! What you need to do is cancel all your plans for Tommorrow ( and probably the next day as well) Do as much as you can now, because well you are going to feel like death tomorrow! 


So you are woken up with that cold, I was right! You feel like death, your throat is as dry as gravel- what you need is a throat sweet. We all have our personal faves, mine just happens to be jakeman's! And no this isn't sponsored, but if anyone at the jakeman's factory, want to hit me up, my email is my contact page! Seriously though, the lemon and peppermint ones are a delight!


No one wants to look like Rudolph the reindeer, so although I could say let it drip, that sounds utterly disgusting and just a completely wrong way of not getting a red nose! Instead use the softest tissues you can find and that will help you avoid being tracked down by Santa to help deliver presents this year! 

flu cold beat it quick tips advice


Okay, so you have been sent home from work or school because well to be completely honest you were just scaring everyone! You need something to do with your time, MOVIES! Now you can't just go about watching any old movie when you are ill! You can't go around watching the king's speech or apollo 13-you need some guilty pleasures, mean girls, high school musical, Disney or pitch perfect are a few of my recommendations! 


For me, paracetamol and ibuprofen do well, to put it politely, very little. You need rest and to sit down and feel sorry for yourself. Now unless I am mistaken drugs can't do that for you. Avoid putting something else in your immune system, colds are best beaten naturally! 

I completely understand, who wants to eat anything when you have a cold, it all tastes exactly the same! However, you need to eat and drink to keep your strengths up! Warm Ribena, is amazing for sore throats! ( obviously Tesco didn't think that when they stopped stocking Ribena) A warm hot chocolate or tea- work in the same way 


Yeah okay, I know not always possible but seriously if you can go at the weekend or you live nearby the beach, the sea air does wonders to head colds. A number of times I have had a cold and we have been down to the beach and the next day it is practically gone, it is amazing! 

Beat a cold fast quick tips flu advice


Most of the time in life we get to get on with it and you could argue it's the same for having a cold! But if you are in work or school and people keep saying: " oh you look really ill! Do you want me to get that for you?!" " Oh, you should really go home!" SOAK IT ALL IN! Let's face it, people don't even know you are there most of the time!


I know waking up in the morning knowing that you are going to feel pretty terrible tomorrow is no fun at all, so you need to be prepared. ( "Enough of the preparing already!" I'm sorry) Before you doze off to bed put Vic or vapour rub under your nose and on your chest. This stuff smells pretty vile, but it does help you breath during the night. It works the same as tipping your head over a steaming bowl of water, but you know ain't nobody go time for that! 

If you have a cold, I hope that has given you some helpful advice, well kind off! 

Thanks for reading xx

Do let me know what you use to beat a cold, in the comments below!?


Wednesday 7 October 2015

How To Blog On A Budget

blogging budget money saving advice tips tricks

We all like to spend a few pennies here and there and save  (well maybe?) some too! Blogging is no different! It's no secret, that blogging can be an expensive hobby! ( YES marble backgrounds and fake flowers, I am looking at you) It's so easy to get pressured into buying a new lipstick, just as it comes out because you know, " it's for the blog!" But who really needs that pink lipstick, even though you have 7 that are exactly the same colour already, stashed away in the makeup collection. Today I am going to be passing on my blogging wisdom on how to save money as a blogger.


If you like to blog about all things beauty, then you probably like to receive Boots and Superdrug gift cards for Christmas and your birthday. However don't feel tempted to rush out and buy everything in the boxing day sales straight away. Hold your horses and wait a couple of months, that way when you don't quite have enough money to go out and buy that foundation you have been pulling puppy dog eyes that every time you see it in store. You now can, with your gift cards you have been saving!


Remove yourself? What the hell is she on about? We all sit and watch Youtube every day go on about how they have been loving these new shoes, that are a must have and the best shoes they have ever worn! Blah blah blah! We all read the countless amount of blog posts, recommending us these products like they are going to be out of stock tomorrow. You don't have to watch or read those reviews, favourites, whatever- if you don't want to! "You what?" " really?" Yes, really! There is bound to be something on their channel or blog that is lifestyle related and won't involve you popping on to the boots website and ordering everything they just mentioned. Go on Give it a go!    

blogging budget money saving advice tips tricks


Now, this tip only really applies to us vloggers and bloggers out there but listen up! If you are normally a beauty or fashion blogger, that obviously means you need to buy lots of clothes and makeup bits for material for your blog. ( REALLY?  Wow you would of never of guessed) But really who notices that you uploaded a lifestyle post instead of a makeup tutorial. The point I am trying to make is, if you are struggling with the finances, go out and make a blog post that will cost you nothing to put together. I'm talking,  pretty photos from a forest walk you just did or teaching people how to use DSLR's etc. These sort of posts tend to be very popular because they are evergreen content, meaning they never go out of fashion.  I mean take it from me- My blog name is ' thriftyvintagefashion' when was the last time I did a fashion post, eh?


And no I don't mean become a pirate from pirates of the Caribbean ( if you got the quote, savvy?) Only ever buy things in the sale or when they are on promotion. When do you buy things on promotion, make sure you are doing that savvy as well. If if says you can save up to £5, make sure your buy things, that let you get the maximum saving. Shop around as well, there are many ' dupes' and 'drugstore alternatives' around these days, which let's face it are just as good as their high-end counterparts.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to ' blog on a budget' and now you feel all inspired to save those pennies! ( If not, at least I would have killed 5 minutes of your time, when you are probably quite bored, flicking through your bloglovin feed)

Let me know if the comments below, how you blog on a budget. What is your ultimate money saving advice?  


Sunday 4 October 2015

Photo Diary: Autumn

Autumn photo diary photography blogger thriftyvintagefashion

Guess who's back-back-back, back again again again tell a friend, friend friend! 
Hey guys, so at the start of this week I announced I was having a break, I didn't know how long I would be having a break for but I wanted to reflect on the position I was currently in with my blog! I am actually back quicker than what I thought I would be, but it took a lot shorter amount of time than I anticipated to reflect upon my blog, but I did and I thought I would share it quickly with you today! ( Side note, if you have no interest in reading why I took a short break and you continue looking at some pretty pictures I took on an autumn walk this morning, if you do care about me, please do carry on reading! 

My main issue with my blog was I was not enjoying the whole process and everything that goes alongside it, however, I think I have come down to the core reason why. I was too organised! Ironic, I know! My post popular post is ' How to be an organised blogger' yet I think my own advice is wrong! By having all my posts scheduled so far in advance, it took the thrill away of uploading it and enjoying the process.  I didn't even know what post was supposed to go up sometimes and I couldn't upload what I wanted because it would mess everything up. So instead from now, I will not be having a regular schedule. Somedays I'll upload on a Wednesday some days it will be on a Sunday or whenever! Just stay posted to my social media, if you don't want to miss a post!

I have also learnt that I don't need to be validated numerically. Just because one post got more comments than another, it doesn't mean that post is better than any of the others! I need to stop caring that my numbers aren't as consistent as they used to be and just upload what I want when I want! I also need to stop commenting on blog posts just because they are in my bloglovin feed because I feel like I will let someone down if I don't, even know I have no interest in that particular topic! Commenting on blogs needs to be enjoyable, and I need to begin to enjoy it again! 

So here is to a more enjoyable, random blogging rest of the year!! Let's start things off with an autumn photo diary because let's face it, who could bear to read another ' 20 things I love about autumn' 

Autumn things i love leaves walk photography

berries fruit Autumn fall

Photo Diary: Autumn photography

autumn woods photo cute

photography autumn walk in woods

Photo Diary: Autumn photography woods berries

leaves autumn colours photos

berries Autumn photography

autumn photos walk in woods

20 things i love about autumn thriftyvintagefashion

autumn berries black nature

autumn spiders false black widow

dew spiders web autumn photography

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what your favourite photo was in the comments below! Do you like taking photos on autumn walks? 
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