Sunday 31 January 2016

The Lipstick Edit

The Lipstick Edit  MAC Channel Reviews Velvet Teddy Diva Girl About Town
Thanks, to my lovely nan at the end of last year I had £50 to spend at Debenhams. Something I would never normally have. So before anyone jumps up and down- all the lipsticks featured in this post were a present/ treat and by no means do I think that you can't get an affordable and just as good lipstick from the drugstore! So now we have got that cleared up, we can just sit and cry at the fact that four lipsticks I own come to £72 pounds?!! But hey, I thought I would give you guys a quick review anyway! Enjoy!

Friday 29 January 2016

25 Thoughts All Girls Have Everyday

25 Thoughts All Girls Have Everyday  Blogger lifestyle UK lists funny relatable problems

It's tough being a girl...? right! Yes, of course, it is! Here are 25 thoughts all girls have every day! ( well... most days) maybe it's just me! Then maybe, in that case, I need help! Enjoy!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

#SpeakUp | Fears And Failure

Fears and failure #SpeakUp advice blogger community Twitter chat help tips

Today's post is going to be the second instalment in my #SpeakUp series. Which if you have no idea what I am on about, you find out more HERE Today's post is going to be the second instalment in my #SpeakUp series. Which if you have no idea what I am on about, you find out more HERE and catch up with the last post HERE! The one really prominent issue, that I think affects young people, old people basically all people right from school age to college, university and further is fearing failure. It doesn't just have to be related to school or work but just life in general and in many more ways than most of us including me even realise. I, therefore, really wanted it to be a part of  my #SpeakUp series. I look forward to hearing all those stories and opinions on the matter who join in with the Twitter chat on Thursday. Enjoy!

Monday 25 January 2016

How To Successfully Promote Your Blog

How To Successfully Promote Your Blog Tips tricks advice social media Twitter bloggers
Successful bloggers aren't magicians! Although there is an element of right place right time as regards to the success of most bloggers, it goes hand in hand with lots of other elements! One of the most important of these this the promotion of your blog! It doesn't take a magician to work out the more successful you are at utilising social media platforms to build an audience the more your blog is going to grow! Of course, blog promotion goes hand in hand with various other factors! And as I can't resist a bit of baking analogy " Promotion of your blog is an ingredient to a recipe but you need all the ingredients to make the final cake" Now that I have stopped being Mary Berry, I thought I would share with you a selection of quick and easy tips to help you become more successful at promoting your blog and hopefully growing your traffic too! 


Saturday 23 January 2016

Photo Diary | Lost In The Archives

flowers photography aperture blury background

I absolutely love sharing with you photos I have taken! Photography is one of my biggest hobbies! Not only do I love taking photos for my blog and sharing them on my posts but I love taking random snaps on outings! I shared a couple of photo diaries last year, two of my most popular being my Brighton and Autumn ones however sometimes life gets too busy and I just don't have time to share them with you! Between summer and late autumn last year, I took a lot of photos but not all were showcased on my blog! To rectify this, I thought I would share with you a selection of 'never seen before photos' ( which makes me sound like I am writing an article about some chavvy celeb haha) with you today! These photos are taken from last summer, autumn walks and fireworks night! I hope
 you enjoy!


Thursday 21 January 2016

5 SEO Tips For Complete Beginners

5 SEO Tips For Complete Beginners quick tricks blogger blogs I know I know, SEO seems really scary and pretty daunting! It's a big technical word which can stand for very technical internety things! Trust me, never just Google SEO for websites or something vague like that, your mind will be blown and it will make you want to crawl into a hole and forget all about SEO! Instead, you need something very basic that spells it out for you! ' SEO for dummies' not that I think you dummies, Christ I am not that mean! Today, I am going to be sharing with you five really basic SEO Tips to help you try and boost your traffic and grow your blog! If you are completly new to the world of SEO I hope you find them useful! Enjoy x


Tuesday 19 January 2016

#SpeakUp | Living With Acne And How To Deal with it

#SpeakUp Living With Acne And How To Deal with it spots cream advice teenagers
Acne, Spots, Zits whatever you care to call them, they are a universal problem that affects one hell of a lot of young people. For some, it isn't really that much of an issue for others it follows them right through their early adulthood and maybe even into the rest of their life's! For some, they are pretty manageable, easy to treat and don't really cause that much harm in contrary to some which manifest themselves as angry, painful or large spots, which cause misery and disheartenment. I have suffered from acne from the age of about eleven, on and off now for seven years! That's a very long time indeed! It is definitely a topic that is close to my heart but something that I also think is extremely prominent in lots of other young people's lives which is not spoken up about enough! I, therefore, was sure I wanted it to be the first topic of my #SpeakUp series!


Sunday 17 January 2016


NEW EXCITING PROJECT | #SpeakUp  blogging community positive help advice chat mental health

Today is the day!!! The launch of my new secret project which I have been dropping a few hints to here and there, so I bet you are all so annoyed with me by now! So let's not wait another second longer and get straight into it!

Friday 15 January 2016

What You Should Do If You Are In A Bad Mood

What You Should Do If You Are In A Bad Mood help advice tips blogger

Being in a bad mood sucks! Especially if you can't control what's putting you in a foul mood or even worse if you don't know! No one likes being annoyed, angry or upset and likewise, no one enjoys being around someone who is in a bad mood! You won't benefit from being in a bad mood so if the time that you are in a bad mood is kept to a minimum this is going to be beneficial for you and all those around you! Of course, bad moods and negative emotions can't just be controlled by a drop of a hat and I am by no means suggesting that they can however by using some of the following tips it could help you on your way to getting out of that bad mood as soon as possible and feel as right as rain again before you can even hit the play button on " I'm walking on sunshine" everybody join in!!!


Wednesday 13 January 2016

Inexpensive Ways You Can Treat Yourself

I think it is really easy to get carried away with life sometimes. I think we are all very guilty of forgetting to take time out for ourselves, neglecting me time and just going full blown ahead, at 200 miles per hour which often leaves us feeling so rundown. Despite popular assumptions, you don't need to spend a lot of money on treating yourself. You don't need to fork out on expensive brands and treatments to help you feel relaxed. Although, it is down to your own personal choice I believe that there are some great brands and products out there that can help you get in the right mood. As well as products there is also some really important habits that I recommend you get in the routine of doing regularly to ensure that stress levels don't escalate. Today I thought I would share with you some tips on how you can take some time out for yourself without having to break the piggy bank! Enjoy!


Monday 11 January 2016

The Little Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated In The New Year

 Keep Yourself Motivated In The New Year motivation tips help advice
The new year, the time when we feel obliged to make new years resolutions that we know downright we won't keep. For some reason, which still manages to escape me, people have a sudden urge in the first week of January to make all these promises that they know they won't be able to keep. They kid themselves they are going to lose weight, read more books, go to the gym, take up a new hobby, become a leprechaun, I don't know okay, the list is endless.


Saturday 9 January 2016

How Not To Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers

" Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 10" As cheesy as it sounds, it is true and very apparent in the blogging world. It is so hard not to compare yourself to other bloggers when we are constantly bombarded with all these successful and young stars who have made it big in the blogosphere. The blogging world is competitive, yes, but it doesn't me your can't make your mark in it either! Today I thought I would share with you some simple and useful, little tips that I use to help me keep on track and not worry about comparing myself to other bloggers. Enjoy!


Thursday 7 January 2016

25 Problems That All Bloggers Will Face

25 Problems That All Bloggers Will Face bloggers UK Lifestyle lists
"Blogging is super easy!" "It's not a proper job" "what can be so difficult about blogging?"
I'm going to have to stop you right there sunshine! Let me introduce you to 25 problems that all bloggers face, that do make our jobs, work and life's hard! Please tell me it's not just me, that experiences these problems!


Tuesday 5 January 2016

4 Ways To Have A More Organised 2016

How To Have A More Organised 2016 organised tips advice UK lifestyle blogger
I did a post a while ago entitled ' How To be a more Organised blogger' which is still my most popular post to date, which you can check out HERE! However, it's not just in the blogging world that people need to be organised! I am very passionate ( I don't think that's the right word, but we're going to go with it) passionate about organising myself not only with my blog but my life as well. I am an avid list writer, diary user and management freak, so I think I have a fair few tips up my sleeve to help you stay on top of everything non-blog related.


Sunday 3 January 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites

2015 Beauty Favorites makeup bloggers drugstore rimmel picks
Please, tell me it's not just me that is getting confused with all the different years in the titles of people's blog posts. One minute it is 2016 then it is 2015- I can't keep up, we seem to be jumping back and forth like time travellers! Anyway, for my second post of the year, I thought I would reflect back on all the beauty products I have loved during 2015. I remember watching these on Youtube back in the day, hoping that I could do that one day and HERE I AM! I only properly started getting into makeup this year, but it is safe to say I am hooked and I am definitely looking forward to trying more makeup and beauty products throughout 2016!


Friday 1 January 2016

Blogging Goals | 2016

BLOGGING goals 2016 bloggers teenage lifestyle fashion ideas bokeh

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a fab Christmas, and now don't look like Santa because of all that food you ate! ( If you are here looking for diet advice, you are in the wrong place sunshine) anyway, to start the year of with a BANG ( goodness me, I am great at puns) I thought I would do a ' Blogging Goals' post because it will completely contradict what I did last year which was a ' Disappointing products' post, you know I want to be more festive this year! Never done one of these before, so I am actually really looking forward to doing this! Here's to a positive and successful 2016! ( and me still thinking it's 2015 for the first three months)
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