Friday 10 April 2015

A Thing about Spring

I was tagged by the lovely Katie from Katielou ( check out her blog here) to do the A thing about spring tag, so here goes!

Favourite spring lip?
 I love pastel pinks for the spring! One of my favourites being the Avon ultra glaze. These are amazing lip-glosses and I need to get more. They are not sticky in the slightest and they have great lasting power

 Favourite spring eye makeup look?
 Again for spring eyes, I like to go for light colours. Such as pastel pinks and silvers.
Favourite spring nail polish?
I have actually done a whole post on my favourite spring nail polishes, check it out here.
 Favourite spring trend you are most looking forward to?
 Of the course the pastels. But for fashion I love tube skirts and being able to wear light blouses, without freezing to death.
Spring must have?
 I must have my mint green blazer, which I love so much.
 Favourite spring colour?
 Pastels! Mint green, baby blue etc. ( I still love a bit of monochrome though)
 Are you a spring cleaner?
 I always switch my wardrobes around at this time of year but my room in general is pretty much covered in text books & revision for my GCSE's
 Favourite spring flowers?
 I love all kinds!
 Favourite brand of Easter egg?
 I am probably the only person ever who doesn't like Easter eggs. I am not overly keen on chocolate but I do love lindt balls and the Easter bunny
Overall favourite thing about spring?
The light evenings and be able to wear new spring clothes.

Hope you enjoyed!
I tag: anyone who wants to do these!
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