Friday 17 March 2017

Mental Health Favourites

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Do you remember when everyone and their cat used to do favourites videos at the end of every month on YouTube and in the blogging world, myself included?? Ahhh those were the days. I don't really think much of favourites posts, I'm not really a fan, says the girl whose writing this in a favourites post. lol. 

Okay long story short, I'm not the biggest fan of favourites posts ever and have no reason to do them now as I'm not a beauty or fashion blogger. However, I wanted to do something a bit lighter today, not as heavy and intense. Which is often one of the downsides to blogging about mental health. I still wanted this post to be about mental health, so boom you guessed it, I thought I would do a mental health favourites.

So here are a few of the things I love right now which are having a positive impact on my mental health. 

1) Keeping a diary 

I love to write. Like seriously I love writing. Of course, I do, I blog, I have a job in writing, and I do a volunteering job that involves writing. But when I write for each one of these there is a degree of pressure and expectation that comes with it, whether that be to write really engaging and compelling content or to have perfect spelling punctuation and grammar. I'm writing for an audience, and that audience needs to be impressed. But when I write in my diary, there is none of that. I'm writing for myself, so I can be as rude, explicit and as shit at spelling as I like. It helps me a lot getting everything out of my system and not feeling like I'm burdening anyone when I tell a real human. It's well worth a try if you've never kept a diary. 

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2) Looking back at old memories 

There's nothing more enjoyable than looking back at old memories. Reminiscing and recalling the highlights of your life, the happy times. When you suffer from depression, it can be incredibly easy to get caught up in cycles of self-hatred and negative thinking. I've experienced this one to many times myself. What I do to get out of this is look back at old photos and think about the positives in my life and what I have achieved. 

In a 24/7 technology-obsessed society, no one prints photos anymore. Which I think is a great shame, there's something so special about printing out pictures and being able to hold them in your hand, memories to treasure forever. This is why I love Printiki. They will print your photos at ridiculously low prices without cutting the quality. There's a broad range of products you can choose from including; storytelling books and posters! I choose 30 Polaroid prints as I love the old fashioned style. You can customise the style by changing the colour and adding text if you prefer to make them even more personal. You also get to choose between a matte or gloss finish 

I was incredibly impressed with how quick the service was and how easy it was to complete the whole process, it really took no time at all to order the photos, and they arrived within a day or two. I personally think these would make a lovely gift, especially for upcoming Mother's Day. It's a very cute individual touch that I just know the person receiving them will love. But even if you just keep them for yourself, they are a beautiful thing to hang on to and are worth pulling out on bad mental health days.

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3) Feel Good Films 

When I'm having a bad mental health day I have to stay away from the rom coms and the really sad Disney movies *cough fox and the hound cough* because otherwise I will just cry and cry my eyes out. Instead, I watch some of my all time favourite films which never fail to cheer me up including Tangled and Finding Dory. I literally am a living embodiment of Dory lol.

Mental Health Favourites movies films Disney feel good tangled lion king Finding Dory funny mental health good days depression

4) Feel Good Music 

A bit like the films on bad mental health days I stay well away from the sad songs as well. If I sat listening to fix you by Coldplay on repeat, I'm never going to get out of the dark and place that I'm stuck within. At the moment I love Bastille's new album wild world. It's such a banging album which has got some decent upbeat songs as well as some not so ones, may I add. I've also created a happy playlist on Spotify featuring a lot of S-club 7, and I have no regrets 

Mental Health Favourites music mental illness clam support help stress

5) Mental Health Books

I love reading, and I love learning about mental health. So if you can put the two together, you've got a very happy Nicole. I'm definitely going to be doing a post about my favourite mental health books once I've got hold of some more, I've meant to read for donkey's years. You can check out my full reviews of The GoldFish Boy HERE and Frazzled HERE both of which spoiler alert are amazing books which I can not recommend enough.

Mental Health Favourites  mental illness books help advice Goldfish boy review Ruby Wax Frazzled mindfulness

6) Colouring 

Would I really be a mental health blogger if I said I didn't like colouring? Probs not. When I find the chance to colour it really has helped me massively with my anxiety and stress levels, the only problem is finding the time to do it when I'm not stressed and anxious about so many other things that I don't have a chance to destress. Of course, I have a Harry Potter colouring book, I don't think you would expect anything less.

Mental Health Favourites depression OCD anxiety time to change mind support help books goldfish boy frazzled harry potter colour book

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of mental health favourites. I hope this has given you some inspiration or ideas for things you need to check out and buy. I can't promise they will help everyone, but they have helped my mental health enormously.

I would love to know your mental health favourites in the comments below. 

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* This post contains products sent to me. However, all opinions are my own, and I'm not being paid to write this post*

Thank you for reading, as always X
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