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10 Problems Only People Who Dye Their Hair Bright Colours Will Understand

10 Problems Only People Who Dye Their Hair Bright Colours Will Understand hair dye blogger jacket summer crazy tips  Buzzfeed fashion beauty

It's been a while since I wrote about anything other than mental health. I know that's what I'm kind of known for now, but I had this post idea come to my mind one day, probs when I was in the shower, and I was like yes, this is quality content, I need to whack out this post. 

Mental health awareness is so important don't get me wrong, but I'm not just a noisy, angry mental health campaigner all the time, I do have other interests. Dying my hair is one of them. Don't threat I'm not going back to my cringey beauty blogging days #RIPthriftyvintagefashion but ya know I thought it's good to break up the seriousness of my blog from time to time with a bit of light hearted fun.

I've been dying my hair for around four years now. I've been golden blonde, dark brown, black, auburn, bleached blonde, an amalgamation of those whose colours in one. I have also dip dyed my hair green and purple. It's safe to say I have my fair share of hair dying experience, however, it wasn't till I decided I wanted to experiment with unnatural colours that I unveiled a whole can of worms which come with dying your bright hair colours, I naively had no idea about. 

If you relate hard to these issues and feel my pain, then please let me know, so I don't suffer in silence. 

#1 You have to schedule whole weekends out of your life to dye your hair 

Not even lying to ya, it's like a three-day process. There's the hair striping, the bleaching and then putting on the colour. All these people who think you can put it straight on your natural hair and you'll look like the women on the box, I wish! Honestly, I have to plan in advance when I'm going to dye my hair because of how much time and effort it takes. Sure, if you have short hair this isn't going to be as big of a problem. But there's no way I'm returning to short hair again and looking like a year eight boy. 

#2 The pain of knowing you are essentially throwing money down the sink for the sake of your own vanity 

I try not to think about it too much because it actually brings me to tears sometimes. I'm not even kidding ya when I say sometimes my hair is worth more than all of my outfit combined. Even though the boxes say for long thick hair use two boxes. That never cuts it for me. I use around five boxes, plus bleach and hair stripper. The price doesn't bear thinking about. 

#3 Having a whole wardrobe full of old towels, pj's, tops and bed spreads. That stuff gets everywhere 

You never want to wear nice clothes, new pj's or sleep in your favourite bedspread set when you have wet or just dyed brightly coloured hair because it will go everywhere and I mean everywhere. I still find random patches of pink on things around my room, and I'm like how on earth did that get there? Some colours bleed more than others too so it's worth stocking up on old t-shirts and towels before you go covering them in pink, blue or whatever other bright colours you fancy.

10 Problems Only People Who Dye Their Hair Bright Colours Will Understand blue hair pink purple crazy colours live colour

#4 The stares. The actual stares though 

I've ranted about this so much on my Instagram stories ( cheeky plug go follow me here) but it seriously never stops. Every time I leave my house I get stared down but so many people. Like people are driving along in their cars paying more attention to my hair than the road. Steady on love, you better have a proper good excuse for the police when you crash. I've even had people shake their head at me in disgust. I'm sorry right, but how is my hair offending anyone, it's literally not! It's not like I've got a rude word written across my face. Honestly, people can start being offended by my hair when we have world peace aka. Never. 

#5 Not even being able to go to the post office without someone commenting on your hair 

" Omg look at your hair!" " Wow that's bright" " You are so brave" " How often do you have to top it up?" These are just a few of the many questions and comments I get asked on an almost daily basis when I can be bothered to leave the house. Most people are genuinely interested in the process of dying your hair a bright colour and want to find out more. Although, there is always at least one person who has an issue with it. Like seriously, sod off. 

#6 Seeing how long you can go without washing your hair because you want the colour to last 

As we have already established dying your hair takes time, effort and a whole load of money. Of course, you want it to last so you play the game of how long can I get away with not washing my hair for to maximise the longevity of the colour. Although the result may be cool, the process is time-consuming and tedious. If I can afford washing my hair now, I will! Dry shampoo to the rescue. 

#7 Having this weird tinge to your neck, ears and forehead where the colour has bleed 

No matter how much Vaseline I've rubbed over my face, neck and ears, I always end up with a weird tinge to my body where hair dye has bled. Not even lying, I have blue ears sometimes, and I know what you're thinking it sounds like some kind of disease you would go to the doctors for and get a seven-day prescription. It's seriously such a pain though but very funny at the same time especially when you forget, and you go out with a blue neck and a fully done makeup face.

10 Problems Only People Who Dye Their Hair Bright Colours Will Understand hair dye blue pink purple fashion beauty blogger UK buzzfeed

#8 The colour of your hair looking nothing like it does on the box 

Like I know it's naive of me to assume that my hair is going to look like the women's on the box because we all know that's had a little helping hand from photoshop but it's like sometimes it's ridiculous. When I went electric blue, the ends of my hair went seaweed green. It was not a pretty sight I'll tell you that for nothing. Fake advertising or what. 

#9 The Marathon that is washing your hair 

So when I do get around to washing my hair which we've established isn't very often, it's a bit of a marathon, to be honest. When you have brightly coloured hair the water is never clear. Which means that you have to be super careful where the dye is dripping otherwise it will stain everything it touches in your bathroom. Although the colour is super pretty though and reminds me a lot of a Lush bath. 

#10 Deciding what colour to go next 

Honestly, it's the hardest part. There are so many colours and shades I want to try it's unbelievable. There are so many amazing brands out right now who do the most gorgeous of colours it just makes a choice even harder. At the moment I'm just working my way through the rainbow because why not! 

I would love to know if any of you have experienced these problems and understand my pain, let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading, as always X

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