Monday 6 November 2017

9 Emails Every Blogger Is Sick Of Receiving

9 Emails Every Blogger Is Sick Of Receiving blogger lifestyle UK lists buzzfedd funny relatable

As a blogger, I get my fair share of emails on a daily basis. I can't lie to you, I love getting emails, where the person has taken the time to research my blog, address it properly to my name and proposes an idea to me that actually fits in with the niche of my blog. Ask any blogger, and they will tell you there is nothing better. 

However, of course, this doesn't happen all the time. For every email like that, we get countless spammy, annoying, junk emails that we never signed up for and we never want, yet our inboxes are graced with their presence every single day. 

So I thought I would do a quick roundup of 9 (because I couldn't think of 10) types of emails, which my blogger inbox receives very often, a little bit too often if you ask me.

1) The dodgy spam email probably from an Indian called Abraham 

You know the one that claims you have won a million pounds because your Gods gift and Abraham had the vision to send you all this money when he found out he was diagnosed with cancer. And all you have to do is give away your bank details, and it's all yours. Because for sure, that email wasn't written by Steve the scanner from Scunthorpe. 

2) The constant emailing to join a new network or agency 

Don't get wrong, I'm always interested in joining new blogging networks which benefit me. I simply can't join all of them, not that I would want to. Most of the time I just delete them, and that's the end of that. But there is always one Marc or Sue who just won't let go, sending constant emails, even though I've declined. Leave me alone!

3) Buying Instagram followers 

This is definitely one of the emails I get the most often. I'm just going to put it out there that I can't stand people who buy followers. It's cheating the system. It's an almighty slap in the face to people who work hard. I will never buy followers, so stop sending me these pesky emails. 

4) Newsletters that you never signed up for 

Just because my business email is public, it does not mean you can send me your newsletter without my permission. I might be interested in your products, but because you've sent me your newsletter without my permission, I'm completely not interested now. No one gets to dictate what I might like apart from myself.

9 Emails Every Blogger Is Sick Of Receiving buzzfeed blogger mental health lifestyle life lists funny

5) Guest post requests 

I'm more than happy to let people share their stories on my blog, but it's my blog, so I have conditions. I only accept guest posts from my friends, people who I have a good relationship with through blogging. I also only let people write about topics relevant to my niche on my blog. So please don't get in contact with me asking to write about breast feeding cos I'm just not interested. 

6) Brands with no budget 

If you want to work with me, I don't think it's unnecessary to me to expect some kind of payment whether that be through money, products or large amounts of exposure. Emails that hack me off are when they have a budget of $10 it's just pointless and would highly unlikely ever consider working with you. 

7) Brands who have done no research on your blog 

You can always spot these brands a mile off because they never start with your name but then they go on to promise payment, and great exposure which is all well and good until you ask them what they want you to write about and they say breastfeeding pumps. I mean you can't of loved my blog that much because if you took one look at it, you would realise I cover mental health not parenting for Christ sake. 

8) Complete random emails 

I've got some pretty weird emails in my time. People think that because my email is public, they can send me anything they want. Well, guess what it doesn't mean that at all. Don't send me your crap. I'm not interested. Obviously, if it's something you think I'll like, sure go for it. But for heaven's sake don't send me the same email you've sent to 200 other people.

9) Infographics requests 

If there is one word I hate to see in my inbox, it has to be an infographic. It's not 2011 anymore, no one cares about infographics. Please stop asking me to put them on my blog, get with the times yeah? 

I'm always extremely grateful for any emails I do receive from readers, brands, companies or networking agencies who have done their research and are keen to work with me on a relevant topic. I don't want this email to come across as ungrateful at all for those emails. 

Do some of these emails find their way into your inboxes too? I would love to know in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading, as always X

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