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10 Easy Ways To Support Charity This Christmas

10 Easy Ways To Support Charity This Christmas

For some people, Christmas is just another day. Their Christmas tradition isn't setting up the tree and making it look 'instagramable' it's putting down the mouse traps to stop the disease spreading around their family, in their mouldy, damp, cramped flat which the council has kindly given them. 

Some children don't wish for a sack full of gifts at Christmas from Santa, all they hope for is that this Christmas isn't their last. Christmas isn't a time full of joy, happiness and laughter for everyone. It can be the loneliest time of the year. For those on the streets, those spending it alone and those with mental health problems, Christmas can be a difficult time of the year. 

Of course, we all deserve to treat ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with spending your hard earned money on gifts for yourself and your loved ones. But as much as Christmas is for getting it's also about giving. Giving to those less fortunate than yourselves. As a society, we are consumed by consumerism. We are driven by the innate drive for the latest, the prettiest and the best. Gosh, you only have to take one look at the blogging community to recognise that. 

So amongst your social media feeds being bombarded with blogmas posts I hope this little post, brings you back down to reality. To just stop and take a few seconds to appreciate what you have and who you have. To be grateful for the little and big things this Christmas. And most importantly come to the reality that these things you take for granted now will not last forever.

1. Mind Christmas Cards

Most of us send Christmas cards in December without really giving it a second thought. Maybe you picked yourself up some last year at the Card Factory sale, or you will be buying them this year last minute because you've forgotten them once again! Instead of buying the same ones each year, pick yourself up some Mind ones from their shop. The proceeds go to supporting people in the U.K with mental health problems, a cause which is incredibly close to my heart. Plus the designs are so cute! 

2. Volunteer at Crisis at Christmas

Crisis at Christmas is a unique volunteering opportunity organised by the Charity Crisis, to provide immediate support for the homeless this Christmas. There are so many roles you can volunteer for from admin to catering and advisors to healthcare roles. Some positions require experience, but others don't that means there is something for everyone. It's easy to forget that not everyone will have somewhere warm to rest their head this Christmas, so do your bit to help the homeless this festive season.

3. Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Not every child will be receiving a sack full of presents this year from Santa. Some children will get nothing at all. But you can change that by donating an unused child's toy to your nearest Salvation Army centre this Christmas which will be wrapped up and will make it's way to the most vulnerable children in society. So its time to dig out any unused presents from last year and give them a new home. 

4. Sponsor a child's wish

For some children, they don't know if this Christmas will be their last. Sponsor a seriously ill child's Christmas wish to help them create special magical memories. You can follow their journey through email updates so you can see the real difference you made in their life. All children deserve to have a magical Christmas filled with joy and happiness. 

5. Cancer Research 'We remember' Bauble

Every single person reading this post will know someone who has had cancer, survived cancer or died from cancer. Thankfully, it's not the death sentence like it used to be. But that is only thanks to research done as a result of the money raised through Cancer charities like Cancer Research. Christmas can be lonely when you've lost loved ones. But just because they may not be here anymore it doesn't mean their legacy can't be remembered every Christmas with one of these special baubles.

10 Easy Ways To Support Charity This Christmas

Let's face it most of us will be getting mug gift sets this year with your standard tiny pack of marshmallows and a couple of teabags or sachets. Instead of wasting money on the same tat year in year out, why not gift someone one of these adorable cups to drink their festive drinks out of this Christmas and help those who need emergency relief, all across the world from the Red Cross. 

Most of us take our emergency services for granted. Public services are funded by the government, and as I'm sure most of you are aware, cuts take place year after year. Which is why, in a year where we saw just how brave and incredible firefighters are as they risked their own lives saving families and residents from burning Grenfell Tower, we should be saying thank you for the fantastic work they do. What better way to do that then buy your child a firefighter teddy bear and know that the proceeds are going to help our firefighters continue to do the fantastic work they already do. 

Church Urban Fund run an advent sleepout challenge whereby just like Mary and Jesus slept rough in the stables at Christmas, they want you to do the same. The idea being you grab a load of friends and family, find a suitable place to sleep, e.g. church, school hall or even a garden shed and get sponsored for doing so. If you can't organise an event with friends, ditch your duvet for the night. Sleep on the floor or without a pillow. The money raised goes towards running night shelters for the homeless. Not only is this a great way to support the thousands of people living on the streets it is also great fun to have with your mates. 

9. Operation Christmas Child

By the time this post has gone up, Operation Christmas child 2017 will have already closed, however, bookmark this post and come back to it next year. Operation Christmas Child is all about supporting the most impoverished and most at-risk children in the U.K and right across the world. By filling a shoebox with sweets, hats, colouring books, toys and teddies this Christmas, you can brighten a little child's day. Its a cheap and thoughtful thing to do for children less fortunate than you. 

10. Donating those unwanted presents to Naomi House

When Christmas is over and you are left with stacks of gifts and presents you don't really need in your life, you don't need to hang on to them and let them clutter up your life. Instead, you can donate them to Naomi House who runs hospices for life limited or life threatened children and young adults in the south of England. Hospices need your support, so don't let those unwanted gifts gather dust give them to someone who will really appreciate them this Christmas. 

I really hope you do your bit this year and jump on board one of these ideas. There are so many other charities out there who need your support this Christmas. So whether you support one of these charities or another one, please do whatever you can this Christmas to help those less fortunate than yourself. 

How do you support charity at Christmas? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading, as always X

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