Monday 9 April 2018

It's All About The Little Things In Life

It's All About The Little Things In Life old English co stationery homeware gifts cute

Well hello there! Long time no speak. I'm currently drowning in a fresh concoction of flash cards, revision notes and my own self-doubt. A level exams are fast approaching and like most students at this time of year, I'm having about 57 meltdowns a week with all the work I have to do. The pending doom that is exams is creeping up on me quicker than my overdraft. 

You may have realised I've not been around much because recently on here or on my social media. You probably don't care enough to notice but I've been knee-deep in revision since December. To be fair it's only an uphill battle from here. To spare my own sanity and grades I decided to come off social media and stop blogging till my exams. 

However, today I just wanted to stop by, say hello, let you know I'm not dead yet and share a bit of a life update as well as talk about a couple of things that have been keeping me going in this stressful time. 

We all know that this time of year is stressful as heck for students. Whether you're at uni, college, doing your GCSEs or even your SATS. The education system puts way to much pressure on kids these days, they're probably stressed before they leave the womb. Education actually sucks! It's way too easy to let that stress get the better of you. I know it has for me at times. 

I wish I could sit here and tell you I'm not worried or stressed about my exams because after all, they're just letters on a piece of paper. I don't even need specific grades to get into university (I'll touch on this later on) so I have even less to worry about, than most students. But I'm still stressed.

For me, completing my A-level exams doesn't just mark the end of compulsory education, it marks the end of three years of hell at college. If you've followed me during that time, you will know just how hard these past three years have been for me. You've probably seen me tweet way too much about how I hate college and how I have been SO close to leaving, on countless occasions. 

But I'm still there.

For me, I really want to do well in my exams because they will be little trophies to show that I can do anything despite going through the worst three years of my life. They will prove all the people wrong and to an extent myself, who thought I would never see it through. But who am I kidding? The real accomplishment for me will be sitting and finishing that last exam. That is the real goal for me. 

The 18th June (My final exam) will be the happiest day of my life. Mark it in your diaries folks! I leave the worst place I have ever been. The fact that I'm so close to leaving (11 weeks as I write this) brings me so much joy but I can't prepare myself for the happiness on that day when I put my pen down for the final time and get to walk out of college knowing I NEVER have to return. 

That feeling is what is motivating me right now, to keep going, to keep pushing myself to learn all this pointless rubbish I know I will forget the second I walk out that exam hall. Although I'm so happy my college experience is coming to an end, there are still days where I feel down, unmotivated and feel like giving up. Which is why I have been making sure I still prioritise my mental health and self-care. 

Keeping myself happy has been, ridiculously easy thanks to the Old English Co* Old English Co specialises in hand-lettered homeware and stationery products. They sell everything from prints to enamel pins to cushion covers to notebooks. Within 10 seconds of being on their website, I instantly fell in love with their simple designs and minimalistic style. 

Trying to keep myself happy at the moment is my number one priority. When I saw these adorable pins on their website I knew I had to own them straight away. To be honest with you, I could have picked them all because I loved all the designs but I knew I had to restrain myself somehow.

It's All About The Little Things In Life Old English Co stationery homeware

It's All About The Little Things In Life badges cute little funny gifts Old English co

You know when you see something and it makes you smile straight away? Well, that was me when I saw this Stay weird mug. Like I actually think this sums me up in a mug. Who knew that was possible?

It's All About The Little Things In Life old English Co funny mugs simple

Earlier on I mentioned about not having to need certain grades for going to uni. That is because I am studying with the Open Uni from October. In particular, I am studying, an undergraduate degree in forensic psychology. I know all CSI and that. Studying with the Open uni means I study from home, which could mean my office, the local library or most likely my bed. 

I am so excited about starting my degree. Given I'm also very nervous as its essentially all in my hands, whether I pass or fail. However, knowing that a brick uni wouldn't be for me I'm glad the Open uni exists to give me a chance to further my education. I'm going to be documenting my Open uni journey on here (or maybe even Youtube?) so stay tuned for that. 

As I'm in charge of how I organise and structure my Open Uni studies. I couldn't think of anything better to pick up then an A4 weekly planner and a cute inspirational notebook because I really needed ANOTHER one of those... When I saw Old English Co had some I was over the moon because they are literally so my aesthetic. I just know that these are going to make me so motivated with my studies.

It's All About The Little Things In Life Old English Co happy simple stationery notebooks lists agenda

It's All About The Little Things In Life Old English Co stationery homeware cute simple

When I get chance, I'm still trying to keep up with my reading. Reading is the best thing for me right now. It allows for me to escape into a whole new world and destress for a few hours after a long days work. Keep your eyes peeled for my book-related posts coming your way, in my return, in June.

I don't really have much else to fill you in with. These next 11 weeks are going to fly by, which I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. But I'm ready for it. I'm putting in the hours and at the end of the day all I can do is my best and my best is what I will do. (Someone tell me to read this when I come out of an exam crying because I think I've failed) Nicole, you're going to smash it! And if you don't, it doesn't matter! 

It's been nice coming back for a rambly catch-up! I will see you at the end (18th June) now back to my endless piles of flashcards and practice questions. 

Thanks for reading, as always X

*Thank you Old English company for sending me these items to review. All opinions are my own and I'm not being paid to write this post. 
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