Friday 14 June 2019

My Mental Health Tool Kit

As someone who has struggled with their mental health for a number of years, it has given me plenty of opportunity to try and test different methods, coping strategies and products, to see what has made living with a mental illness that little bit easier. 

I have tried and tested lots of different things, from mindfulness to mediation and medication to counselling, with varying levels of success. However, this constant process of trying and testing different methods has lead me to develop a 'mental health tool kit' which is essentially a collection of things which personally help me when I'm going through a rough patch with my mental health.

Today, I thought I would take you through, the different strategies and items, that help me and perhaps will give you some ideas of what could potentially help you too.    

Over the years, I have tried different antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication with varying levels of success. Different medications will work differently for different people. However, what is important to remember is to take the correct dosage at the right time of day. One excellent way I've managed to stay on top of my medication is using pill boxes and organizers, like these ones from Millercare

Having a pill organizer, can help remind you to take the correct dosage whether that be in the morning, noon or night. You can put them before the week starts and then you have the medication you need, for the week ahead, ready for you to take out, wherever you go. Its a really simple way for me to remember to take my medication and is another thing I don't have to stress or worry about, with the help of effective and easy to use Pill organizers

The next item that is part of my mental health tool kit, is books, but not just physical books but audio books too. I love listening to audio books, through services such as Audible and Scribd. The reason I love listening to audio books, is that I find them a great distraction from the world around me.

If I have feeling anxious or nervous while I'm out and about, I love to be able to pop in my headphones and listen to an audio book. They are great distractions as they offer an excellent way for me to take my mind off things and escape into a fictional world, albeit for only half an hour or so. Audible and Scribd have such a good selection, I guarantee you're find something up your street.

Another item, that I definitely need as part of my 'mental health too kit' is games on my phone. I particularly love colouring and cross-stitch apps. They kind of sound a bit stupid, but a bit like the audio books, I find them a great distraction from the world around me, if I'm feeling anxious or nervous. 

They are a great distraction and give me something to focus my mind on, if I'm anxious or worried. I usually listen to audio books, while I play on these apps and I find it very therapeutic and calming. I'm not someone who can sit and meditate or listen to calming music if I'm anxious. I need to be doing something, I need a distraction and that's why I find these apps so helpful. There are so many available free on the app store too.

And the last item, that forms part of my 'mental health tool kit' is some form of diary, notebook or organizer. If I'm having a bad mental health day and I have a lot of ruminating thoughts, I find it easiest to write everything down on paper. There is something very therapeutic about getting everything I'm worried about or need to remember down on paper.

I have absolutely been loving my Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner. Not only is this planner beautifully made with a faux leather design, but its incredibly helpful too. Not only does this planner have a easy to use weekly, daily and monthly planner section, which is really helpful for setting out dates to remember and getting down on paper, the important things I don't want to forget, but it also has a section where you can set out your weekly, monthly and long term goals.

Goal setting is really important for me, as its easy to become lost in my thoughts and forget about achievements I can work towards, in both the short and long term. Having a focus and goals to strive towards is really beneficial for my mental health. What I also love about this planner is how there is a section dedicated towards gratitude and positive affirmations. Having a positive mind set and practising gratitude is really beneficial to my mental health. 

If you are overwhelmed with worry and anxious thoughts, writing everything down can be really beneficial, as well as setting goals and practising gratitude. If you want to do all of that in a stylish  and affordable way, I couldn't recommend a Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner enough, and they come in three different colours; pink, black and grey. 

And there we go, that was a round up of some of the items in my 'mental health took kit' that I have found beneficial in helping my mental health. I would love to know what you have in your 'mental health tool kit' or if you have any suggestions for what should go in mine.

Thanks for reading, as always 

*This post is sponsored by Millercare, who are leading mobility specialists in the North West of England with over 60 years of experience. 
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