Monday 20 January 2020

Winter Favourites 2020

Winter is officially here! It's cold, its wet and its dark. The evenings seem to be getting shorter and shorter, the weather is horrible, it feels like it is permanently night time. With Christmas over, it feels like there is nothing to be happy about... expect there is! Today I'm taking you through the things that have been keeping me motivated, happy and excited, this winter season. 

#1 Reading 

I'm a big bookworm, I read a lot all year around. But there is something special around reading on a cold, wet day when you are all cosy inside, wrapped up in a warm blanket and you can hear the rain outside. It is a very majestic experience. 

Some of the books, I've been reading and loving this winter season, include All the rage by Cara Hunter. This is the fourth book in the DI Adam Fawley series. It is such a gripping, well written crime thriller. I love all the multimedia elements in it. Another book, I have loved this winter, is A stranger on the beach by Michele Campbell. This is a really dark twisty domestic thriller, that kept me on the edge of my seat while reading. I highly recommend both of these books.

#2 New glasses

Every other winter, I go to the opticians to have my eyes checked and it normally results in me needing to get a new pair of glasses. So on the run up to the appointment, I always check out what is currently on the market, which is when I came across Mister Spex UK*. Mister Spex UK has such a massive selection of both branded (over 3000) and their own range of glasses (here) and contact lenses (here) for both men and women.

They have glasses from brands including, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Calvin kelvin and so many more. I was really impressed with the selection and prices, they all seem very affordable for what you are getting. Buying glasses online with Mister Spex UK is simple as they have an easy to use virtual try on service. Not only that, but they let you trail four pairs of glasses at home for free, so you can make sure the frames really suit your face and get your family and friend's opinion. I was pleasantly surprised by their easy to use and affordable service, I am definitely going to be keeping them in mind when I need a new pair of glasses.

#3 Gaming

Due to the pretty horrible weather, we experience here in the UK during the winter, it doesn't leave much time to go out. Instead of being stuck inside with nothing to do, I have enjoyed playing Hay Day on my tablet. This is a really fun, addictive farm game, where you have to look after animals, harvest crops and make products to sell on. It's a really simple, light hearted game. I love watching my farm grow. It has definitely given me something to do on these long winter evenings. 

#4 Wireless earphones

I have been meaning to get some wireless earphones for such a long-time now, but I have never taken the plunge. When my earphones broke, I decided to do it, I bought some Jlab Jbuds. They were really cheap, so I wasn't expecting much but I have literally been blown away by how good they are. They are my new obsession.

One of the problems I have had in the past with earphones is that they always fall out, these fit in my ears perfectly. They are so comfy, I forget they are there. The sound quality is fantastic, I literally can't hear anything else while I have these in. For the price, I was blown away. I can't recommend these enough if you are looking for some cheap true wireless earphones that do the job!

Thank you for reading, as always X

*This post is in collaboration with Miser Spex UK, however, all opinions are my own.  

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