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3 Timeless Childrens’ Books That Will Be Enjoyed for Generations

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Some books for young readers have stood the test of time very well. Books can offer an escape from reality or be a valuable learning tool at a young age, so it is vital to find literature that appeals to your children. Whether your child is already an avid reader or you are looking for a fun book to read that will keep both of you interested at bedtime, here are some classic books that children and adults can enjoy.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Perhaps the most famous of Roald Dahl’s diverse collection of children’s books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an essential read for any young bookworm. Get whisked away to the whimsical world of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, where five children get more than they bargained for after winning a golden ticket to the factory.

The brilliant storytelling of Dahl, accompanied by Quentin Blake’s iconic illustrations, makes this a compelling book for any young reader. The stories have had such a cultural impact that they have even inspired a range of children’s glasses. International Eye wear has recently announced its’ wholesale eye-wear for kids range inspired by the classic Roald Dahl stories.

Swallows and Amazons

This tale, written by Arthur Ransome in 1930, details the adventures of the Walker children on their summer holidays. The children embark on a swashbuckling journey as they sail their boat, Swallow, for a camping trip on a nearby island. They quickly find themselves embroiled in a battle with the Blackett children who sail in their dinghy the Amazon.

This wonderful story evokes feelings of childhood exploration while on holiday and is inspired by Ransome’s own experiences in the Lake District. The story is accompanied by the author’s own black and white illustrations and is a perfect summer read for children aged eight and above.

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Eragon is a perfect foray into fantasy novels for younger readers. The story revolves around the titular protagonist who finds a blue stone in the forest while hunting that is, unbeknownst to him, a dragon egg. When the dragon hatches, his life is shattered as he finds himself on the run from the evil king.

The magical world, created by Christopher Paolini when he was aged just 15, provides a brilliant escape with a fantastical tale of self-discovery. This book is the first installment in a series of four that will have young readers hooked at every turn.

Honorable Mentions

These are just three suggestions for younger readers, and they are by no means the indisputable best books available for this age group. Other honorable mentions include the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, which offered an introduction to literature for an entire generation, or the His Dark Materials trilogy penned by Philip Pullman.

Many books, both new and old, can offer a springboard for the younger generation to dive into literature. Ultimately, the importance lies in finding the stories that your children will be most interested in and helping them to explore new possibilities and worlds through the medium of reading.
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