Tuesday 17 June 2014

Hair Care Routine

Hey Guys,
So today I am going to be doing my hair care routine, I am sorry if this is really boring
Okay so the first products I use on my hair is shampoo. My favourite shampoo to use is this simple one. Its really nice on the hair as there is no chemicals in it. It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. You can buy it from savers or boots for about £1.20. I also sometimes use this dove one but not as much.
I love to condition my hair with the Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner. Its works so well on my hair and it smells amazing. I don't use it everyday as it is near to £4.50 a bottle. You can buy it from boots/ Superdrug. I actually got mine from Tesco when it was on offer. Because I dye my hair I also use the conditioner for blondes which comes with the dye. I use a nice n' easy summer blonde hair dye at the moment. The conditioner comes with the box but you can buy them separately from Superdrug for 99p. This conditioner just maintains the colour of my hair for me.
For extras I use Vo5 ultimate hold hairspray and Vo5 heat defence spray. The hair spray is okay. It does hold my hair in place however it dries to quickly which I don't like as it leaves white flakes behind however the heat protection spray works really well. Both of these products are under £2 and can be brought from savers/boots.
 I use so many different hairbrushes on my hair- its unreal. I love my tangle teaser because it is so good at getting knots out. I got my tangle teaser as a present so I don't know how much it is but I think you can buy them from fragrance direct. I also have a backcomb brush which is from Primark for a £1 and it actually works surprising well. My other three are just basic brushes I use, which are from Avon.
Thanks for reading. I hope it was okay and not to boring.
If you have any questions leave them below  xx
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