Monday 2 June 2014

Review| My Soap and Glory Favourites

Today I am going to be doing my first review on my blog. I love Soap and Glory products, its one of my favourite brands of all time. So I thought I would do some quick reviews on some of my favourites.
Okay, so my first favourite is the Mist you Madly body fragrance set. The set comes with three
sprays; Mist you Madly (the pink one) , Girligo (the white one) and Glam-a lot (the brown one)
I brought all three in a set for £9.50 for 100ml at Christmas time in boots. However if you want to buy them separately , you can buy them- on the soap and glory website for £6.50 each for 250ml.
All three smell fruity and floral. They are all really wearable scents. The packaging is really pretty
and the bottle tops to not come of easy, so you can carry them around  in your bag. I have  
had these 7 months and they are lasting a really long time.
My next favourites is heel genius. This is a foot cream/ mask. I love heel genius it comes in a 125ml
bottle for £5.00 and I use it everyday. It works really well, it sinks in to your feet quickly making them really soft. It is not greasy when it is applied and it smells of apples- which I quite like. It's one
of the best foot creams I own. I have it for about 8 months and it is lasting such a long time.
Hand food is my next favourite. I have the mini hand food which is £2.50 for 50ml and the full size
version is £5.00 for 125ml. I am pretty sure everyone has heard of hand food- it has won so many awards and I can see why. It smells of apples and makes you hands smell fresh. It applies quickly
if you apply a pea sized amount, so it doesn't go greasy. I use it everyday and would definitely buy
the full version in future, as for £5 you can't really go wrong- The 50ml goes along way though.
My last favourite is The Righteous butter cream. You can buy the 300ml for £10.50 or the 50ml for £2.50 (which I have) The butter cream works miracles on my skin. It makes it super soft when I apply it after a shower. It applies easily without being greasy. I wouldn't buy the 300ml version however I am going through the 50ml version quite quickly so I don't use it daily    
You can buy all these Soap and Glory products on the Soap and Glory website or the Boots website.
Thanks for reading xx

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