Monday 22 December 2014

what have I been loving Recently...

Hello All!
I wouldn't typically do these once a month, but throughout December I been loving quite a lot of different things. I am currently planning on doing something special for the end of the month instead of a favourites post!

I don't normally mention any Apps in my favourites post, but I have been loving two in particular this month; circle and stick hero. Both of which are games, that are free. They are both very easy to play but also slightly addictive.


I have been loving a whole host of different music this month however some songs that particularly stand out to me while scrolling through my spotfiy include; fireball by pitball, outside by Calvin Harris and the whole 'wanted on voyage' album by Georg Ezra.

I treated myself to some new shoes recently, which I am absolutely obsessed with! I think they will look great with some skinny jeans and a nice top. They are currently in the sale at £8 from Matalan

 My lips this month have been awfully dry but I think this trio of lip balms have really helped my lips. They are the Maybelline babylips in hydrate and peach kiss. I have also been using this Nivea lip balm as well.

My last item in this post is a book. I never normally would have time to read however I picked up the Ed Sheeran book this month and I am absolutely in love! I think it is made so well and the pictures are so glossy! I would definitely recommend it to any Ed Sheeran fans, like myself!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you all have a amazing Christmas!

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