Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014!

Hello all!
I hope you all had a amazing Christmas day and boxing day! If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a lovely day! Today I am going to show you what I got for Christmas! ( I am of course not trying to brag, sorry if this sounds so cliché)

My main present this year, is my new laptop! its amazing, I love windows 8

My second main present this year, was a tablet and a case! ( sorry about the poor photo, the lighting was shoddy)

I got two DVD'S; home alone and the woman in black! two of my favourite films!

I got three different soap and glory sets including the big £60 one! I didn't take pictures of all the items, but expect to see them featured in favourites and reviews. 
I love getting things for my room!

I was literally over the moon to open these two items!

I am so obsessed with VW campervans!

these necklaces are all so pretty, I also got some super pretty earrings- which I cropped out
In the sales, after Christmas I picked up a topshop lip bullet and nail polish and a ted baker nail polish and lip gloss set! I also bought a blouse from next, which will feature in a upcoming OOTD

Thank you so much reading x
I hope you got everything you wanted, but if you didn't it does not matter because Christmas is about spending time with family- which can't be brought from a shop :}



  1. Great presents, I can't wait for a review of some Soap and Glory products soon! xx

    1. There will sure be one! I am in love with some of the proudcts already :)

  2. The top shop nail polish looks so nice xx

  3. The woman in black is so good! And there's a second movie coming out v soon .... xxxx

    1. I love woman in black so much I am doing it for part of my media coursework and I can't wait to watch the new one x

  4. Ooh you got some lovely gifts! I love Ed Sheeran's album :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

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