Saturday 24 January 2015

The End Of The Week Pamper...

Hey All!
I love a good Pamper evening! I love my Pamper evenings to be on a sunday becuase it semi makes up for the fact, I have to go to school the next day :(
Here is a round up of what I would use...
First of all, I would paint my nails ( only if it was in the holidays). I have been loving this Topshop nail polish in the colour 'cryogenic'. It's a really nice metallic colour and it lasts go long without chipping!

While my nails are drying, I will get out my favourite magazine to read! TATLER! I may put a vinyl on as well! My favourites are pink Floyds dark side of the moon and Artic monkeys- whatever people say, that's what I am not.

When I go for my shower ( Yes, not a bath! I hate baths unlike many other beauty vloggers or bloggers )
I will pick a shower gel! I usually go for the Soap and glory ' Orangeasm' as it smells amazing and leaves my skin very smooth!

When I come out the shower, I like to put my hand cream on! I have been loving Hand dream! It is so much better then hand food! It is slightly more expensive but totally worth it!

I will then use a body lotion! I normally reach for the 'Righteous butter' from soap and glory! It soaks in so quickly and leaves your skin baby smooth!
Lastly I will put on my foot cream! I have always loved ' Heel Genius' It soaks in so quickly and I love that fact it is so thick and creamy! I also love the fact it is blue!
For the rest of the evening I will just chill and watch YouTube! My favourites recently have been; miss budget beauty, Velevetgh0st and essiebutton!
Thanks for reading x
Do you use any of these products, what do you think of them?
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