Wednesday 21 January 2015

What's Inside : February's Issue of Tatler

Hey All!
If you are super nosy like me, you love to have a peak inside peoples bags, drawers etc.
So that is why I am kicking of this new feature on my blog ' What's inside:'
Every month, I will be posting a different what's inside post! The first post in this series, is going to be about my favourite magazine, Tatler!

This months Issue, was actually quite special because it came with a Yacht Guide! I have yet to look at it but I am sure I will do, so I can dream and let my imagination  carry me away. It also came with a issue of vanity fair! I am not really keen on vanity fair as much!  
I love Tatler! I love spending hours flicking through the glossy pictures and pages, seeing how the other half live! I love their 'tongue and cheek approach' to a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine.
Some of my favourite parts of this months issue have to be, the Tatlers guide to state schools, don't know why but I found it really interesting! For fashion this month, They did a lovely article all about 'follow the rainbow' Some of pieces in there are amazing! I practically like some of the blue dresses!
There was also I page about earrings ( seen below) WOW! Aren't they all just so pretty and elegant!
Thanks for reading!
 I hope you enjoyed! I am really looking forward to doing more of these posts in the series!

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