Friday 13 January 2017

6 Easy Ways To Support Other Bloggers

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The number one, hands down best thing about blogging is the community. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to of formed the friendships that I have today or had the privilege of talking to some of the amazing and talented bloggers that I speak to every day. 

The best thing I love about the b
logging community is how supportive everyone is. I would be hard pushed to scroll down my Twitter feed for more than a couple of seconds without seeing a blogger supporting another blogger. No matter how busy I am that day, I always try and fit in some time to support other bloggers. 

I absolutely love this community and wouldn't change it for the world! However, if you are new to the blogging community or are just looking for some new ways to support fellow bloggers- I hope this post helps you out! ( Eeek!! I just want to give you all a big squeeze and a hug- I love you all too much)

1. Leave meaningful comments on their blog posts

One of the simplest ways you can show support to another blogger is through leaving comments on their blog posts. I don't know about you guys but I really appreciate every comment I get on my posts. It means a lot to me that someone has taken the time out of their day to tell me how much they have enjoyed my blog post. I am so thankful for every comment I receive. I personally find them so supportive and reassuring. They make blogging less lonely and really cheer me up when I am having a bad day. 

However, in order to support other bloggers you want to make sure you have actually read the post and you leave a relevant comment. Don't bother putting 'great post want to check out mine?' Because no one cares about those comments. They are definitely not supportive and are not going to make any blogger want to follow you. If you leave these kinds of comments you need to get your life priorities sorted out!!

2. Share and retweet their blog post links 

This is something that I try and do every day. When I see posts on my feed that I like the look of or have read and enjoyed- I retweet them and share them with my followers. If I have read the post and enjoyed it, I might quote their tweet telling them how much I have enjoyed it. This will literally only take you 20 seconds but it could really brighten another bloggers day. Not only are you supporting them by sharing their blog with a wider audience to help boost their blog traffic you are offering them reassurance and feedback.

We all go through periods of feeling like no one is reading our blog, that our stats are not going anywhere. This can be pretty shit! However, by simply supporting a blogger by sharing their post and telling them how much you love it, can help boost their morale so they carry on growing their blog and enjoying it! Sharing talent is so important. There are so many brilliant young bloggers out there that I want to share with everyone because they deserve a lot for all the hard work they put into their blogs!

3. Join in with #FF (follow Friday)
Every Friday lots of bloggers share their favourite bloggers using #FF which stands for follow Friday. Basically, the idea of this is you give some of your favourite bloggers a little shout out and hopefully other people will check them out and maybe follow them too! It's a great way of spreading the love and supporting other bloggers! 

Blogging can be a lonely place sometimes especially if you don't have a large following or attend many meet ups etc. But being mentioned in another bloggers #FF is a little reminder that people do read your blog and people do care about you! Where possible I join in every week sometimes doing individual #FF for bloggers or group tweets for lots! Either way, it's a great way to support other bloggers out there but of course, you don't have to share your favourite blogs just on a Friday, you can do it ANY day of the week!

6 Easy Ways To Support Other Bloggers beauty makeup mental health tips advice support UK blogging

4. Have a chat! 

As I mentioned before, blogging can be a lonely hobby. Sometimes it's easy to feel like no one wants to chat and that you are all on your own in this big community! However, this is not the case at all! One of the best ways I found to support other bloggers is through talking to them, having a chat and getting to know them! Whether that be congratulating them for doing well at something, asking if they are okay if they are sad, wishing them good luck or complimenting them on something! There are so many things you can use to start a conversation with another blogger!

Be consistent! Keep it up! I am always checking my feed just so I am up to date with what's happening with all my blogging chums! Honestly, some of my closest friendships have formed through chatting on Twitter! A simple 'hey I hope you're okay?' Or 'I've really been enjoying your blog lately, I especially enjoyed your latest post" is a very effective way to support another blogger! We all need those little words of encouragement every now and again, blogging and non-blogging related! So if you see someone who needs your help, encouragement and support- please give it!

5. Create a blog roll/ Blogger Favourites Post 

I used to have a blogroll but I got rid of it when I updated my blog design. Silly Nicole... I also have a list on Twitter of my favourite bloggers but I haven't updated in ages! (Note to self: I need to get on that) As well as this I have also done a few posts sharing my favourite bloggers but I haven't done an updated one in ageeesss.... (Another note to self: need to get on this too) okay, so maybe I am not setting a great example but honestly, sharing bloggers you love in a favourites post or a simple add to a favourites list will mean a lot to a blogger.

I always get so excited if anyone ever mentions me in their favourites post! To know someone has actually gone out of their way to think and include you within their post means a lot to me. As I know it does a lot of other bloggers! You can easily create a blog roll on your blog by going to pages and adding that page to your nav bar so all those who visit your blog can quickly see who's blog you have been enjoying! What are you waiting for? Spread the love and share your favourite bloggers! 

6. Answer questions 

This might seem quite a weird one but hear me out! On Twitter, lots of bloggers will have questions, some of which I may be able to answer myself! A really simple way to find these questions is to use hashtags such as #thegirlgang or #bbloggers for example. At least once or twice a day I will have a scroll through the hashtag. See if anyone has any questions and I answer them the best I can! 

You may be wondering how on earth this supports other bloggers, well it all depends on the questions. Say if they were asking a technical question about scheduling or photography. If you help them, you are supporting them in hopefully growing their blog and overcoming any challenges they may be going through. But even if it's not a technical question, the whole concept of providing help to a blogger is supportive in its self. It's always nice to provide a little helping hand every now and again! People really appreciate it! 

And there we have six easy ways you can support other bloggers! 

Do you use any of these methods already? Or do you use something else? I would love to know in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading, as always X
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