Monday 24 April 2017

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health kids crafts national week day pen paper notebooks sticky notes gifts cheap presents shop online blogger funny

I'm an absolute stationery freak. I have way tooo much stationery. More stationery and notebooks than any girl could ever need. I have notebooks piling up in all kind of random places around my house, do I have a use for them? No! Did I think I would find a use for them when I bought them? Yes! Even though I have been through this cycle on countless occasions. I never learn. I fall into the trap of cute cheap stationery every time! How do the shops do it?

You can just imagine my excitement when I found out that there was not only a national stationery day but a national stationery week! YAS! Someone who understands and appreciates my passion and love for all things stationery. National Stationery week takes place between the 24th and 30th of April, celebrating all things stationery. You can get involved with the Hashtag #Writingmatters on social media to share your love for stationery. Come on it can't just be in who is so excited for this! GUESS WHAT? If that is not enough for you each day has a different theme, for example; Monday is pen and pencil day, Wednesday is world stationery day, Saturday is signature Saturday. Each day has its own theme, I think that is bloody genius if you ask me! 

You guys know that I am a mental health blogger. Maybe you're a bit puzzled right now as to why you are reading a blog post all about stationery. I agree, it's a little strange but let me explain. Stationery really benefits my mental health, in many different ways. Injunction with the national stationery week I thought I would share why. Enjoy.

Okay, I know what you are thinking "how on earth can paper and pens benefit my mental health?" Good question, let me explain. Firstly, one of the things I find most therapeutic is writing all my thoughts and feelings down. I love journaling. I have kept diaries on and off for most of my childhood. The juicy gossip in the ones from when I was a child is just pure gold. I cringe every time I look at them. As I got older, I kind of stopped but I recently got back into journaling, and I forgot how good it is.

There is something so brilliant about getting things off your chest and down on paper. When I have so much going on in my life, it can be hard to make sense of it all. You don't want to burden people by telling them all your troubles. You also don't want to keep it all to yourself. I don't know about you, but when I do this, I think I am going to go crazy. I think my head is going to explode or something. Not literally, obviously. That would be quite gross.

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health happy funky cute cheap gifts national day week fun blogger UK  amazon

Notebooks and one of my main passions in life. Okay, that sounds sad. Let me rephrase that. Notebooks are something that makes me very happy. I love the feeling of seeing an adorable notebook in Paperchase or Tiger and knowing that you just need it in your life. ( Paperchase and Tiger please sponsor me LOL jokes but seriously though) I would much rather spend my money on a beautiful notebook than food. You know what my priorities are in life. 

It's not just with notebooks, it's with all stationery really. When I see a cute or funky ( I'm bringing that word back alright?), piece of stationery I get this overwhelming fuzzy feeling inside. Stationery makes me happy. I know that may sound sad to some of you. But if you think about it, we all have that one thing in our lives that makes us really happy. 

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health national stationery week notebooks gifts cute funky cool cheep mustard gifts pens paper

Not just friends, family or memories we have made but physical things. You may love books, your phone, clothes, makeup, etc. For me that physical thing that brings me happiness is stationery. Some people may argue that you shouldn't find happiness in material items as it will lead you to indulge and constantly want more of that particular thing. 

I can't really dispute that. Once I buy a notebook, I constantly want another one and another and another. I agree that money could probably go to better uses. But why? If it makes me happy, then isn't that the most important thing? I would always be sensible with my money. I would never go overboard or anything. I would always spend my money on the essential items first before splashing out on YET ANOTHER notebook.

Why I Love Stationery And How It Benefits My Mental Health national week rainbow pencils mustard gifts notebooks love happiness sticky notes pen cute gifts

But it's a treat. Treats matter. It's a form of self-care which I actually practice. Self-care benefits your mental health and wellbeing. See the link I made there? Eventually! I buy myself stationery as a treat, as a form of self-care. A pick me up or a well done, you deserve this for all the hard work and effort you put into everything you do. There is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I encourage it.

Stationery may not be your thing. Find something that is your thing and treat yourself to it every now and again. Look after your mental health. Your mental health should always come first whether you are a self-confessed stationery addict or not.

Find out more about national stationery week here and follow them on Twitter here for all the latest updates. I hope you get involved if you LOVE stationery like me! 

I would love to know if you guys have any physical things which you find benefit your mental health.

Thanks for reading, as always X  

* These items of stationery were kindly gifted to me from Small Man Media for this post injunction for national stationery week. Thank you to all the brands involved. All opinions are my own, and I am not being paid to write this post.

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