Tuesday 16 May 2017

Little Ways To Look After Yourself

Little Ways To Look After Yourself mental health wellbeing support depression anxiety panic attacks stress mediation yoga

I know you guys probably get bored of reading about my life all the time, so as part of mental health awareness month, I'd thought I would let someone else write a post for you today. Welcome. Meg, a 13-year-old lifestyle and beauty blogger.

Meg does not currently suffer from any mental health conditions so she can't talk to you about mental health. However, as a beauty blogger Meg has a lot of knowledge and understanding of little ways to look after yourself if you lack self-love, are a bit upset or just want to take care of yourself and your mental health a little bit better.

I hope you enjoy these quick little tips, for improving your mental health courtesy of Meg. 

So I've followed all these ways myself and personally, these little touches make me just that bit better on a bad day because we all know that nothing is going to make you feel 100% better. Here are some ways to look after yourself!

Open a window 
Let the fresh air ventilate around your room which will clear your head and take away the stuffy air You've had been cooped up in. The fresh air will also hopefully pick your mood up just a little bit too.

Write a diary  
I write a diary myself and love to rant about bad days in it. This helps me look after myself because by writing about my day and what makes me upset I'm coming to terms with my thoughts, and if it's been a bad today, it helps me move on by letting it all go. However, if your suffering carries on or you have a mental health condition (e.g., depression) tell someone you trust who will help you. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness.

Little Ways To Look After Yourself self care love mental health illness wellbeing anxiety depression panic attacks stress

Meditate, do some yoga or some light exercise 
Again, this clears your head and allows you to focus on something else for a while. It also benefits your health to get out the house, increase your heart rate and even if it's only for a light jog around the block, giving yourself some head space is essential.

Wear some clothes you feel comfortable and happy in 
There is nothing worse than being a bit sad and then having the pressures of dressing nicely on top of that. What I suggest is to get dressed in some clean clothes that make you feel happy in yourself but are still dressy (in a way). For example, I would wear my comfortable yet smart(ish) jeans which I love because they make me look good and I feel good in them and my soft hoodie from Primark which I loveeeee.

Eat well but do allow yourself a treat 
Eating clean and healthy makes me feel good and not only benefits my mental health but my body too with all the correct nutrients going in. If you can't make some healthy food for whatever reason, you can buy a ready made salad or a cereal bar from any supermarket that takes your fancy. But, as I've said, allow yourself a treat so pick up a Twix or a Twirl if it makes you feel better because sometimes a little sugar pick-me-up will help you.

A few more little ways to look after yourself; read a book, ring an old friend, have a calming bath or shower, get an early night's sleep.

So here were a few of my ways to help you look after yourself if you're feeling not too good. I hope these tips do assist you in boosting your mood. You will get through this! 

What little ways do you treat yourself to improve your mental health?

Thanks for reading, as always X

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