Tuesday 4 July 2017

Let's Talk About Self Love

Let's Talk About Self Love mental health mental illness support help self care depression OCD anxiety mind time to change

So this post is actually a Tag. I know right, an actual Tag. I haven't done one of these in a very long time. In fact, I don't think I had done one since my beauty blogging days back in 2014. I find them quite cheesy, to be honest, not going to lie. However, when the lovely Becky from theowlet.co.uk tagged me in this self-love Tag I checked out the questions and I actually really liked it, so I thought I would give it a go.

Self-love is incredibly important. Although I preach how important it is almost on a daily basis on social media, I'm not the best at it. I really do struggle with it. However, I'm trying my best to get better at it. I think doing this tag is a perfect step in the right direction.

Apparently, there are some rules to these things. I'm supposed to answer all the questions honestly. That's not going to be hard, for me, is it? I am the queen of honesty when it comes to chatting about mental health. Then I need to tag five people. I'll list five people at the end who I would love to see answer these questions. However, if you want to have a go at responding to these questions then please do and send me your posts. I would love to read them.

1) What is one thing that is getting you down at the moment? 

Can I answer with life? But seriously can I? What a cheery way to start a blog post. I can't lie, my life is definitely not all sprinkles and rainbows at the moment. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad, I'm just really struggling at the moment with my depression, more than I have ever done before. Worrying about the future, in particular, the next year is stressing me out big time. Losing all hope for a fulfilling and happy future is currently the position I am in. Fun times. 

2) What is something that makes me happy? 

I could easily answer this in a cheesy way. A nice bath, fairy lights or a good book. These things or any material things don't make me particularly happy. What makes me happy is truly kind and thoughtful people. The people who go out of their way to make sure you are okay and happy. The people who really do care about you and are always able to listen and offer a helping hand or shoulder to cry on if needed. Society needs more of these people if you ask me. 

3) Name 3 guilty pleasures 

DANCING! I would like to think I have some of the south's finest dance moves. Jokes obviously. I love dancing when doing the drying up and brushing my teeth! It definitely counts as my 20 minutes daily exercise. 

Crime/ murder documentaries: Really cheery I know, but omg they seriously are so interesting. It's not a light topic by any means but fascinating nonetheless. If you study psychology like myself, I'm sure you will second me when I say looking into what makes a murder is seriously interesting. 

And finally, Buzzfeed quizzes. I mean who doesn't want to know what dog breed they are most like or predict their future based on their regular McDonalds order. I love them so much because they pass the time and are also a great conversation starter should you ever find yourself in an awkward situation.

4) What one thing would you like to improve about yourself? 

Ironically, self-love. I care so much for everyone else and rarely ever put myself first. I give all the advice and kind words to everyone else, yet I can never be kind to myself. I think it's one of my best but equally worst qualities, as I really do suffer sometimes and there isn't anyone else to blame. 

5) When was the last time you belly laughed? 

I can't remember specifically, but I definitely do laugh most days at home. I'm fortunate to have a loving and funny family. 

6) What is your biggest insecurity/ fear? 

Being a failure and letting people down is a big fear of mine at the moment but I know that is largely down to my depression. Hopefully one day I'll overcome this. 

7) Name a song that always cheers you up when your down 

I love music. I actually have a whole playlist dedicated to feel good songs. I did a blog post about it too which you can read here. However, at the moment it definitely has to be Get back up again from the Trolls soundtrack. Yes, I'm 18, not 8 but ya know it's a great motivating happy song, what's not to love? 

8) Name 3 things you like about yourself 

Physically I really like my eyes. I also like my confidence in myself to wear what I want and dye my hair bright colours. I really don't care what other people think of me, I'm quite proud of that. I also like how genuinely kind I am. I really do care about people and want to make the world a better place especially when it comes to mental health awareness. 

9) What is an achievement that has made you proud of yourself this year? 

Am I allowed to say, still being here? Stuff it, I'm saying it anyway! There have been some really dark times this year, times which I didn't think I would get through but I did, and I'm still here. That won't seem like an achievement to some people but if you struggle with complex mental health problems you know just how hard getting through the day can be sometimes. 

10) Tell us your happiest memory 

I'm very fortunate enough to have had lots of happy memories through my childhood. There have been lots of holidays and day trips which have been a blast. At school, year 10 was always a year that I remember with fond memories. A year of giggling and fun which I would go back to in a heartbeat. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even learnt a little bit more about me! I would love to see; Meg Jade Jade Marie Bethany and Angela answer these questions. Like I said before if you want to answer these questions you are more than welcome too! Send me over your posts, and I would love to read them.

Thanks for reading, as always X 

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