Thursday 27 February 2020

Making Your Childhood Style Chic Great Again

Sometimes it comes across bland and redundant if you keep repeating the same looks day in and day out. We turn to fashion magazines, Instagram, and celebrities for style inspiration, but how about we start taking a cue from our past? Everyone could use a little childlike creativity, and what better way to incorporate some retro fashion into your wardrobe than with your favourite clothes as a child.

As previously mentioned in ‘How I Style Dungarees, wearing a pair of dungarees can make you look like an 8-year-old, but in a good way. This throwback is the ultimate in comfy clothes, and you can throw it over a feminine blouse, a basic white tee, or a plaid shirt depending on your aesthetic. If you pair them with trainers, you have the ultimate freedom to run around and do whatever you want, without worrying about pesky drafts or getting your skirt caught. Plus, they usually come with roomy pockets.

As children, we probably all had our favourite hoodies that we’d throw on. The comfort of a worn-in jacket, made it the go-to piece of outerwear we all loved. For a slightly more grown-up take on an old skool hoodie, this lightweight hooded jacket by Woman Within has a casual utility feel that you’ll probably be reaching for all the time. It comes in a fun floral print, but they have other colours as well if you’ve graduated to a more neutral palette. It’s also the perfect transitional weather piece that you can layer or wrap around your waist.

Literally the most versatile piece of footwear you can own, are hi-tops and they go with just about any outfit. "Converse Chuck 70’s high-top “Chinatown Market in UV”is the perfect pair that make you look fresh and modern. Providing all-day comfort combined with a classic style, and they can be paired with a midi floral dress, black denim and a graphic tee, or basically anything under the sun. According to The Strategist, this unique collaboration features “specially treated canvas [that] actually reacts to UV light and turns different shades of pink and purple when you go outside,” adding a fun dimension to your street style.

If you’re gradually easing your way into a bold and funky clothing style, socks are a great way to go. For a low-key dose of humor, John's Crazy Socks has a fun range of no show socks, like ones that say ‘Stop Guac and Roll’, and nostalgic cartoons like Batman or Spongebob. Also, 5% of all their sales go to the Special Olympics as well as other causes depending on the design. If you’re into a bolder look, try wearing rainbow-coloured ankle-high socks paired with Bermuda shorts or varsity-striped knee-high socks with mini dresses.

Remember those days when you’d wear cute glitter, floral, or butterfly headbands when you were young? At one point, you probably stopped because you wanted to be grown up, but it’s not too late to adopt this iconic style. Fashion is cyclical, and headbands have been worn by the likes of Princess Diana, and even the Queen. On Vogue’s list of the best headbands to buy now, they feature a pink embroidered headband from & Other Stories that adds a feminine and delicate upgrade to the nostalgic plastic headbands of the past. To keep your outfit from being too one-dimensional, pair it with a classic white shirt and ripped denim for some balance.

Some days, we all wish that we could relive our worry-free childhoods. So why not channel that playful energy with what you wear?
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