Monday 21 September 2015

How I Style | Dungarees

OMG! I KNOW RIGHT, A FASHION POST!? Even though my blog is called 'Thriftyvintagefashion' it is very unlikely that you will ever see fashion posts on here. "Why on earth did you put fashion in your blog name then Nicole?" Don't worry, I am not insane ( well....) I really enjoyed fashion and reading fashion blogs back last year but then I kind of well fell out of love with fashion really, because I thought everything was so similar to each other and boring. But after a lot, inspiration from other bloggers * cough Sophie cough* I decided to do this quick how I style post. I am not saying these are going to be a regular thing, but if you guys like it, I might do another one!

How I Style | Dungarees fashion blogger plaid primark

I love dungarees. They are simple, effortless and can be really easily styled in lots of different ways, They do make you look about eight years old, but you know- I'm fine with that. So today I thought I would show you three different outfits I have styled with these dungarees, which were originally from Primark but I got them from a car boot sale for 75p!   


I love me a nice button up blouse ( I have quite a few) Not only do they look great paired with jeans and skirts but also dungarees. This mint green blouse, with pink and purple flowers on it, was also originally from Primark, but I got it from a car boot sale for a £1, unworn. I definitely feel wearing a shirt under dungarees can make a look more feminine and girly.  

How I Style | Dungarees feminine fun girly

How I Style | Dungarees Primark blouse flowers girly

How I Style | Dungarees primark cute fun

How I Style | Dungarees primark fun flowers blouse


Who says that stripes and tartan couldn't go together? Probably most people, but I think it looks alright! Underneath the dungarees, I wore a striped t-shirt ( which was originally my mums but she shrunk it, so I kind of nicked it) and my Harrington jacket which was from warrior clothing. I love this jacket, its so comfy and casual and goes with almost anything! 

How I Style | Dungarees jacket tartan Harrington

How I Style | Dungarees jacket stripes

How I Style | Dungarees primark fun jacket stripes


Plaid or checks, whatever you want to call it, is one of my favourite patterns to wear. I have gone through so many checked shirts, but my favourite is definitely this one, which was originally from Uniqlo, but I picked up from a car boot, unworn for £1! This is definitely much more of 'tomboy' style outfit, but if the plaid was pink, it could look girly, Plaid shirts are great for layering up with, in the autumn and winter as well! 

How I Style | Dungarees shirt checks primark unique

How I Style | Dungarees shirts primark fun cute tom boy

How I Style | Dungarees fashion blogger primark

well, that's it! You have probably discovered I have little knowledge of fashion and really don't know how to describe outfits. I did have another outfit but the photos didn't turn out that good, so this is what I was left with, I hoped you liked it anyway! 

Thanks for reading x

Do let me know what was your favourite outfit in the comments below! :) 

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