Tuesday 7 October 2014

Drinking Bleach? Halloween from Hell? | A Trip Down Memory Lane

I found this Tag ( not sure if it is or not) on the lovely Emily's blog : http://theperks0fbeingemily.blogspot.co.uk . I absolutely loved it and wanted to give it a go myself, so here goes!
1. What year were you born?
I was born at the end of 1998.
2. Do You have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger?
I don't have many as they are all printed out.
3. What TV shows did you grow up watching?
When I was very little I would want the usual cbeebies shows like tweenies', bob the builder, and fimbles . But as I grew older I loved Cbbc! I was obsessed with shows like, Mona the vampire, Tracy beaker, Raven , Basil brush and watch your chops- just to name a few! I also loved ' clutter nutters' but I swear no one ever watched it and I can't trace any evidence back on the internet to even prove it was ever on TV.
4. What did you want to be when you were younger & do you still want to be that?
When I was younger I wanted to be a Zoo keeper! I had so many cuddly toys and animal sets that I used to play with for hours. No I don't want to be a zoo keeper anymore! I can't face putting animals down!
5. Show a video of yourself, from when you were younger?
I can't do this sorry!
6. What were your Favourite toys to play with?
As I have mentioned before, I loved my little animal sets however I also loved my barbies and brazts! I used to have everything you could need for them, a car, a horse and carriage etc.
7. Embarrassing thing you do when you were younger?
I drank bleach once as I thought it was water!
8. Show us something you made when you were younger?
I don't have anything, it's all in the loft :(
9. Songs you loved to listen to as a child?
This is quite a hard question because I was never in to my music. However the first single I have got was ' Bahma men' who let the dogs out! I was also a massive fan of girls aloud when I was younger and I still have every single album they have done
10. What was one funny thing you dressed up for, for Halloween?
I never have been trick or treating. However when I was younger we went on a 'ghost train' on one of the first times I went on it before health and safety was a massive thing, they used to turn of all the lights!
You sat in the carriages going up and down and every now and again people with masks on would walk back and forth. But on this particular time this man in the scream mask walked past but as we thought we had pasted he came back and screamed at us and made us all jump. It made me cry as I was so petrified! ( I was very little)
11. Tell us a funny story
One the funniest things that ever happened when I was in school was when my teacher fell in the bin trying to explain Virgo from a stepladder! It honestly had me in hysterics
12. Any special things you have kept from your childhood?
I have a huge box in the loft full of school work, and another one full of all my books! I have literally kept everything.
13.  Something weird you used to do as a child?
I used to chew the feet and fingers of my Barbie dolls and I have no idea why?! But it was always my Barbie dolls never my brazts!
14. Scariest thing that has happened to you as a child?
Apart from the indecent on the ghost train, I would say the time when I went to pick up my horse toy that you could pretend sit on and ride and there was this massive spider on it! And I mean massive! It was the biggest spider I have ever seen! Apart from the tarantula that I held- which was also pretty nerve wracking.
15. How is the world different now you are older?
There is so much work! Like today I spent 4 hours making Que cards for revision. But I also like being older because the opportunities open up so much more as you become more independent and life can become a little more exciting.
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Sorry it was a long one.
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