Sunday 19 October 2014

How To Live Life Rich!

Todays post is going to really different to any thing I have done before on my blog. I found this video recently called ' live rich' You can watch in the link below.
( credit to goggle)
What really inspired me about this video, is the fact it wasn't just a few tips here and there about money. It was a poem! That sounds really cheesy and corny however I think it really works!
I didn't go looking for the video may I add, this is the guy who made the video 'look up' in the same style about social media! So I was already subscribed.
I think the messages portrayed in this video are really strong and powerful. Here are my favourites quotes from the video :
"They only care about the cash not the person"
"Life is full of free gifts when you live in the moment. When you forget money exists"
The main message of the video is this:
"Spend little- live rich"
He is not trying to suggest you don't spend at all and you will become a millionaire over night.
But the concept of not thinking ' what should I spend with this?'  But ' what can I save for?'
I could really relate with this video because just like many teenagers I have everything I could ever need. I have all the gadgets I could want and wardrobes full of clothes- that have only been worn once.
So I have decided to go on a ' spending ban' Though I don't want to call it that, I am just going to be seeing how little I can spend. I will document here what I have brought, how much have I saved and what I resisted to buy.
I am going to be documenting my process here every 2-4 weeks to see if my spending pot increases
or has decreased.
( by the way I don't have a job) but I want to get in to good practise for when I am older. 
Sorry if this wasn't interesting x
Thanks for reading x
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