Wednesday 8 October 2014

Pintrest Pins | Dream Bathroom

This will be the second instalment of the ' pintrest pins '
Again like my ' Dream kitchen' I have a very clear theme of what I would like my Bathroom to look like. And that is nautical themed.
I think it looks very stylish and add some thing to but can be a very boring place in the house.

I love all of these pieces and think together they really set the theme.
I really love this little soap bottle! even though it is shop brought you could probably make one yourself at home for a lot less.
I really want one of these! It would look perfect sat in the corner

These are honestly so perfect! I think they give the finishing touches to a bathroom! And also a perfect storage idea as well
Rope used here just enhances the theme! It looks so cute! 
( credit to Pintrest for Pictures)
Thanks for reading x
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