Wednesday, 26 November 2014

5 Ways to Improve your blog!

I love reading these sorts of posts, and I find them to be the most popular when I am flicking through bloglovin. So I thought I would do one for you guys.
1. Communicate with other bloggers
Join twitter & Instagram and talk to other bloggers. By sharing a link to your newest blogpost via blogging sharing accounts on twitter such a @blogginggirls or @blogginglounge, it opens up your audience.
2. Blog frequently
You won't get a ton of  followers & views overnight but carrying on for a long time and keep uploading content the views will come and so will the readers.
3. Comment on other peoples blogs
I try and leave detailed comments on 5 new blogs a day as well as commenting on the same blogs to keep good friendships. Don't comment; follow for follow- as that won't get you any where.
4.keep your blog true to you
Its very easy to copy what everyone else is doing but readers will be able to see straight through it. Everything from your banner to your writing style, should be based upon you.
5. Have fun!
This sounds really chessy but if blogging becomes 'work' for you and you don't enjoy it, then maybe its not your thing. Its okay, to take a step back once in a while- it won't hurt!
Thanks for reading x
Hope you enjoyed x


  1. Thanks for the tips, really helpful! xx

  2. Thanks! I just started a blog on wordpress:)

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